General information

Pros and cons of high-yielding apple Shtriepel varieties


Apple tree Shtreyfling refers to the autumn varieties, giving great harvests of tasty and juicy apples every year. They can be stored for a long time after removal from the tree in appropriate conditions, they are pleased with their taste during the whole storage period, these fruits can also be used to make juice, jam or jam. Therefore, this variety is so popular among gardeners for many years, despite the fact that there are now many other new varieties with good characteristics.

General information about the variety

The apple variety Shtreyfling is one of the few cultivated for decades, but not lost its popularity among gardeners in many regions of our country and neighboring countries. The homeland of this fruit tree is the Baltic, from which the Streyfling seedlings have spread to the central regions of our country. This variety was obtained by pollination, without the participation of breeding.

This variety has other names:

  • Dresser,
  • Apple tree Autumn striped,
  • Starostino.

Specifications and description of apple trees Streyfling

This apple has a very powerful central trunk and main pubescent branches, forming a wide spreading crown. All shoots are well leafy, foliage with visible pubescence, green in color with a grayish tint. The ovaries are formed on the coats and young one- or two-year-old shoots. The kidneys are larger than medium size, gray in color, slightly convex.

The flowers are large, saucer-shaped or cupped. The color of the buds is light pink, the color of the petals is coppery white. Petals - rounded, slightly concave, overlapping. Pestle - thick, stigmas are flush with anthers.

The branches of the seedlings have a high growth force, already at the 5-6 season after planting at a permanent place, this apple tree reaches a maximum in height - up to 8 m. Crohn reaches its maximum width of 7.5-8 m at the 10th season.

Note! These apple trees grow so tall and large that many other fruit trees near them seem to be dwarf.

The growing crown of Shtreyfling creates a pleasant partial shade, this fruit tree is especially beautiful at the time of flowering and at the time of ripening - on green apples with yellow tint under the gentle rays of the sun appear red stripes.

According to the description of the apple Autumn striped ripe fruits have medium size and weight (up to 180 g), but sometimes you can collect and huge apples - up to 280 g in weight. These apples are low in calories - each of them contains no more than 75 calories. The taste of these fruits is sweet, with a slight sourness, ripe apples exude a delicate spicy aroma, the flesh is friable, juicy, white with a yellowish tinge. Seeds collected in the center of the apple, brown in color, long, large size.

Ripe fruits have a beautiful presentation

Ripe fruits have a wonderful presentation and great taste. The peel is of medium thickness, it is practically not felt when it is eaten, and when ripe, the fruit is covered with a light wax coating.

Autumn orca - an apple variety, the fruits of which contain a large amount of nutrients: almost the entire set of vitamins (only vitamin D is missing), macro and microelements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc and iodine).

Crop harvested in early September, as ripe fruits do not hold on the branches for a long time, then to bookmark the storage they need to be collected on time. They can be stored at home, but in the cellar you can save the harvest until the New Year (and longer).

This fruit tree is self-pollinating and does not require planting a number of apple pollinators. The variety is highly resistant to frost, resistance to major apple diseases is average.


In order for the sapling to start and to grow well, you should follow all the rules of planting and further care of this culture. The best time for planting is considered to be early spring (after full warming up of the soil).

Important! If the seedlings are purchased in the fall, they should be planted as early as possible so that the young trees have time to take them.

Since this variety is imported from the Baltic States, where the climate is rather humid, it should be picked up well-moistened and heated soils when planted in Russia. On clay and sandy soils, this fruit crop grows worse than on fertile black soil or well-fertilized loamy soil.

7-10 days before planting should be prepared landing pits. Their size is 1.1 m in diameter and 0.7 m in depth. An upper fertile layer of garden soil is laid on the bottom, then a layer of fertilizer is put consisting of wood ash, potassium sulfate, superphosphate and rotted mullein. Then they are well mixed with garden soil, add another layer of soil to fill the hole about half. A stake is dug into the hole, and a sapling is installed in the center, which is tied to the cola, the root system is neatly straightened along the diameter of the hole, the rest of the ground is poured in and tamped down. Under each seedling make 25-30 liters of water.

Apple watering scheme

Further care for the growing trees consists in regular watering, loosening the soil, removing weeds, fertilizing, and also carrying out a formative pruning. The pruning process removes old, damaged, dry and frozen branches. Usually pruning is carried out in early spring, until buds begin to swell, and in autumn, when all the foliage of opal.

In the first decade of May, a urea solution should be added to the near-stem circle. To do this, 1 cup of urea is diluted in 2 buckets of water, this feeding will be enough for 2 m2. At the beginning of summer it is worth feeding the apple tree with complex mineral fertilizer. In the middle of summer, a near-stem circle is dug up and green manure plants (lupins, peas, cereals) are planted. After 1-1.5 months, these plants are digging.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The undoubted advantages of the variety include:

  • yield is much higher than the average (in good years more than 300 kg of crop can be harvested from one tree),
  • beautiful presentation and good taste of ripe apples,
  • the harvest is versatile - it is eaten fresh, and also used for further processing,
  • fruits are even and smooth, differ little in size,
  • high resistance to cold
  • scab and moth rarely hit streyfling.

Negative traits of the variety:

  • apples ripen late,
  • fruiting is irregular,
  • This fruit tree does not tolerate drought.

Despite the shortcomings, Shtreyfling is still popular with summer residents, this variety can be found on many sites in the central regions, the Volga region, the middle lane and some other regions of Russia. Every summer resident decides to plant or not to plant this apple tree in his garden, but those who have tried ripe apples from this tree will definitely want to plant Streyfling in their garden.


Sort Shreyfling - the real old-timers of fruit plots.

With proper care, timely pruning and farming, apple tree is able to please with its high yield, not one generation.

Due to its characteristics, the fruit crop will delight you with its apples not only in canned food, but also in fresh form for a long time.

Autumn striped dwarf rootstock

Variety Shtriepel, or as it is also called by the people, Autumn striped apple grown on a dwarf rootstock, grows not in height but in width, which greatly simplifies the care of him. The advantages of this stock are:

  • increased frost resistance
  • accelerated onset of fruiting.

The disadvantage of the dwarf rootstock is the fact that the root system of Streyfling is located close to the ground surface, therefore for the winter in regions with a harsh climate requires mandatory shelter.


Fruits of Shtreyfling averages on size. The mass of one of them can reach 150 grams. Productivity is excellent, while this indicator increases with each year the tree lives. Reviews of gardeners show that 10 years after planting the seedling, 12 kg of apples are already being removed from it, after 20 years - 180 kg, and after 30 years - 350 kg.

Record productivity at this grade is fixed at the level of 500 kg from one tree.


Streyfling does not apply to samoplodnyh varieties, therefore, for abundant fruiting, pollination of flowers by apple trees of other varieties is required. On 10 trees of Streifling, 3 pollinator varieties should grow nearby.

additional characteristics

Apple variety Shtreyfling has an average resistance to powdery mildew and scab, and increased resistance to pests. Needs timely preventive treatments. Fruits are able to maintain their commercial and taste qualities for 2.5-3 months subject to the necessary storage conditions. After this period, the apples lose their taste and presentable appearance.

Selection of seedlings

The best survival rate is distinguished by two-year Streyfling saplings. Before you plant an apple tree in your own garden, you need to inspect the root system. In no case should there be signs of mold on the roots. A healthy seedling has well-developed, not over-dried roots alive on the cut. If their length is different, then before sending it into the ground it is trimmed with a secateur.

Landing step by step

To ensure good yields and seedling development, it is planted in a well-lit place. A couple of weeks before the planned planting of Shtreyfling, they dig a hole a little more than half a meter deep and about 75 cm in diameter. Deciduous humus is placed on the bottom, after which they pour a little soil. Further, after the specified amount of time, the young tree is placed in the prepared well and buried with the remaining soil. In this case, the root neck of the seedling should be at a distance of 8 cm from the soil level. The plant is abundantly watered and mulched.

Breeding methods

Experts recommend propagating apple trees with Streyfling by grafting on a dwarf stock. This technique allows you to get a harvest earlier, and the height of an adult tree will be less, which will facilitate the care of him.

Fertilizers and fertilizers

Before the start of flowering under the apple trees make urea. In the summer, the tree is deficient in trace elements, because it is watered with a solution of vitriol and boric acid. In the fall, the plant is fed with mineral fertilizers.


Work on the rejuvenation of apple trees last a long time. Initially it is required to carry out sanitary pruning in the fall. In the spring, they begin to form a pyramidal crown, cutting off the branches so that the upper ones are shorter than the middle and lower ones. This is done not immediately, but for several years. Begin formation of the crown on the south side. If you remove a lot of branches at once, the apple tree can not survive the stress and dry out.

If the region is set wet weather, the apple trees Shtreyfling can infect fungal diseases. To prevent this and to keep the future harvest healthy, trees need to be treated in a timely manner with special preparations. Suitable for these purposes Bordeaux mixture.

Apple trees of this grade differ in the increased resistance to influence of wreckers.

The shelf life of fresh apples of the Streifling variety is a maximum of 4 months. After that, the fruits gradually fade, lose their taste characteristics. To avoid this, the crop should be processed in a timely manner.