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Florin apple tree: description, characteristics and care


Florina is a well-known commercial apple variety, the fruits of which are widely found on sale in the markets and in supermarkets. French scientists worked on its creation, using the forms of Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Rum Beauty and Star King when working.

In the 70s of the last century, Florina was tested in the forest-steppe conditions of Ukraine, where she was later zoned.

Fruits are medium, weighing 100-150 grams, aligned in size and different in shape: there are oblate, truncated-cylindrical, asymmetrical. The skin is dense, with large white subcutaneous spots, almost entirely covered with a bright red blush and a bluish wax bloom.

The flesh is light yellow, medium density. The taste is sweet, but some find it fresh, because the sourness is barely noticeable. But the apples have a strong and pleasant smell, especially towards the end of storage.

The crop ripens in the fall, at the end of September or the beginning of October. Adult apple trees at 8-10 years of age give about 60 kilograms of fruit. This is a low indicator, there are much more productive varieties. But the transportability and keeping quality of Florina are excellent. Under cellar conditions, apples are stored until spring, and in special refrigerators with adjustable gaseous environment - until summer.

Preparations from them do not, only use fresh and squeeze the juice. It should be noted that consumer ripeness begins several months after removal, approximately in January, when the flesh becomes truly juicy, dense and tasty.

Trees mostly of medium height, from 3 to 5 meters. The crown is wide, rounded in shape, formed by strong branches. Surveying ability is high, especially in young plants.

Pollinators and care

Flowering is long, well pollinated by neighboring Golden Delicious, Duki, Gloucester, Liberty, Melrose, Priam, Rubin. Florina enters fructification for 4-5 years after planting, after which it gradually increases its yield.

Winter hardiness of the hybrid is declared as average, the same is confirmed by research. Therefore, the main regions of cultivation were the steppes and forest-steppe of Ukraine. However, with careful care, the described hybrid shows good results in the Central zone and, in particular, in the Moscow region.

Because of the low frost resistance, the young trees are necessarily tied with winter insulation material. The trunks of adult apple trees are whitewashed in late autumn after the end of the rains and in early spring, without waiting for the snow to melt. Pristvolny circle is warmed with a layer of mulch or leaves. If the fallen leaves are not removed from the garden for the winter, then it is sprayed with a high concentration of urea solution. This method helps to disinfect leaf mass.

An additional argument for growing a variety, including in industrial gardens, is its genetic resistance to scab, the most common fungal disease. It almost does not affect the form, which means that treatment with chemicals can be reduced. This allows for a more environmentally friendly products and reduce the cost of cultivation. Sometimes powdery mildew, bacterial burn, moniliosis can be dangerous. The most susceptible hybrid to European cancer.

Trees need pruning, not only sanitary, but also thinning. According to reviews, thickening leads to an overload with fruits. Because of this, they become shallow and, as a result, the next year the tree "rests" and can not bear fruit. To make fruiting regular, sometimes manual rationing is practiced, breaking off the ovary.

Watering and feeding

In the dry summer variety requires additional watering. Literate fertilizing has a positive effect on the yield and general condition of the trees. When fertilizing, you should follow the general rules: nitrogen apply in the spring, potash and phosphorus - in the summer.

Nitrogen-fed plants are not worth it - this too increases their growth and reduces resistance, for example, against aphids.

Planting seedlings

Fertile substrates are chosen for planting varieties: black soil, loam. On acidic soil form does not grow. Planting pits are digging quite spacious, they put a fertile layer with humus, peat and mineral fertilizers on the bottom.

The roots of the seedling spread on a mound of pure land, orienting in different directions. The stem is tied loosely to the peg, and the ground is carefully poured down and carefully watered. The first year the plants need particularly careful care.

A detailed review of the fruits of the variety on video:

The variety has good immunity against scab. The apple tree planted in my garden gave the first 3 buckets of apples for the fourth year. Everyone liked the taste in the family. In spring Florin is very beautiful, we are waiting for a new crop, we hope for a big one.

Florina is the first apple tree I planted in my life. The first harvest pleased. The largest apple weighed almost 250 g, the remaining 100-150 g. The taste is extraordinarily good, everyone liked it.

In the garden, I grow several winter varieties of apple trees, among them I can distinguish the Florin variety. Apple trees of this variety grow in the valley where the air is humid, the frosty winter to -30 ° is well tolerated. Very good immunity in fruit tree to scab. The taste of apples is excellent, they are stored until May. Stock M-26, correctly form the crown, the average apples weigh about 200 g

Florin is a commercial variety, the shelf fruits of the presentation are traditionally well bought, the demand for tasty apples of this variety does not fall over the years.