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Review of a model range of KMZ minitractors


The project to build a factory of heavy cranes was created and signed in 1939, but construction was delayed until 1947 due to the martial law of the USSR. 1950 was marked as the first production date. The factory before the 62nd year was engaged in the production of tracked tractor PBX, and then switched to artillery series and BMP combat vehicles.

In 1992, a production association took place, due to which the company was transformed into Kurganmashzavod OJSC. At the same time, export relations were established. Agricultural machinery in the range appeared relatively recently since 2002. In the catalogs there are often compact mini tractors that are in great demand among domestic consumers.

Separately, it should be noted that most of the company's production capacity is focused on China. Due to this, the company is able to significantly reduce the cost of its products. Due to this factor, a series of KMZ mini tractors has made great competition to foreign special equipment.

Features of the model range and prices for KMZ mini tractors

The model line of special equipment is based on one prototype - KMZ 012 mini-tractor. Despite this, each model has individual technical characteristics. To understand the differences, it is recommended to study all modifications separately.

This version refers to 0.2 traction classification. It has a 4-stroke diesel engine CK12. It is equipped with 2 cylinders, which are located in 1 row. Motor power reaches 12 liters. with., and the crankshaft speed 3000 rpm. The engine is equipped with an air cooling system. For an hour of work, the model consumes up to 248 grams. fuel. Such a power unit is manufactured at a Kazakhstan factory.

The hodovka is made according to the 4x2 scheme. This informs that the drive operates on the rear wheels, and the front wheels in this case are guides. The wheelset located on the front axle has a reduced radius. Separately, it should be noted that there is the possibility of changing the size of the gauge.

The transmission is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission with 4th front speeds and two rear. This allows the KMZ minitractor to move at a speed of 15 km / h in the forward direction and 4.5 km / h - backward. The transmission has a disc-type brake system as well as a dry clutch. Separately for the operation of the suspension device, there are 2 independent PTO - front and rear. This greatly expands the functionality of the unit, allowing the use of attachments on the front linkage.

A significant disadvantage of this model is the dependence of the hydraulic pump on the transmission. This means that when the clutch is depressed, the hydraulics do not work.

Review of the KMZ minitractor

The Russian plant OJSC Kurganmashinzavod specializes in the production of heavy machinery. Therefore, in the field of small garden equipment, only one model is presented - 012. This is a small wheeled minitractor, which belongs to 0.2 traction class. It is used for transport, construction, agricultural and public works. KMZ is equipped with a hydraulic system. Attachment to the minitractor can be connected both behind and in front.

KMZ 012 is used to carry out field work, harvesting hay, transporting cargo, assisting in construction, processing and harvesting crops, clearing land from debris, snow cover and leveling sand and gravel.

Distinctive features of the KMZ 012 mini-tractor are considered to be simplicity and reliability of the design, cost-effective maintenance, excellent handling and a large power reserve. The small size allows you to use a mini tractor in greenhouses or on narrow pavements.

Lineup Overview

In total, the KMZ compact tractors range includes 4 models. Below is a summary table with the characteristics of each of them:

The main difference in KMZ minitractors is the installed motor.

Diesel engines that are installed on the KMZ 012Ч and KMZ 012N models are characterized by higher power ratings, practicality and lower consumption of fuel and lubricants.

It should take into account the country of origin of the engine. At KMZ 012 and 012Ч, the engine is installed from the CIS countries, and at KMZ 012B and 012N - the American one. Many believe that the last two models are better, but in practice this is not noticeable. The only engines KMZ 012B and 012N have increased power.

  • The gearbox of the entire model range of KMZ minitractors has 4 steps to drive forward and one back.
  • The maximum forward speed is 15.18 km / h, and in the opposite direction it can reach 4.5 km / h.
  • A 4 × 2 drive and a rigid rear suspension are installed on the KMZ mini-tractors.

The entire model range of mini tractors of Kurganmashinzavod OJSC has a practical hydraulic system and two power shafts, the correct setting of this unit is described in the instruction manual.

Latest models can optionally be equipped with a cabin.

Cutters, cultivators, harrows, stubble

The most common attachment to all KMZ minitractors are active tillers. They are connected to the power take-off shaft, and mixes the top layer of soil in order to increase its fertility. The most common cultivator is saber.

Harrows are used for cleaning the crust from the ground and soft processing of the site.

Shellers are recommended to be used on virgin lands, when it is necessary to mix dense soil with the presence of stony rocks.

The cultivator is used with KMZ 012 minitractors with the purpose of a lining of beds before crops of crops.

Plow and tillage

A cheaper attachment for mixing soil is a plow. Its width is much smaller (about 18 cm), but on the other hand it sinks deeper (at a distance of about 20 cm). In this case, the plow can be processed even heavy virgin lands with a large number of solid rocks.

The entire model range of KMZ minitractors is capable of operating a two- and three-plow plow, thanks to which it is possible to significantly increase the one-time working width.

Trailers and trucks

Mini tractor KMZ 012CH capable of transporting goods weighing up to 500 kg. To do this, use special trucks and trailers.

Reviews of the owners, recommend the use of dump trailers, they allow to facilitate the unloading process. To do this, simply lift the trailer.

If it is necessary to transport long loads (pipes, tree trunks, etc.) it is recommended to use long carts on 4 wheels.

Mowers and rakes

KMZ compact tractors are often used as lawn mowers. For this there are two options for mowers:

The capture width of rotary mowers can range from 135 to 137 cm. The capture height of rotary mowers can be adjusted from 4 to 7 cm. The average performance of the KMZ 012 mini tractor together with this weight is 0.85 ha / h. The mass of the rotary mower is 124 kg.

Rotary mowers can cope with medium-sized grass, if cleaning of coarse-grained plants is to be done, it is better to use segment variants. They cut the grass with alternately rotating knives in the horizontal plane. Their width is 1.2 m. The average performance of segment mowers is from 0.4 to 0.8 ha / h.

A rake can be used to assemble grass after a rotary or segment mower. Their width is about 1 m. To dry the plants, rake-turners are used, which periodically turn hay.

Potato planter and potato digger

For mechanization of work with potatoes, a mini-tenor and a potato planter are connected to the KMZ 012Ch minitractor, respectively.

Vibrating potato diggers dig up the soil at a depth of 15 cm, and then with the help of screens crunched piles and only root crops remain on the surface.

More simple hinge plate for digging potatoes is considered a plow. Its position must be properly adjusted, because if this is not done correctly, then it will cut a large number of ripened fruits.

Snow blower, blade shovel

KMZ minitractors can be used as snow blowers. Special attachments pick up a layer of snow and with the help of a rotor throw it aside for a distance of 10-15 m

For cleaning roads and roadside areas of snow, you can use ordinary dump-shovels. The speed of working with them is much higher, while the result is the same.

This linkage is used with KMZ 012 mini tractors when leveling the land plot. At the same time the grader allows to level even hard rocks.

The first start-up, running-in and preservation

For the long service of the KMZ minitractor, it is necessary to start its use correctly in accordance with the instruction manual.

Initially, you need to add a diesel, lubricant and run the engine. It lasts about 10 hours. During the run-in should follow the sound of the engine. There should be no vibration, noises and interruptions from it.

During the run-in, the instruction manual advises using the machine for a third of the maximum power. The best way to ride with a trailer or work another hitch at minimum speed.

If necessary, “preserve” the equipment for a period exceeding 3 months, you must perform the following steps:

  • Place the mini-tractor in a well-ventilated area, protected from precipitation,
  • Drain fuel and oil,
  • Clean the device from dirt, dust and moisture (so as not to start to appear corrosion),
  • Disconnect the plugs from the spark plugs and remove the generator.


To maintain the KMZ mini tractor in working condition, it should be periodically serviced.

Engine oil should be replaced every 250 hours of operation. To replace the manual recommends the use of semi-synthetic options with a classification of 10W-40.

The lubricant in the transmission unit must be changed every 1000 hours or once before spring operation. It is recommended to pour transmission oil with SAE 80W-90 GL-4 classification.

  • For carburetor models (012 and 012B) it is necessary to use gasoline AI-82 or AI-90.
  • For diesel mini tractors KMZ 012CH and 012N, you should use a clean and fresh diesel.

Despite the type of engine, the fuel should not contain sediment or mechanical impurities.

If the hydraulic pump does not lift the link:

  • Lack of lubricant in the hydraulic system (add oil),
  • Hydraulic pump turned off (just turn on)
  • The safety valve has hung (it should be cleaned).

It is not allowed to work on a faulty mini tractor KMZ. The sooner the breakdown is identified and fixed, the less damage it will cause.

Video review

Here is a video review of how the area is cleaned with a spade blade:

Attachment Equipment

Additional attachments used with this compact tractor, has a wide variety of units that allow you to perform certain types of work. Basically, the model was equipped with such devices as:

  1. One and two body plows.
  2. Cultivators.
  3. Hillers.
  4. Various harrows.
  5. Rake.

In addition to these units, the equipment is also equipped with:

  • Potato diggers.
  • Potato planters.
  • Rotary mowers.
  • Various seeders.
  • Dumps.
  • Processing equipment.


  • The constructional length of a minitractor is 1970 millimeters.
  • Full width on the body - 960 millimeters.
  • Height without roof - 1970 millimeters.
  • Height with a roof - 2040 millimeters.
  • The constructional length of a minitractor (with mounted attachment unit) is 2310 millimeters.
  • The total width of the body (with the mounted attachment unit) is 960 millimeters.
  • Total height (with mounted attachment unit) - 2040 millimeters.
  • Agrotechnical clearance - 300 millimeters.
  • The smallest gauge of the front wheels - 700 millimeters.
  • The smallest gauge of the rear wheels - 700 millimeters.
  • The maximum width of the front wheel track - 900 millimeters.
  • The greatest width of the rear wheel track - 900 millimeters.

Engine Specifications:

  • The brand of installed engine is SK-12.
  • Type of installed engine - diesel, in-line.
  • Number of cylinders - 2 cylinders.
  • Maximum power - 12 horsepower / 8.8 kW.
  • The nominal crankshaft rotation speed is 3050 revolutions per minute.
  • The maximum rotational speed of the crankshaft - 3100 revolutions per minute.
  • Type of cooling system - liquid.
  • Type of injection system - carburetor.
  • Mark of installed engine - V2CH-07.
  • Type of installed engine - diesel, V-shaped.
  • Number of cylinders - 2 cylinders.
  • Maximum power - 12 horsepower / 8.8 kW.
  • The nominal crankshaft rotational speed is 2700 revolutions per minute.
  • The maximum rotational speed of the crankshaft - 3050 revolutions per minute.
  • Type of cooling system - liquid.
  • Type of injection system - carburetor.
  • Mark of installed engine - VANGUARD OHV 294447.
  • Type of installed engine - diesel, V-shaped.
  • Number of cylinders - 2 cylinders.
  • Maximum power - 14.5 horsepower / 10.66 kW.
  • The nominal crankshaft rotational speed is 2850 revolutions per minute.
  • The maximum rotational speed of the crankshaft - 3050 revolutions per minute.
  • Type of cooling system - liquid.
  • Type of injection system - carburetor.
  • Mark of installed engine - HATZMOTORS-1D81Z.
  • Type of installed engine - diesel, in-line.
  • Number of cylinders - 1 cylinder.
  • Maximum power - 14.3 horsepower / 10.5 kW.
  • The nominal crankshaft rotational speed is 2900 revolutions per minute.
  • The maximum rotational speed of the crankshaft - 3050 revolutions per minute.
  • Type of cooling system - liquid.
  • Type of injection system - carburetor.

Transmission characteristics:

  • The type of gearbox to be installed is gear, mechanical.
  • Drive type - cardan drive.
  • Differential lock - mechanical.
  • The number of forward gears - 4.
  • The number of rear gears - 2.
  • Coupling type - dry, frictional single-disk constantly closed position.

Characteristics of the PTO shaft:

  • The number of PTO speeds - 1.
  • The control is mechanical.
  • The lowest frequency of rotation of the PTO - 540 revolutions per minute.
  • Power PTO (rear) - 7.5 horsepower / 5.5 kW.
  • Power PTO (front) - 7.66 horsepower / 5.6 kW.

Performance characteristics:

  • The structural weight of the model is 697 kilograms.
  • The curb weight of the model is 745 kilograms.
  • Type of brakes - disc.
  • Fuel tank capacity - 20 liters.
  • The lowest forward speed is 2 kilometers per hour.
  • The highest forward speed is 15.18 kilometers per hour.
  • The lowest speed back is 1.2 kilometers per hour.
  • The highest speed back is 4.49 kilometers per hour.
  • The lowest fuel consumption per motochas (SK-12) - 2.2 liters.
  • The highest fuel consumption per motochas (SK-12) - 2.9 liters.
  • The lowest fuel consumption per motochas (V2CH-07) - 1.8 liters.
  • The greatest consumption of fuel for one motochas (V2CH-07) - 2.3 liters.
  • The lowest fuel consumption per motochas (VANGUARD OHV 294447) - 3.1 liters.
  • The highest fuel consumption per motochas (VANGUARD OHV 294447) - 4 liters.
  • The lowest fuel consumption per motochas (HATZMOTORS-1D81Z) - 1.9 liters.
  • The highest fuel consumption per hour (HATZMOTORS-1D81Z) is 2.7 liters.
  • Traction category vehicles - 0.2.
  • Nominal traction force - 2.1 kilonewton / 214.14 kilogram.
  • The greatest depth of a ford is 380 millimeters.

Device Features

From the moment the KMZ-012 minitractor was introduced, the manufacturer decided not to make any changes and modifications to the design. The chassis also has a front axle bridge that looks like a swinging beam. Also, this element has a stiffer suspension. The tractor uses a wheel formula four by two and a track with a variable width, which is especially convenient when operating in a limited working space. The model can be equipped with two types of mounted mechanisms, the first of which provides the ability to shift the working unit to the right by a maximum of 100 millimeters. The capabilities of the second mechanism allow for the displacement of the used unit in both directions relative to the power unit.

For braking technology responsible wheel disc brakes, which are located in the housing single-stage gearbox. A good traction performance implements gear manual gearbox, which includes 4 gears for forward and 2 gears for the rear. The transmission is equipped with a dry single-plate friction clutch, which is constantly in continuous contact. The gearbox is designed for traction characteristics, respectively, the maximum forward speed is 15.18 kilometers per hour, and 4.49 kilometers back per hour. Although this indicator for this segment is quite good.

Гидравлическая система минитрактора КМЗ-012 функционирует за счет привода от двигателя и имеет два вала отбора мощности зависимого типа и гидравлический распределитель золотникового типа.

Техника может комплектоваться солнцезащитным козырьком или же легкой кабиной. As standard, the mini tractor is equipped with a soft driver's seat and an adjustable steering column.

In addition to wide functionality and versatility, this model also has another significant advantage, which is its high maintainability and ease of maintenance. Similar models often cause some difficulties in resolving certain problems, when the same machine is very clear and simple. The fuel tank as well as the battery pack are located under the driver’s seat, which can be folded down.

Other important features that characterize the minitractor are:

  1. Excellent maneuverability when operating on sites with a small workspace.
  2. A wide range of optional attachments, installed both in front and rear.
  3. The used power unit has not only increased reliability, but also efficiency.
  4. Despite the very simple execution, the technique has a high level of safety and comfort.


The KMZ-012 minitractor can be used practically under any weather conditions. And this is explained not by the presence of a sun visor or a removable cabin, but by a power unit that has an increased resistance to various environmental influences. This indicator is characteristic for all offered engines.

Features of repair

The key elements of a minitractor are made of high-strength materials, which guarantees a long service life. In comparison with foreign analogues, the equipment has a rather simple construction, due to which repair work is not only simple, but also very convenient. The main components are located under the hood, battery and fuel tank under the tilting driver's seat.

The cost of the KMZ-012 minitractor in the period of the first sales varied in the area from 2 thousand dollars to 2.2 thousand dollars. After some time, the price tag was raised. Now the serial production of some modified and carburetor versions of this machine is discontinued, but this in no way affected the availability of the model. So, the equipment can now be purchased at a price in the area from 160 thousand rubles and up to 300 thousand Russian rubles, taking into account additional equipment.


The appearance of the mini-tractor KMZ-012 must engineers Kurgan Machine Works. For an enterprise that was not previously known to a wide range of consumers, the technology has become a debut model, positioning itself as a simple and practical assistant of universal designation for performing agricultural works of varying complexity. Earlier, the Kurgan Machine-Building Plant was known exclusively for the production of military equipment, in particular, BMP, which was supplied to more than 23 world states. For the first time the tractor was introduced in 2002 and soon gained success among consumers not only in Russia, but also in Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, etc. The management of the organization decided to release agricultural machinery in difficult times - times of crisis when exported products were not able to cover the costs of its manufacture. Thus, a universal domestic unit emerged that competed with technology from the Middle Kingdom, since it performed all the same functions as foreign “colleagues”, but was much cheaper.


The very first modification of the car was equipped with five forward gears and one - rear. Later, the manufacturer rebuilt the gearbox on this principle: four front and two rear. Modern tractor models have six-speed manual gearbox with two-stage main gear - cylindrical and conical.

Indicators of the speed of the unit are:

  • back - 4.49 km / h,
  • the front is the smallest - 1.42 km / h,
  • front working maximum - 6.82 km / h,
  • the largest front is 15.18 km / h.

The transmission of the mini-tractor is also manual with a dry single-plate clutch, which uses a six-speed gearbox. This makes it possible to develop KMZ-012 forward speed of up to 15 km / h, rear speed up to 4.49 km / h.

In addition, the transmission includes:

  • brakes, which are located in the gearbox housing,
  • dry clutch friction clutch through which torque is transmitted from the flywheel,
  • disc brake system.

The Kurgan is equipped with two power shafts, which are necessary when working with mounted devices.

Tank capacity and fuel consumption

KMZ-012 is available in four versions, including the base. There are no significant differences between the models, the developers did not touch the dimensions of the machine and its mass. The Kurgan was staffed with several models of engines, depending on the company that developed them. The volume of the fuel tank in the technique is 20 liters, while the fuel consumption at rated power is equal depending on the type of engine:

  • "SK-12" - 335 g / kW, 248 g / hp. per hour of gasoline
  • "V2CH" - 258 g / kW, 190 g / hp. per hour of diesel fuel
  • "VANGUARD 16HP 305447" - 381 g / kW, 280 g / hp. per hour of gasoline
  • "HATZ 1D81Z" - 255 g / kW, 187.5 g / hp. per hour of diesel.

Steering and brakes

The tractor is equipped with disc brakes placed in the gearbox housing, functioning in oil and operating from the control pedals. In the depressed position, when the pedals are locked with the latch, the brakes are in the parking position. Separate braking is also possible.

Standard equipment does not imply a cab for the driver, but for a fee it can be purchased. The work area is equipped with a chair with springs, which can be adjusted. In front of the mechanic there is a control panel with various sensors. In the central part of the panel is placed the steering column, which can be adjusted. Under the seat is the fuel tank and batteries.

Running system

The Kurgans running system is built according to the 4 x 2 scheme, that is, the rear wheels are the main wheels. KMZ-012 - rear-wheel drive unit, all-wheel drive model has never been released.

The front wheels, which are driven, have a smaller diameter and are fixed on a swinging beam, which acts as a bridge, which allows smoothing smooth road irregularities when driving. The width of both wheels, if necessary, can be adjusted in two positions from 70 cm to 90 cm.

Hydraulic system

Considering the fact that the mini-tractor can use mounted devices, the manufacturer supplied it with two hydraulic slings - front and rear, with the function of fasteners at three points. Front hydraulics provides the movement of the machine to the right by 50-100 mm, the rear moves to the right and left at the same distance.

Adjustment of the front and rear suspension cylinders is performed using a hydraulic spool valve.

Scope of application

The mini-tractor of the Kurgan plant is designed for work on small land areas of up to 5 hectares. It is effectively used as a cultivator, mower, hay and snow cleaner. However, the scope of its application is not limited to this. The production of equipment is carried out in two versions - with an open or closed cabin, depending on the weather conditions in which it will be operated. This makes it possible to use the tractor in all climatic conditions: rain, wind, snow, etc.

With the help of the unit you can:

  • cultivate and plow the soil
  • make furrows
  • spud plantings, dig and plant potatoes,
  • mow the grass and lawns,
  • to carry out cleaning of the territory from snow, foliage and garbage.

Video: KMZ-012 with potato planter

Small farms use the technique also for harvesting hay and plowing plots, the larger complexes using a tractor feed the animals. In addition, through KMZ-012, you can interfere with concrete, sweep, transport various bulk or solid cargoes.

Its compact dimensions make it possible to carry out work not only on the field, but also in enclosed spaces, for example, covered greenhouses, farmer buildings.

Advantages and disadvantages

Mini-tractor KMZ-012 - a functional, practical and economical model, featuring a number of key merits:

  • economy in consumption
  • safety in use
  • universality in application,
  • small weight and size
  • wide functionality,
  • good maintainability
  • availability of spare parts and accessories,
  • low cost compared to similar models of foreign production,
  • Convenience and driving comfort
  • good maneuverability and use in indoor buildings.

Practice has shown that technology is not without certain deficiencies:

  • inconvenient location of the fuel tank,
  • the dependence of the hydraulic pump on the transmission, since the hydraulics stop working with maximum squeezing of the clutch,
  • not very high quality casting gearbox elements.

The last drawback is easily resolved by changing the gasket element to the oil and applying a special sealant.

Video: mini tractor KMZ-012 in work

KMZ-012 is a reliable, versatile, economical and agile agrotechnology that deserves proper attention. The engine of the tractor and the gearbox with proper timely care can fully function for many years. And if necessary, to repair the device is easy, because the spare parts necessary for its operation are available and inexpensive.

Main advantages

The KMZ-012 tractor deserved its immense popularity primarily for:

  • compactness
  • economy in terms of fuel consumption
  • reliability and high performance.

Today, this model is acquired not only by small and medium-sized farmers, but also by ordinary villagers who keep cattle in their farmstead.

Spheres of application

The main purpose of the mini-tractor KMZ-012 is gardening and gardening in areas with an area of ​​up to 5 hectares. Also, this technique is often used:

  • in the adjacent territory of various organizations,
  • on school grounds
  • in greenhouses,
  • in park farms.

Versatility is, therefore, what distinguishes the KMZ-012 mini-tractor. Attachments with it can be used very different.

What specific works apply

With the help of this technique, farmers and owners of large household farms can mechanize their work:

  • digging up potatoes
  • hilling trees and shrubs,
  • harrowing the soil.

Also outside the city, this tractor can be used for mowing in meadows and fields.

In urban environments, this model is most often used for the transport of small quantities of solid and bulk cargo and snow cleaning. In addition, the tractor can be hung brush for sweeping the streets. In construction, this model is often used for mixing concrete.

Main technical characteristics

This model differs in excellent operational qualities thanks to, of course, the thought-over design. The performance characteristics of this technique are really great.

5/1 or 4/2, depending on the modification

Height (with / without cab)

697-732 kg depending on the modification

The track of the mini tractor KMZ is adjustable to two positions - 700 and 900 mm. This increases the convenience of working on complex reliefs.

What engines can be used with the model

Currently on the market you can buy a tractor KMZ-012, equipped with:

  • petrol engine SK-12,
  • diesel B2Ch 8.2 / 7.8,
  • American petrol VANGUARD 16HP 305447,
  • American diesel HATZ 1D81Z.

KMZ-012 tractor: characteristics of used engines

What specific parameters the units installed on this model can be found in the table below.

VANGUARD 16HP 305447

Fuel consumption (g / hp)

The SK-12 engine is manufactured by the Kazakh enterprise ZSA, V2CH - ChTZ-Uraltrak, VANGUARD 16HP 305447 - by the company Briggs & Stratton. HATZ 1D81Z units are manufactured at the plants of Motorenfabrik Hatz. This four-stroke engine with a vertical cylinder is installed on the latest version - KMZ-012N.

Tractor gearbox

The first modifications of KMZ-012 had 5 forward speeds and one back. Later, the manufacturer decided to equip the tractor with a box of a slightly different design. The tractor received a transmission with two reverse gears and four forward.

Actually the box itself at the KMZ-012 gear mechanical. Back this tractor can move with a maximum speed of 4.49 km / h, forward - at a speed of 6.82 km / h.

Cabin model

This tractor is supplied by the manufacturer to the open market. That is, he initially has no cabin. To perform work in the summer, this option, of course, fits pretty well. But this model is often used in the winter. Of course, to work without additional protection at this time of year is not particularly comfortable. However, the farmer can get a cab to this tractor, whereby it is heated, at any time.

Actually the workplace of the machine operator in the KMZ-012 model is equipped with a modern adjustable spring seat. The control panel with all sensors is located directly in front of the driver.

Tractor KMZ-012: instruction manual

Perform production tasks on this model should, of course, subject to certain rules. For example, when operating the front suspension, the rear should be set to the transport position, and vice versa. Before using the tractor, do the following:

  • check all nuts and bolts,
  • check the oil level and top it up if necessary
  • lubricate joints and assemblies,
  • fill the tractor with coolant and fuel,
  • check tire pressure
  • check battery and wiring connections.

What do consumers think about this model?

Opinion about the mechanics of this technique has developed just great. Tractor KMZ-012 farmers deserve at most good. Consumers consider its main advantage to be cost-effective. Fuel consumption of this model is less than many other similar ones.

Farmers relate to the benefits of CMH-012 and ease of management. Many people think that even a teenager can cope with this technique. Also, the advantages of the model are:

  • high safety performance
  • versatility.

This model has also earned very good reviews for its complete maintainability. To fix it, if necessary, can almost anyone, at least a little versed in this technique. Parts KMZ-012 also find quite easy.

Of course, the advantage of this tractor, many consider, and its relatively low cost. The only disadvantage to the farmers is that the fuel tank is not very conveniently located near the battery.

How much is

The Kurgan plant has already stopped producing new models of the KMZ-012. To buy such a tractor today, as already mentioned, only with hands. These popular models cost an average of 120-180 thousand rubles. For practically a new model in the market, they can ask for 300 thousand. In comparison with imported tractors of the same group, this, of course, is relatively inexpensive.

Comparison with other models

In addition to the KMZ-012, there are several other mini-tractors on the Russian market today that are popular with farmers. For example, the “Uralets” model is used quite often for all sorts of agricultural and communal works. Such tractors are more expensive than KMZ. But at the same time they are considered more productive. The engines on them are set at 18-22 l / s. At the same time, Uralets can be used both on a wheeled and on a crawler track.

Also, if desired, farmers can purchase the Belarus 132N mini-tractor. Engine power of these low-cost models is 18 l / s. Such equipment is a bit cheaper than KMZ-012. Farmers also deserve good feedback from this tractor. However, he, unfortunately, has one serious drawback - a too large turning angle.