General information

Skarb potatoes


A promising variety for home gardens, the Skarb potato is considered a worthy example of modern breeding. Variety combines unpretentiousness during storage, good taste characteristics, but needs attention when planting and processing.

Secrets of successful cultivation and basic care activities

Growing potatoes Skarb does not involve special difficulties, and with proper fit and proper care, the results will live up to expectations.

This variety is considered easy to maintain.

Selection of planting site and soil preparation

When choosing a plot for potato beds, you should give preference for small slopesgoing south or southwest. So the lighting will be properly arranged at this place and the moisture will not stagnate.

Potatoes like light sandy or loamy soil. It grows well in black soil and peat. It is important to bear in mind that it will not bear fruit in a heavy substrate in which moisture stagnates.

Preparation of tubers for planting

To get a great harvest should be prepared for planting seed. To do this, it is necessary to warm medium-sized tubers in the sun, plant trees and plants.

It is important that the sprouts be no longer than 3.5 cm. Also, the tubers do not tolerate cutting, so only one-piece material should be planted.

This variety is only accepted for planting with a whole tuber.

The main stages of landing

  1. Make trenches or dig shallow holes in accordance with the selected scheme - approximately 8-10 cm. For uniform illumination of landings throughout the day row direction must be from north to south.
  2. Equip each seat with organic fertilizer, which can be ash, humus, onion peel, and crushed egg shells.
  3. Tubers put sprouts up and cover with a layer of soil, the thickness of which should not exceed 5 cm.

Complex care activities

To get good harvests of this crop will allow only the right care for potatoes, including following actions.

The success of the harvest depends on compliance with the rules of care.

Watering and loosening

Compliance with irrigation norms is the key to obtaining a qualitative and quantitative harvest.

Norms and terms of watering

A few weeks before cleaning potato watering stop.

It is impossible to fully care for the plant without conducting weeds that need to be combined with loosening. This procedure is carried out regularly, so as not to form a crust.


With proper and timely hilling, you can increase yields by 30%. This procedure involves Powder lower bushes plants are soft and loosened soil, making it possible for the root system to multiply.

This will increase the mass of overgrown roots, which will give more moisture and nutrients, which will accelerate growth and maturation.

Features of harvesting and storage

Ripening of potatoes lasts from 80 to 90 days after the appearance of sprouts. In the process of harvesting, each bush is undermined by a shovel or pitchfork, the tubers are put in a container. Before storage, you need to select the roots with damage. It is also desirable to hold the potatoes for 3-4 hours under the sun's rays, which have a bactericidal effect. Then it should be treated with a solution of copper sulphate (2 g per 10 l of water). This will extend storage.

Important! The skin of the Skarb potato ripens only when the tops are removed, so the whole ground part needs to be cut 2-3 weeks before harvest.

Root vegetables are stored in a dry and cool room at 2-4 ° C. Tubers fall asleep in boxes with openings with a layer of 1.5 m. Tanks with a crop should not be installed on the floor, but on stands to ensure air circulation and prevent rotting of tubers. For the same purpose, drawers are not recommended to lean against the surface of the walls.

Indicators of the quality of varieties Skarb reach 99%. Good preservation of fruits due to a long rest period - up to 120 days. Due to the low starch content, potatoes of this variety are well suited for chips, fries, vegetable salads, soups, and fritters.