General information

Processing of apple trees in the spring from pests - a pledge of a rich harvest


To apple fruit well and pleased gardeners, apple trees must be treated from pests.

Professional gardeners inspect apple trees prior to this process for the presence or absence of harmful insects. Also determine the number of pests and their degree of danger to fruit trees.

Processing apples is not easy, because it is done with the help of special preparations. You need to know exactly the number of application of these drugs on the trees, how to do it correctly.

Apple tree processing

Processing of apple trees from pests by specialists occurs according to a certain pattern. They calculate how to treat apples with a minimum amount of toxic chemicals, so that trees can be preserved and fruits do no harm.

Apple trees are treated for diseases and pests as follows:

  1. In March, until the buds have blossomed, trees can be treated with the help of drug No. 30. It destroys the wintering pests that sit in the wood.
  2. In April there is a spraying of a green cone of a tree. This can be done using Bordeaux liquid 1%. It protects trees from fungi and bacteria.
  3. In May, the processing of buds. At this stage we struggle with leaflets and tsvetoyedami.
  4. In June, during the growth of the fruit, apple trees are treated with the help of "Topaz" and "Lepidocina". Then they impose special belts so that the pests could not climb the tree.
  5. In July, the fruits are still growing, and they must also be protected, but from the moth.
  6. In August, the fruits ripen. Here, the harvest and the protection of late varieties of apple trees with the help of Kemifos takes place.
  7. In September, the fruits of many varieties of apple trees still ripen. Therefore, it is also necessary to collect the carrion, to impose trap belts.

Thus, the processing of apple pests is carried out almost the entire growing season.

Phased spring processing of apple trees

It is very important to process fruit trees in the spring. This procedure is considered the main stage of protecting apple trees. So, spring processing of apples and pears from pests is divided into three main stages.

This stage takes place in early April. In March, pruning of apple trees is carried out: removal of dried and infected branches, as well as parasitic branches. These include one-year-old branches that grow upwards or to the trunk of an apple tree. In these areas there will be no apples, and the processes themselves will take away force from the tree.

After trimming, the tree trunk is cleaned of scab, rot and various injuries. All wounds of the apple tree, to avoid infection, treated with garden pitch or heated resin. The skeletal part of the tree is whitened by the garden whitewash to protect against the bright rays of the spring sun and to destroy insects that winter in the trunk of the apple tree.

At this stage, spraying begins. It is necessary to start the first buds blooming. Usually this is the end of April. Effective processing will be in quiet, windless weather. The first spraying, as a rule, is produced by a solution of copper sulphate. This mixture kills most pests that winter in the buds of fruit trees.

But the spring treatment of apple pests is not only chemicals. Various infusions are also suitable for this: from onion peel, garlic infusion, tobacco dust infusion, you can also spray it with a solution of soap.

After spraying the apple tree itself, you still need to treat the soil around it.

Usually, these procedures are performed in the evening, so that the solutions, when interacting with the sun, do not lose their effectiveness.

The next spring treatment of apple pests and diseases is carried out after flowering. During this period, trapping belts are put on fruit trees, which can be made independently. Such a belt is made using any wrapping paper, slag wool or burlap and a small amount of glue. The width of the belt should be about 20 cm, it is possible more.

Spraying of apple trees during this period is carried out with the help of such preparations as "Marshal", "Nurel D", "Neoron". They kill almost all insects. If careful processing of trees is not required, then lighter means can be used. These are such drugs as "Barrier", "Fitoferm", "Actofit".

Treating apples during flowering with chemicals is not recommended. It can harm insects that at this moment pollinate trees.

It is possible to spray apple trees in summer, but only if there is a need for it. It is better to use sparing means.

How to sprinkle an apple tree

In order for the apple harvest to be generous and of high quality, you need to properly deal with insects and pests. If the apple tree is not sprayed in a timely manner, then all watering, fertilizer and pruning will be useless. Therefore, it is important to understand what drugs should be used for the greatest effectiveness.

Spraying begins in the spring and continue in the summer during the maximum activity of pests. In the fall, after harvesting, it is also advisable to spray for prevention.

Spraying: spring-summer-autumn.

Spring. Prior to the swelling of the kidneys, the first spraying of the apple trees is carried out using a freshly prepared solution of urea. Spray the bark of a tree to get rid of hibernating insects. Take 700 g of substance per 10 liters of water.

Further processing of apple trees in the spring from pests is carried out in April, so that insects do not damage the buds of the apple tree. During flowering, many gardeners do not recommend processing. It is made on pink buds. This is a measure of protection against moniliasis and scab. You can use "Skor", "Chorus", Bordeaux mixture (1%).

Treating apple trees after flowering from pests helps protect the fruits themselves and prevent the development of various diseases.

Summer. In general, summer care for an apple tree is feeding. This is done with the help of liquid fertilizers, as they are easier to digest by foliage. Chemical treatment of apple trees during flowering from pests is rarely carried out, only in isolated cases, if necessary. It is better to fight with insects during this period by other methods: with the help of trapping belts or planting repellents.

Autumn. During this period spraying is also carried out, but already for prophylaxis. You can use “Skor” or Bordeaux mixture (2%), but the treatment should be carried out on bare branches (after leaf fall). In addition, in the fall you need to pick all the dry fruits left on the tree, remove and burn the leaves.

Very often, diseases begin to manifest themselves only during the period of fruiting. But here it is important to remember that it is impossible to spray apples during fruit ripening. This can be done only after harvest. Results will be visible next year.

Preparations for the treatment of apple pests

The following are the most common and effective drugs that are used for feeding and for the treatment of pests.

  1. Urea. A fairly common drug. When using it you need to dilute with water, according to the instructions. Urea is used for various purposes, it will depend on the time of year. In the spring, during the treatment of apple trees from pests, with the help of urea they fight insects sleeping in the bark of the tree. In the fight against pests that hide in the bark, a more concentrated solution will do. So that it does not burn the leaves, it is necessary to use it only before the buds swell.

In the summer of urea can feed fruit trees. This drug is rich in nitrogen, which affects yield. When foliar feeding you need to take no more than 30 g of funds per 10 liters of water.

  1. Copper sulfate. Used to prevent moniliosis, anthracnose, scab. It also kills harmful insects. To prevent fungal diseases, the apple tree is treated with a solution of copper sulfate in early spring, before bud break. The proportion is 100 g of the drug per 10 liters of water, which must first be heated to dissolve the copper sulphate faster.
  2. Inkstone. Processing of apple trees in the spring from pests and diseases can be carried out with the help of iron sulphate. It is also used as a fertilizer, as it nourishes fruit trees with iron. This trace element promotes growth and abundant fruiting. With the depletion of the soil and the lack of this element, treatment with iron sulfate will be very useful. Spraying of vitriol stimulates the growth and formation of chlorophyll. The proportion is 100 g of substance per 10 liters of water.
  3. Colloidal sulfur. This drug is used in the fight against powdery mildew, ticks, various fungal diseases. Colloidal sulfur does not dissolve in water, but it can be stirred, turning into a suspension. Before use, sulfur is usually soaked in water to make it easier to dissolve. It does not harm humans, but by evaporating under the sunlight, it has a detrimental effect on pests. To prepare the solution, 1 bag is stirred in 10 liters of water.

Preparation for processing

Apple pest treatment today is performed by various systems: manual and electric, with and without a compressor. Of course, some gardeners still use a bucket and a broom, but such spraying is not the most effective.

For high-quality processing you need to use a pump. In this case, the nozzle for the pump must be selected correctly so that the liquid is well sprayed. Drops when spraying should be as small as possible. This will allow economical use of the solution and evenly treating the trees.

Before starting the procedure, you need to check how the pump works, whether the length of the hose is enough to get to the very top.

Next is to go to the inspection of the tree: if there are moss and lichen, they are removed with a brush. After that, you can prepare a solution - homogeneous, without lumps. It is important to stir it well, so that fruit trees are sprayed evenly. During the treatment itself, the solution should be shaken.

Features of the process

When the solution is prepared, you can proceed to the processing itself. It is necessary to spray evenly along the trunk, branches and leaves, so the treatment of apples from pests will be as efficient as possible. The distance from the tip of the pump to the tree should be 75-80 cm. It is very necessary to spray the leaves of an apple tree; the solution should also fall on the backs of the leaves. After treatment, the apparatus should be thoroughly rinsed with cold water. For the greatest efficiency of spraying, it is not necessary to selectively process trees. It is better to immediately handle the whole garden. If pest control is carried out on one particular tree, then it is better to process the neighboring ones so that the parasites do not spread.

Processing safety

Treating apple trees in the spring from pests occurs with the help of special tools and materials: a piston pump or a special compressor, a respiratory mask (or a multi-layer gauze dressing), rubber gloves, eye protection glasses. It is also advisable to think about clothes that will protect the body as much as possible from sprayed substances.

When carrying out spraying you need to be extremely careful, as some drugs can harm health. When the procedure is over, you need to wash your hands and face with soap and water well. In this case, soap is better to use the most common, which does not contain extraneous additives. These additives can react with the active substance of the solution remaining on the skin.

The oral cavity also needs to be rinsed with clean water. It is important to remember that it is necessary to spray when the weather is calm and windless.

Pests in fruit trees are quite a lot. The following are the most common.

  1. The apple color beetle is a small black-brown bug with light stripes and with an arched proboscis. It winters in tree bark and in fallen leaves. The bugs themselves feed on the kidneys, and the larvae feed on buds. They fight against the flower beetle, cleaning the old bark, and using special trap belts.
  2. The fruit moth is a small butterfly with light wings, at the edges of which there is a fringe. She eats buds, leaf plate. Struggling with her drugs "Fitoverm", "Vertimek", "Oleukuprit."
  3. The winter moth is a reddish-gray butterfly. Its caterpillars are very voracious, feeding first on the kidneys, and then on the foliage. They fight a butterfly with the help of trapping belts.
  4. The apple glass bowl is a butterfly with a dark blue body and transparent wings. Fighting it with modern insecticides.

How to deal with parasites on apples?

Treating apples from pests is a rather laborious process, it continues in almost all seasons of the year, except for the winter period. Obligatory processing of apple trees is aimed at direct contact of the preparations with the pest in order to prevent their reproduction. Autumn events are most often carried out with a preventive purpose. Although the number of pests in spring depends on treatments during this period. Summer treatments of apple trees are already taking place to get rid of insects, but with minimal impact on the fruit, protecting them from wounds.

Experts warn summer residents that they do not need every insect that appeared on the site to destroy. Apple pest control should be carried out in a planned manner, according to elaborate schemes, in order not to harm the crop itself. We must not forget about pollinating insects, which bring great benefits to the crop.

Spring work on the destruction of insect pests of apple trees

Spring processing of apple trees is the main set of measures to combat insects. When experts talk about measures to protect apple trees from pests, they do not mean only chemical treatment of trees, but more often this is the kind of measures that are carried out last. They try to carry out prevention in the spring against pests and control them with sparing methods that do not harm the crop.

Spring is associated with the main type of work on the destruction of pests of apple trees - pruning trees in the spring. It is during this period that winter preparations begin. Forming the crown of apple trees and shortening the branches, as well as clearing the old bark, lichen, and so on - the necessary work, from which to start protective measures.

After that you need to handle the trunks of apple lime mortar. And only after that you can apply the chemical method of exposure to insects. Each drug is used only for its intended purpose, for example, Bordeaux liquid can save the apple tree from scab, fruit rot, aphids, black crayfish, caterpillars, and so on. Every pest must be defeated. However, for example, Bordeaux liquid is used very carefully.

Processing copper and iron sulfate

Every year there are more and more products for the chemical treatment of the cut of garden trees. We all better protect the gardens from pests, but the most effective and safe in the treatment are solutions of copper and iron vitriol. By treating them in combination with the latest tools, you can get an unexpectedly good result. It is important to know some of the rules for processing these solutions. First, spraying them is carried out strictly before bud break. It will save young leaves from burns. Treating apple trees with iron sulfate will slow down the blooming of flowers on the tree, enrich it with iron, which will save it from the effects of late spring frosts. In copper sulphate, the optimum copper content, which favorably affects the state of the plant.

Treatment of the cut copper and iron sulfate is comparable with the alcohol treatment of human wounds, when it burns, pain occurs, but is carried out with effective treatment. Also in the trees, but the vitriol is taken instead of the alcohol solution. Therefore, if necessary, treat the plants with spring composition.

Such an effect on plants helps to get rid of curly, aphids, rot, scab and other fungal infections. Processing a slice of young apple trees under the age of seven years is made with a solution in the amount of two liters per tree. It is important to remember the technique of this procedure in the midst of spring. It is carried out exclusively in calm weather, preferably overcast. In parallel with the processing of apple trees with copper sulfate, a similar treatment of the cut with iron sulfate is carried out, which allows the tree to absorb iron in an accessible form. With a lack of this chemical element leads to underdevelopment of fruits and a sharp decrease in yield.

Bordeaux liquid is a combination of copper sulfate with lime. Bordeaux mixture is treated with plants before bud break.

Processing of apple trees after they bloom

The first two spring months are a favorable period for the next stage of protective measures. At this time, buds have already formed, but there is still time before flowering, but the pests of the apple tree are not asleep. It was during this period, along with the blooming of buds, all insects wake up - these are aphids, different types of ticks, a hedgehog, scytwick and others for whom fresh leaves and tree saplings are a favorite delicacy. You should not allow such lawlessness in your garden, but you need to protect your plants. After treating the apple trees from pests, you will maintain the health of the plants in your garden, and they will become so good that they will give you the best possible harvest.

Нужно сразу уложить под деревья древесную золу, что поможет уберечь от муравьев, разносящих тлю. Далее садоводу нужно выбрать оптимальный вариант, чем опрыскивать яблони весной.

Обработка дерева в весенний период

After the apple tree has blossomed, and the bees began to engage in pollination of neighboring plants, it is recommended to treat the tree with preparations from the previous cycle.

After two or three weeks, tentatively in early June, there are pests of the apple tree, the caterpillar caterpillar. At this time it is necessary to carry out the next processing with chemicals. After another 14 days, it is recommended to re-sprinkle the trees. It is best to combine the means and periodically change, so as not to cause addiction to them in insects.

Before spraying apple trees, you need to correctly select the means for this event. Gardeners should be aware that system and contact agents are used to completely cleanse the garden of insect pests. Contact affect the insect, falling on it directly, and the system affects the plant sap, poisoning it for the insect. When processing only contact preparations, it is necessary to understand that the time of their action on the insect is limited, because it can easily be washed off by rain, and it can simply lose its power due to other external factors. Therefore, only the combined effects of various drugs helps to achieve the desired result. Experienced gardeners competently protect apple trees.

It is important to understand that in time the deposited funds on the plants are completely safe for the fruits, because they have time to completely decompose before they appear.

Summer activities for the treatment of pests of apples

Treating apple trees in the summer is a complex of measures for the destruction of insects, which requires increased responsibility to avoid injury to the plants. During the period when the maximum amount of foliage is on the tree, chemical treatment with the wrong technique can be dangerous for the plant.

Measures to protect the tree from insect pests in the summer period are qualitatively different from similar measures in other seasons. It is in summer that the fruits ripen on the apple trees and the earliest varieties are ready to harvest.

Summer processing

After flowering, the best effect is from the treatment aimed at the destruction of scab, aphids and rot. For this, they use Skor, Fitosporin and Alirin-B. At daytime temperatures from 18 degrees it is better to use the Phyto farm.

To reduce the number of sprays in the summer period, you can use treatment with tank mixtures - solutions in which the insecticide is combined with a fungicide and adhesive, for example, Phyto-enzymes and Alirin-B.

In case of excessive invasion of the caterpillar, moths, aphids, codling moths and rot recommend only carrying out insecticidal treatment. In this case, you can use both biological compounds and chemical solutions, for example, such treatment is very afraid of moth. Puzzling deadlines, it is easier for gardeners to keep track of all plants.

Council In the summer you can not only poison the parasites, but also catch them manually.

There are two kinds of belts:

  1. Glue.
  2. In the form of a funnel:
    • double-socket,
    • filled with vegetable oil
    • two-way.

Glue belts are the simplest in execution. To do this, take a cardboard and wrapped around the trunk, and then secured with wire. The lower part of the belt should form a bell, and the top should be wrapped several times, the remaining gaps covered with clay. This belt effectively destroys the tracks.

To increase the efficiency of the use of such a belt, it must be soaked with an insecticide and periodically you need to check it for the presence of insects, for example, the codling moth. All insects found are shaken into a fire, and useful ones are released.

Council A double-sided funnel is used on the tree on which the sawn stump is located.

The advantage of the glue belt is that it is coated with glue, which dries for a long time and helps to fight at the same time with rodents. But at the same time, useful insect pollinators stick to the glue base, which is an indirect disadvantage of this method of struggle.

Autumn apple pest protection measures

Autumn processing of apples from pests boils down mainly to preventive measures that help to carry out activities before wintering. The most frequent phenomenon, on which many summer residents complain, is the rotting of apples before their full ripening. But you should always remember that in the process of fruit ripening, it is strictly forbidden to carry out the autumn chemical treatment of plants. It is transferred to the period when fully harvested. But the result of autumn treatments can be observed only next year, when the signs of the codling moth, scab, rot and so on disappear.

In order to prevent various diseases and pests from penetrating inside the tree, it is necessary to carefully prepare the fruit trees for the winter period.

To do this, they first clean the trunk of old bark and lichen, as well as from damaged branches, which must be burned immediately after removal.

The next mandatory event in the autumn period is whitewashing trees. To do this, prepare a certain solution - 500 g of copper sulphate and 2500 g of lime are added to a bucket of water.

After leaf fall, you need to carry out prevention, for which they use iron vitriol, urea, and salt.

The processing of apple trees in the fall should be included in the mandatory list of garden affairs in order to create favorable conditions for the wintering and fruiting of the next year's apple trees. At the same time, spring work is significantly reduced in time and cost.

The winter period is the time when all the processes in the plant organism are slowed down, insect pests fall asleep and it becomes useless to fight them in the winter, so no treatments should be carried out.

Council In the winter, and other protective measures are carried out that help to overcome all the cold weather. Think about the apples will be with the onset of spring.

Rules for the treatment of apple pests

Gardeners often use special pumps, manual and electric, to handle the cutting areas. But even with the presence of new technologies, the method of manual spraying using a bucket and a broom is still popular. This method is common, but ineffective.

Preparatory activities before spraying trees

For processing, you need to prepare a nozzle on the pump, with which you can spray the solution. It is important not to forget that the smaller the drops when applying the solution to a plant, the more efficient the treatment. This dramatically reduces the consumption of the drug, and the surface of the trees is processed evenly.

Before starting work, it is imperative to check the functionality of the pump, as well as the reliability and readiness of all elements. It is recommended to pay special attention to the length of the hose, because the processing efficiency largely depends on this, since with a short length it will not be possible to spray high branches properly. In this case, it may be that the work was carried out uselessly.

After being convinced of the readiness of all parts of the pump, you need to carefully examine the plant for lichens and mosses. It is necessary to fight with them: if there are any on the apple trees, then they must be removed, but this should be done very carefully with a brush. Then carefully prepare the solution, the consistency of which should be homogeneous, without lumps and dirt, and also the separation of liquid and active ingredient should not be allowed. With improper dissolution of the drug, a burn of plants can form, and where a little concentrated solution gets, all the work will be absolutely useless.

Council It is especially important to periodically shake the mixture during processing so that no precipitate forms.

Spraying apple trees from pests

The prepared solution is poured into a container and sprayed with a pump evenly all parts of the tree: trunk, branches, leaves. During work, keep the distance between the spray tube and the tree, which should be at least 75 cm. The solution should be applied to the back of the leaves. After work the device is washed thoroughly with cold water.

For high performance processing is carried out only full, not partial. Bodross fluid is suitable for the procedure. Ideally, other trees besides apple trees will be processed at the same time. This will prevent the spread of the caterpillar codling moth, rot, scab, and so on.

Safety rules when working with disinfectants in the garden

In addition to equipment for processing, you need to prepare personal protective equipment: a respirator, which in extreme cases can be replaced by a multi-layer gauze bandage, rubber gloves, and eye protection glasses. Clothes during work should be as closed as possible so that the sprayed product does not fall on the skin.

During work and for an hour after they can not eat food. At the end of the event, you need to wash well with soap, preferably ordinary, without aromatic additives. The oral cavity is recommended to rinse with plain water several times.

Council Dispensing disinfectants can not be more than 6 hours in a row.

Arranging well-organized activities for the treatment of apple trees, as well as to be confident in how to protect them from pests, gardeners do not have to spend a lot of effort to preserve the crop and care for the apple tree. Having carefully studied the rules and methods of carrying out basic pest control measures, one can be confident in the health of apple trees, and happily share the fruits with friends.

A garden without chemistry is an ideal. BUT biological products are a good way. And help "good" bacteria and viruses that destroy harmful insects and pathogens of the tree.

But we often use chemical:

  • faster and longer act
  • easier to prepare
  • more available.

But for health, they are more dangerous:

  • dosage,
  • security measures.

But do not forget about folk remedies!

Dates of growth phases

The timing of the garden is completely dependent on the growth phase of the apple tree, the presence of a pest and the weather conditions

  1. From February to March:
    • sleeping kidney: treatment of pests that overwinter in the bark, tree trunks, soil.
  2. From April to May:
    • green cone (budding period),
    • pink bud - before flowering,
    • drop of flower petals.
  3. The end of May - June - formation of the ovary, fruit growth (1-2 treatments),
  4. June to July - fruit growth (2-3 treatments),
  5. Aug. Sept - ripening fruits (1 -2 processing as needed),
  6. October November - after harvesting and leaf fall,
  7. Winter - protection against rodents.

  • 5-7 years - 7-8 treatments
  • 8-15 years - 8-9 treatments
  • over 15 years old - 10 treatments.

Calendar spraying apple trees in spring

Many do not want to think. And so to have on hand a leaflet on which it is written - what and on what day (number). You can write. But after all they will be approximate, and depend on the area and on the weather (Kuban - not Moscow region).

The main thing is:

  • tree growth condition
  • the presence of a specific pest.

First spraying

Before charging the sprayer, remember:

  • Did you trim?
  • Have the trunks cleared of the affected and exfoliated bark, lichen?

And spend the first spraying with dormant buds and an average temperature of about 5 degrees Celsius.

Options and not all:

  • drug 30B, blue vitriol,
  • DNOC,
  • Hom and Fufanon.

During the growing season (April-May)

When the kidneys swell (the period of the so-called green cone):

  • Aktara or Angio with Horus,
  • Copper sulfate,
  • Urea,
  • Nitrofen.

Before flowering (the so-called pink bud):

  • Angio with Horus and Tiovit Jet,
  • Bordeaux mixture.

  • Spray with complex preparations or tank mixtures (well compatible preparations),
  • Do not process the apple during flowering.

When the leaves turn yellow

Try determine the cause and act without delay:

  • insufficient watering - water,
  • lack of fertilizers (nitrogen) and micronutrients - feed,
  • the appearance of pests or diseases - treat with insecticides and fungicides,
  • and even better if you do everything in the complex.

After flowering

Spray in may:

  • from caterpillars moth and leafworm,
  • aphids
  • weevils,
  • sawflies,
  • ticks.

For the prevention of disease:

After 2-3 weeks, spend another treatment.
Spray the apple trees with the ovary 7-10 days after the flower petals fall.

Is it possible to spray when there is already fruit?

  • during the formation of the ovary (2nd and 3rd decade of May) appears moth butterfly and lays eggs, and at the end of May - beginning of June its caterpillars appear:
    • Skor (Topaz),
    • Lufox (Match).
  • in late June - early July, appears second generation caterpillar caterpillars,
  • and 2-3 more treatments.

Spraying apple trees with fruits.

Processing in autumn


  • disease prevention
  • destroy the pest in the soil, in the bark, and on the branches.

Not only spraying, but a whole range of activities:

  • gathering foliage and spider from under the trees,
  • Digging pristvolnyh circles and soil,
  • sanitary pruning,
  • whitewashing trunks.

When need to spray the apple from pests in the autumn:

  • after harvesting and leaf fall,
  • in calm weather and without rain:
    • Urea (urea),
    • Fufanon,
    • Inkstone.

Terms of spraying different drugs

A few words about the preparations:

  • insecticide - against harmful insects,
  • fungicide - against all diseases,
  • contact:
    • hit the pest, and he is not a tenant, and quickly,
    • It works for about a week, the rain washes away immediately.
  • system (complex):
    • last about two weeks
    • penetrate the tissues of the tree,
    • act on the larvae and eggs.

Iron sulfate (ferrous sulfate)

  • for the prevention, treatment and control of scab, lichen, rot, moss,
  • gives the necessary iron for the growth of the apple tree and the tree circles
  • pest control (destruction of laid eggs).

Use 3-5% solution:

  • in early spring before bud break,
  • late autumn as the leaves fall.

Be careful with the timing! May burn blooming buds and leaves.

Copper sulfate (copper sulfate)

  • use for prevention and control fungal diseases (scab, black cancer, fruit rot, moniliosis),
  • disinfects wounds in trees with debris and cutting,
  • disinfects the soil.

Apply in the spring before blooming buds, after flowering and autumn.

Bordeaux mixture (a mixture of lime and copper sulphate)

  • for prevention and treatment fungal diseases:
    • can cook either 1% or 3%,
    • use immediately after cooking (flakes may form).
  • perform preventive treatments in 10-12 days,
  • effective with 2-3 treatments.

Urea Scab (same carbamide)


  • for prevention and treatment from scab, spotting,
  • vs aphids, apple flowering beetle, weevil, suckling,
  • increases yields thanks to nitrogen.

  • in case of strong pests, increase the concentration to 7%,
  • application - early spring and late autumn.

  • very much in demand
  • universal:
    • a lot of diseases do not tolerate him,
    • improves even the quality of fruits and their preservation.
  • reliable:
    • valid after a few hours and at low temperatures.

  • before flowering.
  • after flowering.
  • 2 weeks before the maturity of the fruit.

Boric acid

The absence (lack) of boron is reflected on the leaves (shrink), fruits (necrosis).

  • increase yields (more ovaries),
  • increase resistance (resistance) to disease and weather conditions,
  • for spraying leaves.

Boron is contained in boric fertilizers (boric superphosphate, boric acid)

Drug prestige (insecticide-fungicide)

He is also called a disinfectant:

  • against grysushchy and sucking pests, larvae of the May beetle, Medvedka,
  • from diseases.

The larva of the May beetle.

In the garden and for the apple tree it is valuable when planting seedlings:

  • refuel in the landing hole when landing,
  • water after planting.

  • Prevention scab and moniliosis,
  • Contains copper
  • Low toxic to bees,
  • Process during the growing season:
    • no more than 4 treatments
    • 20 days before maturity.


Use against:

  • ticks,
  • moths,
  • leaf wrappers,
  • sawfly,
  • weevil
  • shchitovok,
  • aphids
  • mednitsy and others.

  • at growing season
  • no more than 2 treatments after 20 days,
  • 20 days before the maturity of the fruit.

Apply with the growth of fruits: one - two treatments.

  • potent (use with severe lesions)
  • dangerous for bees.


  • after flowering (7-10 days after the start of flowering),
  • no more than 3 treatments.

  • during the growing season,
  • 2-3 treatments
  • 30 days before the maturity of the fruit.

Spark ("Double Effect)


  • versatile and fast acting
  • double action (has a potassium component as a top dressing).
  • apply in 10-15 days,
  • 3-4 treatments.

Imidacloprid (Confidor, Admir)

  • systemic, intestinal and contact,
  • validity period is 15-20 days,
  • the result is valid 3-5 days after treatment.
  • no smell dissolves well,
  • long period of validity
  • acts in hot weather
  • good compatibility with many fungicides.

Pests - sucking and gnawing insects:

Better use with adhesives once during the growing season.

California shchitovka on apple.

From scab spring

  • after spring pruning (but before the appearance of leaves) - urea 5%,
  • before the appearance of fruits - preparations with a copper content (copper oxychloride, etc.),
  • after harvesting - 1% Bordeaux liquid,
  • with the appearance of infection - a complex of minerals (ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, potassium salt).

Scab on the apple tree.

From moth and that there were no wormy apples

  • caterpillars appear in 12-15 days after the early apples fade,
  • are in winter under the bark, in hollows, in the soil.

  • clean the trunks of dry bark on film and burn,
  • Dig the soil around the trunks,
  • install and clean trap belts,
  • sprinkle:
    • after shedding the petals of winter apple trees,
    • repeat in two weeks.

Apply karbofos, chlorophos, trichograms.

Apple flower beetle (fruit weevil)

In winter is in fallen leaves, under the bark.

  • at bud break,
  • when falling ovaries against young bugs.

Chlorophos is very effective.

From fruit rot (or moniliosis)

The disease is infectious and contributes to it:

  • uncollected diseased apples, both fallen and on a tree (including last year’s),
  • damage by various pests.

  • collect and destroy the affected fruit,
  • process wood:
    • from pests insecticides (primarily moths),
    • from diseases - Bordeaux mixture, blue vitriol.

From the leafworm

  • hiding in winter in the bark, on the branches near the kidneys,
  • appears when the kidneys swell and open,
  • twists the leaves.

  • nitrafenom early spring,
  • infusions of tobacco,
  • karbofos,
  • chlorophos.

  • trapping belts
  • canisters with wandering molasses for catching butterflies.

From insects (and many of them)

  • pests bark - bark beetles, scale insects, mites.
  • pests foliage, ovary, flowers, buds - caterpillars and leafworm beetles, haws, and sucker.
  • pests fruits - caterpillars moths and moths, sawflies.
  • sucking pests - aphid.

To make them smaller:

  • collect and destroy fallen leaves and fruits,
  • dig up the stalk soil,
  • lime the stems
  • set trap belts,
  • spray the trees with insecticides.

The whole garden, and not just the apple tree, can be helped by planting of plantswhich, if not destroy, scare away insects: garlic, calendula, tobacco, celery, sage, mint, chamomile, rosemary, dill, elderberry.

From ants

At one time I was an ardent supporter of their usefulness for the garden, but time passes. Now for me The ant colony is aphid peddlers:

  • You can make rovers with water, if you have a lot of old tires,
  • Build trap belts and periodically clean them.

Still use drugs Antimuravey and others.

Ants are peddlers of aphids.

From tracks

It may be leafworm and fruit moth (which we have already discussed above), and hawthorn and sawfly, silkworm and others:

  • therefore, the struggle with them must be waged not only when they are already crawling, but even at earlier stages and in the complex,
  • agrotechnology and spraying.

From lichen

Appears on old apple trees.
Prevention is done early in the vein and in the fall:

  • timely prune the trees
  • strip the trunks hard nylon or metal brush:
    • from growths
    • from flaking bark.
  • lubricate cleaned up places:
    • clay mixed with lime
    • thick solution of lime and copper sulfate,
    • a strong 10% concentration of ferrous sulfate.

It is believed that the lichen even protects the tree.

From the whitefly

This quarantine pest can be a carrier. viral and fungal diseases.

  • biological: Bitoxibacillin, actophyte - 2-4 treatment at the stage of vegetation,
  • chemical: treatment with one drug is not enough. You already know insecticides (Fufanon, Preparation 30B, Aktara, Konfidor maxi, Iskra m, Karbofos and others),
  • folk remedies: infusions of onion peel of garlic, yarrow (processed every 2-3 days).

Conclusion and useful tips

I remember a time when the means against the pests of the garden could be transferred on the fingers. Now even an experienced gardener is not easy to understand the proposed drugs.

There are specialized shops. Experts can tell. Since the market that is not a drug, all in one word "Bomb".