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Chicken meat: benefits, calories


Chicken is considered an ideal dietary product. It's all about its low calorie and high amount of protein in the composition. Thus, per 100 grams of chicken, there are only 113 calories, 23.6 grams of protein, 1.9 grams of fat and 0.4 grams of carbohydrates. At the same time in chicken meat about 70 grams of water.

Chicken is rich in various vitamins, micro-and macronutrients. So, it has vitamins PP, A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9 and B12, as well as C, E, N. Chicken meat has a rather high content of potassium, sulfur, fluorine, and calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, iodine, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt.

It is the composition that determines the health benefits of chicken meat. More details about the benefits will be discussed below.

The benefits of chicken meat

In addition to the composition, the benefit affects the overall method of their cultivation. Therefore, domestic chickens grown in spacious cages and with a varied diet, much more useful than the factory. As a rule, the latter are fed with feed and growth stimulants, which is clearly not useful. However, they still have useful qualities for human health.

First, in chicken meat a huge amount of high-grade animal protein, which benefits the body in terms of building tissues and muscles. As part of the chicken has all the body needs amino acids, a set of cartilage proteins and building material for tissues. Incredible benefits have chicken legs, which contain collagen and elastin. Consumption of these parts of chicken will help people who suffer from diseases of the joints.

Secondly, in chicken meat there are quite a lot of vitamins, to talk about the benefits of which would, perhaps, even be superfluous. Especially necessary for a person is a group of vitamins B, most of all it is contained in ham and wings. There are also a lot of vitamins A and E in them, which is good for the eyes and the immune system. Thirdly, it is a pure diet product. It is easily digested. Particularly useful in this regard is chicken breast. This part is extremely low in fat and cholesterol. Therefore, those who are on a diet and watching for a figure are recommended to eat exactly chicken breast.

Fourthly, in chicken meat there are a lot of various minerals. Thanks to them, the work of the cardiovascular system, vessels, circulatory system is maintained.

Fifth, chicken meat has a low amount of fat and is characterized by low cholesterol. This gives the chicken a special benefit, especially for those who suffer from diseases of the vascular system, is on a diet and proper nutrition.

Sixth, chicken meat perfectly satisfies hunger. Despite its low calorie content, it can saturate a person for a long time. It will be useful for losing weight.

Harm of chicken meat

But do not forget about the negative consequences that have the consumption of chicken meat. First of all, the harm is associated with eating certain parts of the chicken. For example, the most harmful is chicken skin. As you know, this is the fattest part of the bird, which represents a huge harm to people who lose weight.

There is harm for people suffering from vascular ailments. The fact is that in the skin of the chicken high cholesterol content is the highest of all parts of the bird. For these two reasons, people who are losing weight and sick should not eat the skin.

In addition, the damage is determined by the method of growing chicken. I hope you will not argue that most people buy chicken in supermarkets and other stores, rarely turning to proven farmers. Often in the factory chickens are grown on synthetic feed and without access to sunlight, which does not make it so useful. Accordingly, chicken meat contains a lot of chemicals, although we may not even be aware of this harm. If eating chicken is primarily health related for you, then you should look for farmers who raise birds in appropriate conditions. Well, or start doing it yourself.

Not less harm to health brings improperly processed chicken. This can lead to active reproduction of bacteria in the intestines. In the future and at the worst, this provokes poisoning of the whole organism.

Damage to chicken meat can also occur during cooking. For example, grilled chicken turns some substances into the strongest carcinogens, due to which there is a negative impact on the human body. Harm will also be caused by smoked chicken meat, because of this method, extra cholesterol appears. The most useful chicken is the one that is cooked or extinguished.

But let's not forget about the benefits, even with the above harm. As we said above, the harm is caused by the skin of chicken meat. But it can be useful if you cook broth on the basis of such a bird. It is often used for patients. The fatness of the skin of chicken meat gives nutritional value to the dish, which contributes to faster recovery.

Do not forget that all the good should be a little. The same can be said about chicken meat. If you overly consume this product, you can cause yourself more harm than good. In the human diet should be present not only chicken, but also other species. Then your diet will be as diverse and nutritious as possible, which means it will definitely benefit your health.

Chicken meat: calorie, protein, fat, composition

Chicken is not only a tasty product, but also low-calorie. Among all poultry, this meat contains the most proteins, amino acids, vitamins of group B, A, C, PP, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and many other useful substances. Also another of its advantages over other types of meat is that it contains the minimum amount of saturated fat.

In 100 grams of chicken meat:

  • caloric content - 184 kcal,
  • proteins - 21 gr.,
  • fat - 11 grams.

The only disadvantage is the skin, which contains a large amount of fat. Exceptions are chicken wings, in which there is very tender meat and lean skin.

Doctors recommend to use the wings in different diets. Especially with those aimed at curing the gastrointestinal tract. But if it comes to chicken legs, then such meat is contraindicated for those who have to resort to a diet, because it contains a large amount of fat. Especially dangerous is the use of the legs of people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

But at the same time they are shown to those who suffer from high blood pressure, as they contain large amounts of collagen.

Due to the high content in the composition of proteins and the minimum fat content, the breast is considered to be the most useful part of the chicken.

How to choose the chicken

When choosing meat, always give preference to fresh meat, as frozen food does not go through all the stages of proper ripening and turns out to be tough.

When buying chicken in the store, pay attention to the packaging. If the meat is wrapped in a color bag, then the product should be discarded. When choosing guided by appearance and smell. As soon as you feel any odor, return the meat to the seller. On the appearance of the skin should be slightly pink. Carrot meat usually has a pale pink color. In all other cases, the chicken is most likely spoiled due to its long shelf life or improper transportation. Also pay attention to the color of fat broiler, which should be a pale yellow shade. There should be no damage or other defects on the surface of the carcass.

When buying carefully read the label. First of all, it should have a “chlorine free” icon. Otherwise, return the goods to the shelf. As before, many manufacturers in order to keep the meat longer, wiped it with chlorine-containing substances. Secondly, pay attention to the shelf life. An un-frozen carcass can be stored for no more than five days, chicken in portions - from four days to one week. If the shelf life exceeds the set, then be sure that the meat was processed with preservatives.

The shelf life of meat at home

If you bought a frozen chicken and are not going to cook it in the near future, you can safely send it in the freezer for a period of 8 to 10 months. But beforehand, it is advisable to wrap the meat in several layers of foil and place it in a plastic bag.

Fresh meat can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than two days. But it is advisable to cook it right away, since you should consider the shelf life of meat in the store.
In the case of a chilled carcass, it is best to store it in a refrigerator in a vacuum package sprinkled with ice.

Stages of cooking chicken

In the case of frozen chicken at the first stage, it must be properly defrosted. Then rinse the meat well under running water. Then you need to properly carve the carcass. Rinse again. Since the meat can contain a large number of bacteria, the surface on which it was cut should be disinfected immediately. It is undesirable to disassemble chicken meat on wooden boards. Next, the chicken should be marinated, but this is the case if you are not going to boil it or make broth from it.

Chicken for children: how and when to give

Due to the fact that chicken meat is much more tender than pork or beef, it can be introduced into the diet of a child before the year.

But it is desirable that this was a domestic chicken, which will not contain antibiotics, hormones or preservatives. It should be borne in mind that boil it need more than one hour to make it soft. Many mommies make mashed potatoes in a blender. Chicken meat for children is an indispensable source of protein and other beneficial substances. For cooking, babies are best used white chicken (breast). It has the least fat.

Chicken Dishes

There are many different recipes for cooking chicken meat. But we will consider the most controversial from a medical point of view - chicken broth. Not many people know that it is desirable to drain the first water from the broth. Then pour the second meat, bring to a boil and leave on the fire for one hour. Add two onions, cut into pieces. You can leave the onion in the husk. This will give the broth a yellowish color. Also do not forget about spices. Before you turn off, be sure to add the herbs (dill, parsley). Add pepper and salt to taste. If the broth turns out to be cloudy, inject a couple of chicken proteins into it, then strain. All the broth is ready.

Remember, whatever the dish of chicken, the main thing - that it was tasty and healthy.

Calorie chicken meat

Chicken meat is considered dietary. The number of calories in a product depends on how one part of the carcass is cooked:

  • considered the lowest calorie fillet, in which only 113 kcal,
  • in the hams 180 kcal,
  • in the pulp without skin - 241 kcal.

Harmful properties and contraindications

Despite significant advantages in the use of chicken, there are some negative points, including:

  1. Adipose tissue skins.It concentrates harmful substances for the body. It is not recommended for people with problematic liver, overweight and bad skin.
  2. Poor quality products in the store. Sometimes purchased meat contains hormones and antibiotics. Manufacturers can process it with chlorine. Such a product is harmful and even dangerous.
  3. The possibility of poisoning. If the chicken has been poorly processed, its use can cause the multiplication of bacteria in the intestines.
  4. Harmful cholesterol. Too high in the body can be caused by eating fried and smoked chicken.

Smoked meat should not be abused, it contributes to the development of malignant tumors. The fact is that in the process of smoking natural smoke contributes to the accumulation in the product of carcinogens that enter the body. Sometimes with this treatment using harmful substances: phenol, acetone, formaldehyde.

As for contraindications, chicken meat should not be used by people who are allergic to chicken protein. Broth should not be given to children under 2 years. To feed a child, only poultry should be used. If this is not possible, it is worth carefully processing the purchased meat.

Women who follow a diet based on animal protein do not abuse chicken meat. This can cause ovulation disorders and lead to infertility. No need to completely abandon the product, because it contains the important elements necessary for the normal operation of the body. It is recommended to consume no more than 80 grams of chicken per day.

How to choose chicken

To determine a quality product, it is advised to pay attention to the following points:

  1. The old chicken bone harder, and the meat has a grayish color.
  2. The young bird has elastic meat of white color with a yellow shade. Peel should be light pink. It is better to refuse to buy too much red meat.
  3. The appearance of the meat should be pleasant: no viscera, feathers, blood, damage.
  4. To determine the freshness of the meat, you need to press on it with your finger. If the hole has leveled off immediately, then the product is unspoiled.
  5. The product should not smell rotten. Not advised to buy meat with spices, usually so "mask" an unpleasant smell.
  6. Should examine the packaging. It should indicate the storage period, the mark "without chlorine".
  7. The unnaturally large size of a chicken can talk about feeding it with modified foods and hormones. Such a bird can not be purchased.

It is important to know how to properly store chicken meat. The cooled product can be in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days, and frozen in the freezer for up to 1 year, provided that the temperature in the chamber is from -20 degrees. Chilled chicken meat is healthier than frozen meat. In addition, it is softer and more delicate in taste.

Useful properties of chicken

Consider the basic qualities of chicken meat, taken in the "ideal" or abstract conditions. This is a quality meat, cooked properly and consumed in reasonable quantities. Then you can count on the following effects.

  1. Strengthening immunity. A full set of amino acids, vitamins, minerals - what you need to maintain immunity at a high level. It is noticed that lovers of chicken meat are sick less often than lovers of exclusively pork. It is difficult to judge the reasons for this situation. But, in any case, statistics is objective and not deceiving. In the period of beriberi it is especially important.
  2. Replenishing wasted forces. Chicken - a source of energy. It is recommended to use regularly for athletes, people experiencing intense exercise. After an illness, long-term treatment, against the background of exhaustion and taking strong medication, chicken meat is incredibly useful. Recall that the chicken broth is almost a drug recommended for all patients on bed rest.
  3. Acceleration of metabolic processes. The protein contained in chicken is easily digested and stimulates metabolism. It helps to ensure the conditions under which the burning of fats is the most intense, there is a general weight loss, but this increases the "dry" muscle mass. Anyone who wants to keep the figure in order, chicken meat is not just shown, but highly recommended for regular use.
  4. Hemoglobin level rises. An interesting property that is often forgotten. Chicken is a natural blood stimulant. Indications for use: low hemoglobin level, anemia, general weakness, any systemic blood diseases and so on.
  5. Improving the work of the digestive tract. Digestion on the background of regular consumption of chicken meat becomes stable, constipation and indigestion, flatulence and any other problems disappear. In addition, the chicken can be called a kind of prophylactic against ulcers, gastritis and skin diseases. Chicken is especially useful for the organs of the digestive tract, if it is combined with fresh vegetables.
  6. Maintain healthy hair, nails, skin. To make your nails strong, your hair combed and glisten easily, the skin kept a smooth surface and a healthy shade, the chicken must be eaten constantly. It will provide the best conditions for maintaining a beautiful appearance.
  7. Normalization of the nervous system. Chicken meat provides prevention of depression, insomnia, neurosis. Compensates the unpleasant effects of emotional overstrain, severe stress, anxiety. Gives calm, healthy sleep, goodwill and a positive attitude.
  8. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Fatty acids, vitamins, minerals present in chicken, help to fully maintain the health of the heart and blood vessels. Regularly using the product, it is possible to protect themselves from heart attack, stroke, coronary disease.

Finally, it should be noted "hedonistic" benefit of chicken meat. After all, his taste is very delicate, and any person, if he is not a vegetarian, will get a lot of pleasure. These are the most important beneficial qualities found in chicken. But on them the properties of the product do not end there.

Есть ли вред от курицы

Некоторые негативные последствия употребления куриного мяса возможны. Но сразу надо предупредить: вред вероятен лишь при неправильном употреблении продукта или при покупке некачественной курицы изначально. Соблюдая правила приема в пищу и приобретения курицы, риск удается снизить. But what is it?

  1. The most dangerous part of the chicken is the skin. Yes, it is widely believed that it increases the potency. But the effect in this regard is insignificant, but the likely risk is literally enormous. Because the skin - a kind of trash in birds. It is in her accumulate toxins, harmful components, metals present in polluted air. To avoid the risk, you need not just to remove the skin, but to do it even before cooking.
  2. The wrong way of cooking causes a lot of negative consequences. Strongly fried chicken, grilled chicken, smoked chicken - all this is literally soaked with cholesterol, heavy fats and other incredibly harmful ingredients. The correct methods of cooking - boiling, roasting, steaming.
  3. Cooked chicken meat quickly. Because of this, sometimes impatient housewives and owners take it off too soon. If the chicken has become white, it does not mean that it is ready and safe. The meat itself may have boiled or fried. But parasites, helminth eggs, other pests by this time have not yet died. And, if you start eating meat too soon, you can easily become infected. In addition, premature consumption of chicken causes the development of putrefactive processes in the intestines, inflammatory reactions, pain.
  4. But perhaps the greatest danger is the infection of chicken with salmonellosis. This is a common disease in poultry. Unfortunately, it is easy to buy meat from sick chicken in the market and in the store. The only guaranteed way to protect health is, again, to conduct heat treatment thoroughly. And, of course, do not buy food anywhere.

As we see, these negative consequences will be overcome if competently purchased and cooked chicken. To make your own chances of getting benefits above, we will try to further understand both of these components. And start with the acquisition of chicken.

How to buy a healthy chicken

The above useful properties, unfortunately, relate exclusively to those chickens that are grown in natural conditions. That is, somewhere in the village, on a small farm or in your own farm. The problem is that today a city dweller is unlikely to be able to find such a product. Store chickens are mostly available, but there is not much benefit from them, and here's why:

  • Chickens for shops are grown in a short time, so their meat simply does not have time to accumulate all the useful substances mentioned above,
  • with a high degree of confidence we can say that during the lifetime of the hens the “chickens” were “stuffed”, though not prohibited, but still far from unsafe preparations to accelerate growth,
  • it is never possible to say exactly how long the store chicken was stored: given that the markings are interrupted, the meat is soaked in a special solution to give a visible freshness, it is no coincidence that the bones of the store chicken that looks fresh often turn out to be almost rotten
  • storage conditions are also impossible to predict: what the chicken contacted, how many times it was frozen, whether medical books are available for people who worked with chicken in the warehouse.

The conclusion is not particularly joyful. Chicken from the store - a product with unpredictable properties. Perhaps nothing dangerous in it will not be. But there is a significant risk that the chicken will be stale, unhealthy, and generally mutated. Laughter is laughter, but there is a grain of truth in these arguments. If possible, grow your chicken or buy directly from farmers. Nothing safer to recommend.

How to cook chicken for the greater good

If the chicken is bought, there remains one important task: to correctly prepare, retaining the beneficial components of the composition and taste. What rules should be considered?

  1. The most energy-intensive part of the chicken is the breast. White meat not only contains more protein, but is also easier to digest. In meat from the lower leg and thighs there are a lot of fatty acids, which increase the caloric and fat content of the meat, but are useful for digestion and appearance.
  2. The best method of cooking chicken: boiling in ordinary water. You can simply boil it in a saucepan, or you can put it in a skillet, pour clean water on it and leave it until the water evaporates. Any additional ingredient, even olive and sunflower oil, degrade the quality of the product. The more natural the cooking method, the more beneficial the dish will be.
  3. It is undesirable to store chicken after cooking even for 2–3 hours. It is better to eat it immediately, leaving nothing. Of course, this can be attributed to any kind of food, but the chicken spoils especially quickly. If the pork lies quietly in the refrigerator for several days, then the boiled chicken will lose both its benefits and its taste qualities in a day.
  4. Since there is a lot of protein in chicken, it is necessary to use it in doses. A portion of more than 200 g at a time can not be. What is the reason? And the fact that even in such a small portion already contains 45-50 g of pure protein. Kidneys with such a volume of protein at a time can not cope. As a result, either there will be too much load, or the protein will simply be eliminated in a processed form. So, it is better to eat less, but more often.
  5. The best chicken side dish is not pasta or potatoes, but fresh vegetables. If you combine chicken with fried potatoes, the same pasta and other carbon-containing products, its benefits will be reduced to a minimum.

There is no doubt that the chicken is a useful product that helps to improve health, improve the psychological state, to please yourself and loved ones. It is better to buy a chicken grown in natural conditions, and not the one that is sold in stores and supermarkets. Cooking chicken is simple and does not require complex processing methods. But the simpler it is cooked, the more benefit it will bring to the person.

Useful composition of chicken meat

Chicken meat when cooking has a rather pleasant specific aroma. This effect is achieved due to the presence of essential oils, glutamic acid, nitrogen-containing substances. Among the vitamins are the following: vitamins B, A, E, C, PP. Rich in chicken meat trace elements:

It is worth noting that the protein in chicken meat is found in the greatest amount, compared with other types of meat. The product is low in calories. But carbohydrates are practically absent. Because of this, the chicken has a dietary value. The maximum amount of beneficial ingredients is in the chicken breast.

The benefits of chicken meat

First of all, chicken is especially useful for people suffering from overweight. The minimum number of calories and carbohydrate allows you to include the product in the diet when dieting. It is important to eat boiled meat, the benefits of chicken breast with the highest. Chicken broth is useful in the period of colds. The fact is that warm broth helps to restore the immune system and enrich the body with proteins.

Further, protein is the main building material for the body. Broth based on this type of meat is advised to use to people whose activity is associated with high physical exertion. Athletes are sorely needed. Therefore, boiled chicken breast should be included in the daily diet. The broth saturates the body for a long time, makes it more durable. Experts in the field of traditional and traditional medicine advise to use it during recovery periods after surgical interventions.

A huge amount of vitamins has a beneficial effect on the work of the central nervous system. Nerve cells return to normal. Regular use of the product helps to get rid of stress, insomnia, depression. Vitamin E eliminates the body from the effects of free radicals, prevents the active aging process. It is established that diet food (boiled chicken, broth) helps to fight the following ailments:

  • Gout,
  • Polyarthritis,
  • Diabetes,
  • Ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract.

For diabetics, chicken is the main dish on the menu. The fact is that meat takes part in the absorption of blood polyunsaturated acids, which are necessary for the normalization of metabolism, and pancreas. The composition of the product includes such a component as glutamine. It helps to build muscle mass in a short period of time. Chicken-based broth is prescribed by doctors for the prevention of atherosclerosis, stroke. Normalizes blood pressure. Meat helps to eliminate harmful cholesterol from the body, after which the work of all body systems is improved.

B vitamins make the product useful for beauty. With regular use of boiled chicken improves the condition of the skin of the face, strengthens hair. Over time, the skin of the face acquires a natural shine, gets rid of irregularities. Hair becomes more elastic and docile. When cooking it is important to remove the skin from the meat, because all the harm is collected in it.