General information

Safety rules and regulations for the use of Calypso insecticide


The advantages of the insecticide "Calypso" include the following points:

  • No toxic effect.
  • Bees are safe (if the recommended dosage is respected).
  • Shepherds and flower beetles are effectively destroyed.
  • Yield loss decreases markedly if processing is timely.
  • The whole month the result is kept after spraying.

How to spend the tool?

The amount of the drug depends on the cultures. At 1 liter of water you need only 0.5 ml in order to protect the plants in the house.

Vegetable cultures are treated with this composition: a 2 ml vial diluted with water, after which you need to bring the total volume to ten liters. Can handle 100 square meters of land. Fruit trees and shrubs can be treated with the same solution. Onions, garlic, cabbage require more than twice the concentration, that is, 10 ml of funds are needed for 10 liters.


The drug "Calypso" can be combined with a variety of growth regulators, insecticides and fumigators, with the exception of copper-containing and having alkaline reactions. It is necessary to check the compatibility of drugs before mixing. So that the pests do not develop immunity (resistance) to the drug, its use should be alternated with similar drugs.

Precautionary measures

Insecticide "Calypso" refers to hazardous substances, it is assigned the second hazard class. It is of low toxicity to birds and bees, unlike aquatic organisms, and therefore it is impossible for the preparation to get into water sources. You can not graze cattle on the territory that you have just treated, and you can’t get an insecticide into animal feed. Treatment with the drug is best done in the morning or in the evening when it is windless. This is indicated by the Calypso Insecticide Instruction.

Mechanism of action

Calypso belongs to the group of drugs with contact-intestinal action. After processing plants, the drug enters the pests in the digestive tract, causing problems with the nervous system, after which they die. This is explained by the connection with the nicotine-acetylcholine receptor.

Do not forget that with frequent use pests can get used to it. Therefore, Calypso should be alternated with other insecticidal drugs.

Benefits of Insecticide

Among the advantages of the drug are:

  1. Possibility of use for indoor plants.
  2. Reduces the crook and increases the grade.
  3. Non-toxic.
  4. At a certain concentration and not exceeding it, the drug is safe for bees and other useful entomofauna.
  5. It fights well with harsh, scale and even-winged pests, including leafworms, tsvetoeda.
  6. Efficiency lasts up to a month.

According to the instructions for the use of an insecticide, Calypso interacts well with plant growth accelerating drugs, anti-mycotic substances and other insecticidal drugs in tank mixtures.

Mixing different drugs, first carry out a compatibility test.

Drug deficiencies

From the negative sides of Calypso, there are:

  1. Can only be used for limited crops.
  2. Applies only to certain pests.
  3. Dangerous to humans.

If signs of poisoning are observed (vomiting, nausea, weakness, headache), you should immediately leave the treatment area and take measures.

Instructions for use of Calypso insecticide

Plants should be sprayed as soon as pests were noticed during the spring-autumn period, when the vegetative period is observed, but not more often than 2 times during the whole time.

At the same time, weather conditions must be taken into account. The procedure can be carried out only in a quiet, calm, clear weather, at a temperature of 12-25ºС. In the heat, rain, as well as 2 hours before and after work can not be carried out, because the efficiency will be small.

Preparation of the solution

Initially, the concentrate is prepared according to the instructions, dissolving the drug in a small amount of water and after bringing the volume to the prescribed value. Next, prepare the working solution, according to the rules of use for a particular culture. Failure to comply with the norms of insecticide can lead not only to the poisoning of insects and animals, but also a person.

You need to work strictly in overalls that protect the mucous membranes and skin, and with glasses. It is forbidden to drink, smoke, take food during spraying.

For each type of culture has its own rate of dilution of the drug.

The action of the drug, the scope of use

After 3 hours after treatment with Calypso, the pests die.

One of the components of the tool is thiacloprid. This substance, when ingested by an insect, disrupts the transmission of nerve impulses. The nervous system is paralyzed due to its binding to nicotine acetylcholine receptors. After a single treatment, insects die. Death occurs within 3 hours.

Apply "Calypso" to the processing of fruit trees and shrubs:

Vegetables are also treated with Calypso:

Important! When using the drug "Calypso" several times in a row, the development of resistance is possible. To avoid this allows the alternation of insecticides.

The tool allows you to get rid of the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae, an elk deer. It also protects potato and tomato cultures from the development of late blight.

Benefits means

The advantages of the insecticide "Calypso" include:

  • no toxic effects
  • safety for bees (subject to dosage),
  • high efficiency in the fight against leaflets and tsvetoyedami
  • a noticeable reduction in yield losses with timely processing,
  • saving the result after spraying for a month.

With the help of this tool you can even process indoor plants.

Application rates

Consumption rate depends on the processed culture.

To determine the required amount of the drug, you need to know which crops will be processed.

To protect indoor plants from pests, it is enough to dilute 0.5 ml in 1 liter of water.

Processing of vegetable crops is carried out as follows: 2 ml of the ampoule is diluted in a small amount of water. Then the volume of the solution is adjusted to 10 liters. The specified amount of the drug from pests should be enough to handle 100 m 2 of land.

In the same way they prepare a solution for processing fruit trees and shrubs.

To get rid of pests on garlic, cabbage and onions, it is necessary to double the concentration of the drug. At 10 liters diluted 4 ml.

Security measures

The drug "Calypso" belongs to the 2nd class. It is toxic to humans. It is forbidden to keep it close to medicines and food. If the substance gets into the digestive tract, symptoms of severe intoxication may appear.

The remedy is considered relatively safe for bees and birds. But for waterfowl it is toxic. It must be ensured that the insecticide does not get into the water. Also, he should not get into the livestock feed, grazing animals in the newly treated areas is prohibited.

Important! Treat plants with the drug "Calypso" is necessary in the morning or evening in calm weather.

First aid

If swallowed, you must drink activated charcoal and induce vomiting.

When insecticide poisoning is necessary to know how to provide first aid. The first signs of intoxication include:

  • nausea, vomiting,
  • appearance of general weakness
  • feeling of headache, dizziness.

When these symptoms occur, the victim should be removed from the spray site, and his clothes should be changed.

In case of contact with the skin, it is necessary to remove it with cotton or tissue, and rinse the affected area with water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with running water, trying to keep them as open as possible during the procedure.

Swallowing the drug may cause poisoning. You need to drink activated charcoal, drink it with a few glasses of water and induce vomiting.

After the provision of first aid measures, you should consult a doctor.

Reviews on Calypso

Understand whether to purchase the drug will allow reviews.

Anastasia. This tool was purchased to get rid of the Colorado potato beetle. One processing was enough. Efficiency means pleasantly struck. I found no flaws.

Irina. To get rid of the Colorado potato beetle, I chose a bag with 2 ml of funds, packed in a pipette. This amount of the drug was enough for one-time processing of potatoes in the summer cottage.

Garden parasites are a serious problem for florists, and the drug Akarin copes well with this problem, in detail here.

Victor. Calypso has been used for several years in combination with other preparations for the treatment of fruit trees. To prevent problems, spray trees in a respirator and goggles.

Active ingredient, mechanism of action, particular means

The active ingredient of the drug is thiacloprid. It refers to the neonicotinoids. Thiacloprid is able to bind to postsynaptic acetylcholine nicotinic receptors of the central nervous system in insects.

As a result, insects are disturbed by nervous activity, convulsions and paralysis are observed, and they die in three hours. The remedy can either penetrate insect tissue or enter the intestine with plants treated with Calypso. Effective "Calypso" to combat the following insects:

  • Shchitovka,
  • Codling moth,
  • Apple Blossom,
  • Listovertka,
  • Listochka grapevaya,
  • The rapeseed flower eater.

Available in both plastic bottles of one liter and 2 ml ampoules. It is a suspension concentrate. The concentration of thiacloprid in the drug is 48%.

The advantages of Calypso include the following:

  • Duration - about a month, in plants it remains for a long time,
  • Safe for bees and other pollinating insects,
  • Destroys tsvetoyedov and listovtoktok,
  • Non-toxic to plants in the garden and garden,
  • Applicable in many anti-resistant programs,
  • Crop losses are significantly reduced
  • Forms of release are convenient both for large sites, and small,

Among the shortcomings of the means to note cost:

  • Calypso is far from effective for all types of insects,
  • Harmful enough to people
  • Suitable for a limited number of plants,
  • The connection is dangerous for animals,
  • Immunity sometimes develops towards the agent. Therefore it is worth changing the means in the fight against parasites. The manufacturer is the German firm Bayer, the price per liter is up to 58 dollars. Sold both in online stores and in many specialized outlets.

How to apply it

For a start, in order for the concentration to turn out to be correct, the product must be diluted in a small volume of water. This is the so-called mother liquor. Then you need to bring to the right amount. If you want to process indoor flowers, you need half a milliliter of stock solution to one liter of water.

When processing field crops need 2 ml per 10 liters of water. This amount is enough for about 100 square meters. Such a concentration is sufficient for crops such as strawberries, potatoes, apples, tomatoes, cherries, peaches, cherries. For processing crops such as onions, garlic and cabbage, the concentration is doubled.

Be sure to check the product for compatibility with other insecticides. Calypso does not fit well with products that contain copper or those that have an alkaline reaction.

Calypso is well combined with substances that accelerate the growth of plants, tank mixtures and anti-mycotic drugs. It is very important that the place of processing be at least two kilometers from the border of the summer of bees and other honey insects.

The product must not be stored near food and medicine. It is important to observe personal safety. On the body "Calypso" has a general toxic effect. If a large amount of the drug is ingested into the body, the thyroid gland may be impaired as well as the mono-oxygenase system and its enzymes.

Spraying should be started immediately after the first signs of pest infestation have been found. It is possible to process both in the fall, and in the summer, and in the spring. Spraying is not carried out with a strong heat, and also in the event that heavy rain is expected, or immediately after heavy rains. During the growing season it is allowed to process plants a maximum of two times. If there are too many pests, it can be treated at any stage of the growing season.

Purpose and mechanism of action

Systemic insecticide designed to suppress pest exposure fruit trees and bushes. The optimum season for processing field and garden crops is from spring to autumn.

A key component of thiacloprid destroys the chain of transmission of receptor nerve impulses next insects:

  • Colorado beetles,
  • ordinary and peach aphids,
  • common and onion moth,
  • scoop,
  • weevils,
  • apple blooms, sawflies,
  • apple and eastern fruit moth,
  • Alenka shaggy,
  • grape moths,
  • cherry and onion flies,
  • leaf leaves,
  • onion thrips,
  • whitefish

The drug belongs to the class chloronicotinyls to fight against sucking and gnawing organisms.

The consumption rate of the drug

"Calypso" is used in different concentrations with the calculation of spraying garden plants and garden crops on 1 acres of land. For processing potatoes and tomatoes - 1 ml of product / 5 liters of water per 100 square meters. m. To protect the apple, peach, cherry, cherry, grapes, strawberries increase the dose by 2 times. For treatment of pests occupying cabbage, planted onions and garlic, dilute 1-2 ml of the substance from a bottle in 5 liters of water.

Instructions for use of the insecticide "Calypso"

The working solution for spraying is prepared as follows:

  • the necessary rate of the COP is dissolved in a small amount of water,
  • The resulting liquid is adjusted with clean water to a solution of the required amount.

The resulting garden medicine is treated with plants that have been affected by pests. For the care of indoor flowers use the proportion of the preparation of the solution with the calculation of 0.5 ml of concentrate per liter of pure water.

Plants sprayed with visible damage during any period of vegetation. The developers of the drug recommend to postpone the spraying procedure at hot days. You should wait for the recession heat. It is also undesirable to spray leaves that are too wet after rain or during the period of probable precipitation over the next two hours. The best time to use Calypso: with the onset of spring to the end of September.

Toxicity and restriction in the use of insecticide

The period between the last spraying of “Calypso” and harvesting should be at least 3-4 weeks. The tool does not show phytotoxicity in strict compliance with the norms of consumption of the drug, specified by the manufacturer of the insecticide "Calypso" in the instructions for use.

At the same time, it has a class II toxic hazard due to the danger to organisms living in the water area. Therefore, Calypso is not recommended for use in agro-targets near fish farms (the distance of the garden or garden plot is closer than 2 km). Garden insecticide does not threaten bees and birds, but for the inhabitants of water bodies can be disastrous. Gardeners and the manufacturer recommend processing the affected plants in the evening hours in the absence of obvious wind flows.

First aid for poisoning

Violating the safety rules of spraying flowers and plants has health problems for humans. Each organism can react differently to the composition of the insecticide. The victim at the first symptoms of drug poisoning should leave the treatment area from pests.

Signs of intoxication body cop:

  • headache,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • dizziness and loss of consciousness
  • stomachache,
  • diarrhea,
  • general malaise.
Doctors consider it especially dangerous for the prepared product to hit the skin or eyes. The affected areas of the body are immediately treated with plenty of pure water. If the gastrointestinal tract is poisoned, they drink several glasses of water and intentionally cause vomiting. It is advisable to take about five tablets of activated charcoal. After rendering the first pre-medical help, it is necessary to consult a toxicologist.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The bottle with the drug is stored in a dry place at the air temperature in the room with the indicator -5 ... + 30 ° С. The shelf life of the agrochemical agent is 2 years from the date of manufacture. The drug must be hidden from animals and children, to avoid storage near food, feed and other medicines.

The preparation prepared according to all the rules will be absolutely safe for plants and humans and will make it possible to qualitatively deal with pests of the garden.