General information

Instructions for use fungicide tanos


Every experienced farmer knows that it is impossible to harvest a good crop without the use of various chemicals. The fact is that vegetables are susceptible to various viral and fungal diseases, which not only affect the quality and quantity of the crop, but can also lead to the complete loss of vegetable crops. It is possible to provide protection to vegetables, using the fungicide "Thanos" (instruction on the use of the drug comes complete with the product). This tool is versatile and suitable for the protection of various garden and horticultural crops from fungi.

general information

"Thanos" is a fungicide, the instructions for use of which must be read carefully before use. The tool is an antifungal drug consisting of two components - famoxadone and cymoxanil. Both components perfectly interact with each other, thus achieving a high level of protection of garden and horticultural crops from a large number of diseases.

What diseases does a chemical drug protect against?

Instructions for use of the fungicide "Thanos" tells how to achieve maximum protection for plants, and allows you to provide comprehensive protection, which is achieved due to the following factors:

  • Famoxadone, falling on the foliage, long lingers on it, thereby creating a kind of protective barrier, which remains even after the rain. After treatment of plants with a preparation, this substance kills pathogens in just 2 seconds.
  • Cymoxanil penetrates the structural tissues of plants, thereby ensuring plant protection from the inside. But the main feature of this substance is different. It, getting inside the plant, spreads through it, penetrating even into hard-to-reach places, therefore vegetable crops are fully protected. In addition to protection, cymoxanil contributes to the restoration of plant areas damaged by fungal diseases.

It is worth noting that "Thanos" is one of the most effective fungicides designed to combat and prevent fungal diseases, which can only be found on sale today.

Release form

Instructions for use of the fungicide "Thanos" advises to alternate this drug with other means to achieve maximum efficiency. The tool is available in the form of granules, which dissolve in water.

Granules do not react to temperature fluctuations, and also do not crystallize and do not dust. To ensure maximum protection of plants against pathogens, it is recommended to carry out periodic processing of the culture with the preparation. The strongest effect is observed on the second day after spraying. In one season, four treatments can be carried out, provided that Thanos alternates with fungicides from other manufacturers.


This drug is among the few fungicides that are resistant to water and remain on the leaves of plants even after rain.

Instructions for use of the fungicide "Thanos" tells about the proper storage conditions of the drug. If they are followed, then the tool has the following advantages:

  • can be used not only to combat pathogens, but also for the prevention and treatment of damaged plants,
  • helps to improve photosynthesis,
  • long lasting protective effect
  • kills pathogens not only on the plant, but also on the soil,
  • does not cause addiction in viruses and fungi.

In addition to all of the above, "Tanos" has a wide range of applications and can be used for processing both garden and garden crops.

What diseases can a fungicide be used to combat?

This drug has a detrimental effect on the following pathogens:

  • Alternaria,
  • true and downy mildew,
  • different types of rot,
  • late blight,
  • escoriosis and others.

The drug is highly effective and has an instant disastrous effect on pathogens that die only a few seconds after contact with the fungicide.

Tips for using the drug

When processing plants with this fungicide, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's recommendations indicated in the instructions for the preparation.

This is the only way to avoid various negative manifestations that can occur when improperly cultivated garden and horticultural crops. To combat fungal diseases and prophylaxis, vegetables are sprayed with a solution prepared in accordance with certain proportions specified by the manufacturer.

Spraying grapes

Instructions for use of the fungicide "Thanos" on grapes involves dilution of 4 grams of the substance per ten liters of water. The solution is used to combat powdery mildew. In one season, no more than three sprays can be taken, the last of which should be at least one month before harvest. Each subsequent treatment is performed at intervals of about ten days.

Potato processing

"Thanos" effectively copes with the protection of potatoes from Alternaria and Phytophthora. As practice shows, this drug copes with these fungal diseases better than other domestic and foreign analogues. Instructions for use of the fungicide "Thanos" on potatoes allow processing on any period of the growing season. The tool is applied in the form of a working solution, for the preparation of which 4 grams of the drug is diluted in 10 liters of water. Four spraying of potatoes with an interval of 14 days can be made in one season.

Processing tomatoes

Instructions for use of the fungicide "Tanos" for tomatoes involves the preparation of a solution in the proportions that have already been considered previously.

The drug is used to protect this vegetable from Alternaria, phytophthora and downy mildew. The first spraying should be done immediately after the first buds appear on the bushes, and the next - 10 days later. It is not recommended to process vegetables more than four times over the summer. Instructions for use of the fungicide "Thanos" on tomatoes states that the use of the product is not recommended immediately before harvesting. The drug is one of the most effective chemicals used to protect tomatoes from fungal spores.

Spraying sunflower

When growing sunflower "Thanos" is recommended to protect the plants and combat a large number of diseases, among which there are different types of rot, peronosporoz and escoriosis. Primary spraying is best done at the stage of development of five sheets, and repeated - during the formation of buds. To prepare the solution, 6 grams of the product is diluted in ten liters of water. For one season, two treatments will suffice. The last treatment with a fungicide should be at least 50 days before harvesting. Spraying of plants should be carried out on a warm, windless day.

Cucumber protection

Instructions for use of the fungicide "Thanos" on cucumbers states that the drug effectively fights against Alternaria, blight and downy mildew, it is excellent for the protection and treatment of this vegetable.

Preparation of the treatment solution should be carried out strictly according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. The number of sprays in one season should not exceed four times. At the same time between treatments should take at least two weeks. To ensure maximum protection, it is recommended to alternate "Tanos" with other similar drugs.

Recommendations for the storage and use of the drug

"Thanos" refers to a group of fungicides of the third class of danger. If you are engaged in beekeeping and the apiary is located within a radius of two kilometers from the vegetable garden or the garden where the preparation will be used, then spraying of vegetable crops is not recommended because it is toxic to insects. However, it does not pose any threat to fish, so if there is a reservoir nearby, then you can use Thanos.

For a person, “Thanos” is completely safe, so no protective equipment can be used when spraying. Nevertheless, it is better to avoid getting the drug into the respiratory tract and not to spray the plants against the wind.

Storage of the drug should be carried out in a dry place, protected from solar people, as well as inaccessible to children. A working solution that has stayed for more than 24 hours is prohibited.

Farmers reviews about the drug

Fungicide "Thanos" (instructions for use and reviews are in this article) - quite an effective tool.

In most cases, the responses of people about him are positive. Many gardeners and gardeners note the high effectiveness of this fungicide. If the cultures were affected by the disease, then they fully recover after a short period of time after spraying. Using "Thanos" for prevention can significantly increase the quality and quantity of the crop, which is an indisputable advantage of this tool compared to its counterparts.

Despite the fact that today a huge amount of plant protection products come to help gardeners, it is equally important to provide them with proper care, namely, timely watering and protection from the sun's rays.

Characteristics where to apply

Fungicide Thanos - a protective agent for fruit plants. Its advantage is its versatility. It equally effectively fights late blight on tomatoes, powdery mildew on sunflower and grapes, various types of rot. Used to treat onion peronospora.

In the composition of the complex means two substances in equal dosage - 250 g per 1 kg of the mixture:

Thanos is produced in granular form, it is well soluble in water. In the instructions for use it is stated as a drug that is not susceptible to sudden changes in temperature. Thanos is most effective on the second day after treatment.

Attention! Treatment with Thanos is recommended, without waiting for signs of the disease, but as a preventive measure.

Thanos is a powerful complex tool, but in the instructions for use, manufacturers still recommend using it alternately with other fungicides, such as Titus or Kurzat R. In this case, the use of Thanos is necessary up to four times during the garden season.

Use, safety

According to the instructions for use, the first treatment by spraying the Tanos fungicide should be carried out at the plant formation stage - after the appearance of 4-6 leaflets.

The amount of the preparation to be treated is almost the same — 0.4–0.12 g / m2. Diluted granules in 10 liters of water. Time and frequency of spraying:

  1. Potatoes are processed in 4 consecutive stages. When the rows are connected with plants, during budding, after flowering and during the appearance of the fruit.
  2. Vegetables (tomatoes, onions) 4 times in 8-12 days, starting from budding. 40 ml of solution are used for 1 m². For onions - 12 g per 10 liters of water.
  3. After two weeks, process cucumbers no more than four times in the amount of 40 ml per 1 m². Last processing should not be done immediately before harvesting!
  4. For processing grapes take 100 ml of solution per m². Sprayed three times with an interval of 8-12 days. The remedy is very effective against mildew grape fungus.
  5. Sunflowers are prone to attack many fungi diseases. It is powdery mildew, fomoz, gray rot. The first preventive spraying should be carried out at the stage of appearance of the 5th leaf, repeated three times per season. The final spraying should be done no later than 50 days before picking the fruit.

Attention! Thanos is used for processing and garden crops.

The composition and principle of operation

As part of the fungicide, there are two main active ingredients that provide “Thanos” efficiency. Each component takes a quarter of the mass of the drug.

  • Famoxadone. Characterized by contact action. Famoxadone forms a wax protective film on the leaves and shoots. The component in contact blocks the spread of pathogens,
  • Cymoxanil. Characterized by systemic action. Cymoxanil penetrates plants within one hour. It has a therapeutic, prophylactic and protective effect.

Scope of application

  • Late blight,
  • Rot,
  • Escoriosis
  • Mealy dew (false and true),
  • Alternaria,
  • Mildew,
  • Perinosporosis,
  • Fomopsis and others.

Precautionary measures

  • The drug carries a certain danger to the bees, so you need to keep a distance of at least two kilometers from their habitats,
  • Can be used near water bodies, as fungicide components are safe for fish,
  • Wear a long-sleeved cloth, a respirator and rubber gloves during spraying.
  • Unprotected people and animals should not be nearby during work,
  • At hit of working solution on open skin immediately wash a site with soap water,
  • If you are poisoned by "Thanos", drink pure water, activated carbon. Consult a doctor.

For potatoes

Potatoes usually suffer from:

The solution is made in the same proportions as for the grapes. The interval between treatments is two weeks. Spray the potatoes like this:

  1. Emergence of seedlings
  2. Bud formation,
  3. Period after flowering
  4. The formation of tubers.

Downy mildew and peronosporosis - Thanos saves a great deal from these diseases affecting onions. It is not advisable to use a fungicide if you grow onions on a feather.

Twelve grams of the drug is released per ten liters of water. Use your solution no more than once every twelve days. Twenty days before harvesting, stop processing “Thanos”.

For tomato

Thanos saves tomatoes from:

  • Alternaria,
  • Phytophthora,
  • Downy mildew.

Six grams interfere with ten liters of water and spray evenly. The first spraying is carried out fourteen days after planting plants in open ground, the interval of ten days between treatments. Three weeks before harvesting, it is recommended to stop spraying.

For sunflower

This fungicide is used in the following disasters:

  • Fomopsis,
  • White and gray rot,
  • Downy mildew,
  • Fomoz.

The effect of the drug for sunflower lasts for as much as fifty days. The solution is diluted in the same proportions as for grapes. Treat your plants on a warm, windless day. Spraying occurs in the following order:

  1. The appearance of the first four leaves,
  2. Start budding
  3. Bloom.

Combination with other means

In order not to lose neither money nor precious crop, be sure to check the compatibility of other insecticides, fertilizers with “Thanos”. Fortunately, the fungicide "Thanos" is combined with most of the preparations for garden plants and vegetables.

It is important that they have or acidic reactions, or neutral, but not alkaline. So feel free to use "Thanos" with this selection of medicines:

  • "MKS" - a means for disinfecting plant seeds. It well destroys root pests, but does not affect the sowing qualities of the material and is regularly used to strengthen young plants. Together with the "Thanos" medicine hits the weak points of pests,
  • Aktara is used to protect landings from a long list of dangerous insects. However, the drug is not effective for protection against whitefly or ticks. Aktara is combined with most other insecticides and fungicides,
  • Insecticide "Karate" is used for pests against potatoes, decorative indoor plants. It is highly toxic for living beings (especially for bees), but it is safely used in combination with “Thanos”,
  • “Reglon super” is needed for desiccation of legumes, cereals and sunflowers. But be careful when combining "Thanos" and "Reglon Super." The fact is that this drug becomes a threat to all living things with improper dosages,
  • Herbicide "Titus" stimulates the rise and growth of grass, corn and tomato plantations. This is an excellent second component for treatment with tank mixtures, but also with the "Thanos" enters the right reaction.

What means to choose for use with fungicide? Choose you.

Term and storage conditions

The drug is available in the form of granules in a plastic jar. Store in a dry place at a temperature ranging from 0 degrees Celsius to +30. "Tanos" can be stored in packaging for up to two years subject to storage conditions. The working solution should not be stored for more than a day.

“On the advice of my acquaintances I decided to try Thanos.” Used it for grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, following every word of the instructions. The drug coped, very pleased with the result. Recommend. "

“I carefully watch that my grapes are healthy, because I grow for sale. But mildew struck my crop last year. For the working solution I took the fungicide "Thanos", prepared it in the specified proportion. Three weeks later re-processed. Fortunately, the disease receded, the drug was saved. ”

“The experience of using“ Thanos ”happened a few years ago, cultivated its own grapes. The drug is mild, but it only showed itself well on saplings. For adult plants I apply Ridomil. Thanos is only suitable for prevention. Обрабатываю виноградник, когда почки еще не распустились.»

Механизм действия фунгицида Танос

Two biologically active active substances that are part of TANOCA, mutually reinforce and complement each other.

Famoxadone is the contact component of TANOCA, strongly bound to the cuticle and stored in the wax layer of the leaves. This ensures the resistance of the drug to flush. When it gets on the surface of the leaf treated with THANOSOM, the zoospores die within 2 seconds.

"Thanos": composition, mechanism of action and scope of application of the fungicide

Cultivated plants are very vulnerable to various diseases. The drug "Thanos" successfully fights with most types of fungal diseases in the early stages of development, and is also used to prevent their occurrence.

Fungicide "Thanos" is produced in the form of water-soluble granules and is produced in plastic containers of 400 g each. The drug of the class of strobilurins and cyanoacetamide oximes includes the main active ingredients, famoxadone and cymoxanil.

Famoxadone is the most powerful contact agent for the treatment of late blight and Alternaria. Destroys the spores of the disease and creates a protective layer on the surface of the plant, preventing secondary infection. It has a unique property to penetrate under the skin of the leaf and linger in the wax layer of the cuticle. This feature makes the drug resistant to moisture.

Cymoxanil is a locally systemic drug that has protective, curative and preventive properties. Prevents the latent onset of the disease, accumulating in the soil.

The substance has the ability to move downstream, evenly distributing the fungicide throughout the plant. Cymoxanil stops the development of the disease by encapsulating infected plant cells.

Term of use after dilution of the solution "Thanos" - one day. The drug is resistant to moisture, and under its influence as evenly distributed over the surface of the treated plants.

Consumption rates and instructions for use

There are established norms for the consumption of the fungicide "Thanos" and clear instructions for its use for spraying crops (grapes, sunflower, potatoes, onions and tomatoes).

When carrying out the prevention and treatment of plant fungal diseases, a freshly prepared solution is sprayed on the leaf surface at an average wind speed of 5 meters per second using spraying equipment.

Preventive spraying of the grapes occurs during the growing season of the plant. Processing plants occurs as follows:

  • Fungal disease: mildew.
  • The number of treatments per season: 3.
  • Application: the first spray prophylactic. The following treatments are carried out from 8 to 12 days.
  • Solution consumption: 100 ml per 1 m2.
  • Cost rate: 0.04 g per 1 m2.
  • Duration: 30 days.
The drug "Thanos" is indispensable when the question arises, how to spray grapes in spring. This is due to its excellent tolerance of irrigation and rain during the period of activation of the fungus mildew.


Sunflower must also be processed during the growing season according to the scheme:

  • Fungal disease: downy mildew, fomopsis, white and gray rot, fomoz.
  • The number of treatments per season: 2.
  • Application: prophylactic first spraying - in the period of the appearance of six true leaves. Subsequent - at the stage of bud maturation.
  • Solution consumption: 1 ml per 1 m2.
  • Cost rate: 0.06 g per 1 m2.
  • Duration: 50 days.

When processing onions should not handle only the pen. The scheme is as follows:

  • Fungal disease: Perinospora.
  • The number of treatments per season: 4.
  • Application: first spraying prophylactic before flowering, further - after 10 days.
  • Solution consumption: 40 ml per 1 m2.
  • Cost rate: 0.05 g per 1 m2.
  • Duration: 14 days.

Potatoes and Tomatoes

Potatoes and tomatoes are processed during the growing season. Spraying scheme:

  • Fungal disease: late blight, Alternaria.
  • The number of treatments per season: 4.
  • Application: the first spraying during the closing of the rows, the next - during the period of maturation of the buds, the third - at the end of flowering, the fourth - with the abundant appearance of fruits.
  • Solution consumption: 40 ml per 1 m2.
  • Cost rate: 0.06 g per 1 m2.
  • Duration: 15 days.
The drug protects vegetables from the causative agent of infection on leaves and stems, as well as on contaminated soil.

Safety precautions

The drug "Thanos" with proper use is not dangerous. However, we should not forget that the lack of fungicide, as well as all pesticide preparations, is toxic to humans.

When using it, wear protective clothing (wear a dressing gown and rubber gloves, cover your head) and protect your eyes from water spray. To protect the respiratory tract must wear a gauze bandage or respirator. It is necessary to prepare the working solution outdoors, or, in extreme cases, near the open window.

After spraying, remove protective clothing and wash hands and face thoroughly with soap and water.

Compatibility with other drugs

During the preventive treatment and treatment of plants, the compatibility of the fungicide with other drugs should be determined in order to avoid yield losses and financial costs. Important!With alkaline preparationsThanosnot compatible. "Thanos" can be compatible with drugs that have an acidic and neutral reaction. It perfectly interacts with such means as “MKS”, “Reglon Super”, “VKG”, “Aktara”, “Karate”, “Titus”, “Kurzat R” and other substances of similar composition.