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Why rabbits don't mate


It is known that rabbits are very prolific, females are able to give birth to offspring almost every month. But sometimes it happens that the rabbit does not allow the crawl. To improve farm performance, it is important to understand the possible reasons why mating does not occur in rabbits.

Possible reasons

There are many reasons why the bunny does not want to be covered. Consider the most common:

  1. The health of the animal is unsatisfactory.
  2. Unsuitable conditions of detention - cramped, cold, heat, lack of lighting.
  3. The little rabbit is pregnant.
  4. Lack of vitamins, depletion. Obesity.
  5. Krolchikha did not like a partner.


The bunny rabbit does not want to mate, if she is sick, it is quite natural. If an animal looks depressed, sits, crouched in a corner, eats badly, it means that there is something wrong with its health. In this state, it is simply impossible to conduct the mating. Not always feeling sick can be identified immediately. Some diseases are hidden in the first days after infection. However, during the incubation period, the animal is weakened.

If the female is not covered, it is worth examining her genitals. If the loop is flushed and increased in size, then the rabbit is in the hunt. If pus or thick mucus is secreted from the vagina, show the animal to a veterinarian. It may have inflammation in the genitals.

Ambient conditions

The conditions in which the rabbits are kept affects their sexual activity. Of great importance is the air temperature. In extreme heat, animals mate reluctantly, as well as during the cold season. Suitable temperature for pets varies between +16 .. + 24 degrees.

Equally important is the normal circulation of air in the room. If the humidity is too high or low, the pet's condition deteriorates. In a cramped cage, the rabbits are uncomfortable. To happen pairing, it is necessary to provide them with a spacious aviary. Lighting is another factor that affects the sexual activity of rabbits. Duration of daylight should be at least 7 hours.


The bunny rabbit will not allow the gentleman to approach her if she is pregnant. Her behavior in this case indicates an unwillingness to have sex. A suckling female will in every possible way resist - scratching, fighting, uttering heart-rending sounds, resembling moans. Noticing this behavior, we can assume that the rabbit is already bearing rabbits.

Attention! The bunny rabbit can show aggression and refuse to mate during false pregnancy.

Lack of vitamins

A poor diet can be the reason that the bunny does not come to the state of hunting. If there is a lack of vitamins and trace elements in her body, the sexual cycle slows down. Emaciated rabbit is not able to make healthy offspring, so she does not come into the hunt.

Attention! Lack of desire to mate happens and too well-fed females.

Don't like a crawl

Another reason why rabbits do not mate is the inappropriate sexual partner. It turns out that animals can also have their own ideas about the representatives of the opposite sex. Experienced farmers recommend that females age with young rabbits, and young with mature partners.

Tip In order for the mating to be successful, it is important to mount the female to the crawl, and not vice versa. Otherwise, the gentleman will feel insecure, and the acquaintance will take too much time.

What to do to make the mating?

The female will not let the crawl, if she did not come hunting. It is important to make sure that the right time is chosen for mating. Signs of sexual arousal in a rabbit such:

Signs of sexual arousal in the rabbit

  1. Her behavior changes, she becomes aggressive, active.
  2. The animal rushes around the cage, rubs against the twigs, scatters hay, flips the inventory.
  3. Sexual loop bright pink, swollen.
  4. Loss of appetite.

When the signs of sex hunting are there, and the female does not allow the crawl, it means that she does not like the partner. It is worth trying to plant it to another rabbit.

If hunting does not occur, then you need to make sure that the animal is healthy and is kept in normal conditions. The sexual cycle slows down in winter when daylight is too short. In the room where there are pets, you need to install additional sources of lighting, to provide good ventilation and take care of heating.

Exhausted rabbit fatten, enriching their diet with vitamins. You can use special vaccines or give vitamin supplements with food. Animals with obvious signs of obesity are transferred to the diet. Vegetables with a high starch content are almost completely removed from their diet and they reduce the amount of concentrated feed.

Mating process - recommendations

Practice shows that bunnies often come to the hunt, if they are kept in close proximity to the male, in the neighborhood. Feeling constantly the smell of a crawl, the female is excited. In this case, mating is almost always successful. It is enough to determine the state of hunting of the rabbit and let her into the boyfriend's cage, as she is ready for mating.

Some farmers embark on a trick to make the mating successful. They put the rabbit to the gentleman, tied to her tail tape or ribbon. After a brief acquaintance, when the male makes a cage, the rabbit's tail is raised, facilitating unobstructed penetration.

Attention! If the female has never been covered yet, it is recommended to introduce her to an experienced crawl, having previously planted it in his cage, and to remove the male for a while. When she gets used to his smell, she is more willing to agree to continue communication.

The rabbit will not let the crawl, if sick, pregnant, uncomfortable or she did not come to the hunt. It is important to find out what is the reason for the rejection of sexual intercourse. From the farmer is required to provide pets with normal conditions and good nutrition, so that they are well bred. Attention to their animals is the key to successful farming business.

The fact of poor lighting is another reason why rabbits do not want to breed. Short daylight hours or lack of windows compensates for artificial light - at least 8 hours a day, and in winter more.

Proper nutrition

Often the rabbit is not covered due to exhaustion. In this state, the female may not come to the hunt, because at the level of instinct she feels that she does not tolerate a single rabbit. Fat animals also refuse to mate.

Overfeeding of rabbits of any sex badly affects the process of breeding. Fat animals are transferred to the diet before giving normal forms and parameters.

Poor, poor food, lack of vitamins and trace elements slow down the sexual cycle. In the summer in the diet, juicy grass and root vegetables are obligatory. In winter, various nutritional supplements with vitamins and microelements are added to food. Before the viscous rabbit is fed with vitamin E. It will help to bear the offspring well.

With an abundant diet, a fattened female (as well as with a meager food an exhausted individual) does not become pregnant and does not wish to mate. But if a thin weak rabbit still becomes sukrolnoy, then this is a high risk of miscarriages, the birth of weak and dead offspring, as well as low milk production.

No sympathy for the male

Consider what to do if the rabbit does not want to mate for other reasons, for example, because of dislike of the male. It takes time to get used to it and wait for the emergence of sympathy. If this does not happen, then it is better to choose another “groom”, otherwise the female may behave aggressively.

In order to make acquaintance between animals happen quickly, the female is placed in advance in the cage where the crawl was sitting. She gets used to the smell, and the process of dating before viscous passes quickly.

If a mature female walks, then a young, active male is brought to her. These qualities compensate for inexperience, and he is able to fertilize the rabbit. Also, if the female has the first mating, then an experienced manufacturer is placed on it.

Rabbits in the process of molting are not able to want males. In animals, body functions are impaired. During this difficult period they are left alone, avoiding mating.

Fertilized female

If the rabbit does not want to mate - perhaps she is already pregnant. A clear sign of such a state is aggression. The female flatly refuses to be covered - fights, scratches, screams.

The body of the rabbit is designed in such a way that it is capable of carrying two offspring of different ages. This happens if the female sukrololnuyu re-fertilize. This is extremely undesirable. First, the offspring is weak, and secondly, the body of the rabbit is greatly weakened.

It is very important to determine the first fertilization in order not to let the crawl re-enter. Young inexperienced females willingly go to mating with control (repeated) mating, whereas mature ones begin to behave aggressively. The first signs of pregnancy - aggression, nervousness manifest on 5-7 days. Next comes the construction of a nest and great thirst.

After around the rabbit are ready to be fruitful further, almost on the second day. If the offspring is numerous, the animals are weak and not ready for re-mating. Such individuals give rest, at least until the moment of weaning of baby rabbits.

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