General information

T-25 Vladimirovac tractor


The tractor T-25, also known as "Vladimirets", wheel unit with a traction class of 0.6. It was produced in different versions by several engineering plants.

The T-25 tractor platform was launched in 1966 at the Kharkiv Tractor Plant. In 1972, the production of the machine was transferred to the Vladimir Tractor Plant.

To this day, Vladimirsky Motor-Tractor Plant, LLC supplies the market for agricultural equipment with wheel sets of the TZO series with designations: 69, 70, A-80. Machines are based on the experience of manufacturing and operation of the T-25.

Purpose and scope

It is intended for work in small agricultural enterprises, in farms of farmers on sowing and arable operations, for inter-row processing of various agricultural crops.

The tractor is equipped with additional mounted and trailed equipment, which ensures its effective use:

  1. On harvesting root crops, harvesting green mass, cultivating plantings.
  2. When organizing irrigation, fertilization and the treatment of fields with toxic chemicals.
  3. For agricultural works in garden plantings, vineyards and greenhouse complexes.
  4. As a front loader with a carrying capacity up to half a ton.
  5. As a vehicle in conjunction with a trailer.
  6. At work on the cleaning of courtyards, streets, squares hinged dump device and sweeping brush in the performance for utilities.

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Features of the machine

  1. The front placement of the air-cooled diesel engine simplifies the maintenance and repair of the power plant, facilitates balancing the machine.
  2. Starting a diesel engine from an electric starter from the driver’s cabin.
  3. Permanent power drive only on the rear axle, front driven wheels are reduced in size.
  4. Variable parameters of the base and wheel track, ground clearance provide aggregation of the machine with attachments.
  5. The hitch assembly allows the use of a coupler.

Performance parameters

Universal agricultural machine with wheel formula 4x2

in length - taking into account the canopy system

width on pneumatic tires 9-32 ″ with a gauge of 1.1 m

in width on pneumatic tires 10-28 ″ with a track gauge of 1.2 m

When setting up the suspension:

on the front axle

on the rear axle 9-32 ″

on the rear axle 10-28 ″

By brake assemblies

Slowed I at crankshaft revolutions 900 per minute

Single disc dry coupling

Mechanical steering


Fuel consumption specific

Capacity of the cylinder group

Torque force

Power point

Diesel engine with four working cycles two-cylinder D-21 with air cooling and a pair of vertically arranged cylinders.

A naturally aspirated diesel is equipped with:

  • direct fuel injection unit with single-pump pump,
  • device of mechanical all-mode speed control,
  • nozzles closed type without pin,
  • an air cleaner in three stages, through which air passes before being supplied to the cylinders,
  • the lubrication system in the combined version - the oil, having passed through a gear pump, is supplied to the parts under pressure and is sprayed,
  • the filter-settling tank for rough cleaning of the oil mixture; the oil is purified by replaceable paper filter elements in the fine filter housing,
  • forced air cooling system with axial fan on the generator shaft,
  • starting device from electric starter for 12 V, decompression mechanism and glow plug,
  • silencer with spark suppression function.

Power train

Single dry-type clutch mechanism is constantly closedThe mechanism is turned off with a foot pedal through a mechanical drive.

In the case with a single transmission case are installed:

  • gearbox and reverse,
  • knot of cross-wheel conic differential with satellites,
  • main gear mechanisms.

The gearbox provides 6 reversible modes of transmission of torque for driving the car at a rate of 5.4 to 20.5 km / h. The doubler allows you to use 2 slowdown gears at a speed of 1.66 and 2.45 km / h. Modes switch levers with rocker mechanism.

To the body of the transmission transmission perpendicular to the axis of the machine are fixed components of the onboard brakes, on which the final gears are mounted - gear units in one-stage design.

A power take-off for additional equipment is provided through a dependent drive shaft and a drive pulley of the transmission shaft end, both mechanisms mounted in the rear of the tractor.

Stroke system

Movement and the choice of direction provide the front axle and rear driving pneumatic tires with tire dimensions of 9-32 or 10-28.

The wheels of the front axle size 5,5-16 managed. It is possible to change the unit gauge from 1.1 to 1.5 m in 5 cm increments. The clearance changes from 0.308 to 0.515 m.

The tubular axis of the front axle is fixed with a bracket on the axis of the semi-frames and allows movement vertically and horizontally.

Machine control is mechanical through the steering mechanism. Steering column inclined. The knot consists of a steering wheel, a control column, a screw shaft (worm), conical gears.

The swiveling force through the shaft is transmitted to the worm pair, the bipod roller, the bipod, the lower part of the swivel rod. Through the steering linkage knots, the steering wheels are affected.

Hydraulic system components

The system is unified for Vladimir-made tractors and allows the tractor driver, without an assistant, to connect the machine with the drawbar of trailed devices and mechanisms and control the hydraulic executive bodies.

Pump installation of gear type unregulated, shaft receives rotation from diesel flywheel. Included manual grip, acting on the ball clutch.

Fluid flow control with two slide valves with settings: neutral, ascent, descent, float.

Hydraulic lift attachment mechanism

On the metal frame are mounted: hydraulic system filter, lifting mechanism, double-acting power cylinder and thrust hinge attachment unit.

Single in the two-door cabin equipped with ventilation and heating systems. A sufficient area of ​​glazing and installed lighting devices allow the operator to visually monitor the working area.

Hinged and towed accessories

Rear hinge provides:

  • quick docking of the tractor with machines (implements) in the mounted and semi-mounted version,
  • transfer from transport to working position,
  • installation of executive bodies in the required position.

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With a tractor are applied:

  1. Grain seeder SSNP-16 pneumatic type.
  2. Single-axle trailer PS-2.0 with unloading on three sides.
  3. Baler 9YK8050 Chinese production.
  4. The dumping device UMT-25 03.00.000 controlled by the tractor’s hydraulic system with a knife length of 2.0 m.
  5. Okuchnik OKN-2h0,7 and KOH-2x0,7 with the seizure of 1.4 m.
  6. Single-row potato digger Bulwa-1 produced by the Polish company Akpil.
  7. Monocase plow PN-30R with a plowing depth of 25 cm.
  8. KUN - wheel loader with a bucket capacity of 0.2 m 3.
  9. KRN-2,8A cultivator with capture of 1,4 m.
  10. Rotary mower KZN-2,1 driven by a power shaft.
  11. Segment mower with power take-off shaft and grip width 2.0 m.
  12. Milling device FN-1,2 (aligns the topography of the site before sowing, destroys weeds and mills the ground).
  13. Brush sweeper equipment.

Preparation for different conditions of use, the price of the machine

The design of the unit allows you to:

  • to change the clearance of the machine - to increase to work with rows of plants, to reduce when used indoors or under the branches of plantations,
  • change the length of the longitudinal base to improve stability and maneuverability,
  • change the wheel track of both axles in width to handle different width between the rows,
  • to increase the grip weight using a mechanical subloader, to double the wheels when used on wet, weak soils,
  • set up a machine for long-term use of the reverse course, for towing transport platforms,
  • for energy supply of stationary machines to use the motor drive pulley.

Buy a new tractor T-25 today at a price of 500 thousand rubles.

We bring to your attention an interesting video review of the Vladimirets tractor:

Model range and modifications of the T-25

During the existence of the T-25 tractor, the manufacturer has developed and adjusted the production of not only the base model, but also its modifications. Known modifications of the T-25 are:

  • T-25A1 (base machine with a diesel engine D21A),
  • T25A2 (model with awning and diesel engine),
  • T25-A3 (model with safety cage and diesel engine),
  • T-30A80 (more advanced model with a D120 engine, all-wheel drive and a comfortable operator's cabin). The basis for the development was the same basic model T25.

Some modifications were equipped with two-cylinder four-stroke engines, with air type cooling. Also produced models with two-cylinder two-stroke engines. As new versions and improved versions of the T-25 are released, the manufacturer has improved the cabin heating system for a more comfortable presence of the operator in it in the winter time.

Tractor control

Brakes on the T-25 belt type. Turning is done by driving the front wheels (steering wheel with hydraulic amplification). Suspension of the hard type, front axle balanced. The tractor is controlled according to the user's instructions.

The basic rules of control of this type of equipment:

  • do not exceed the tractor carrying capacity (max. 850 kg.),
  • Watch for optimal levels of diesel and oil,
  • It is prohibited to use diesel fuel (since diesel oil and diesel fuel have different viscosities, using diesel fuel can lead to engine breakdown and rapid wear of spare parts),
  • get to work with the tractor making sure that all moving parts are working and bolted connections are fixed,
  • control tire pressure
  • refer to the operating manual, do not carry out independent repair of the tractor, if you are in doubt about the level of technical literacy, perform all complex repairs related to the engine, gearbox or other key components of the tractor in specialized service centers.

Attachment Equipment

  • tractor blade,
  • sprayer sprayer (capacity 300 l),
  • mounted tiller (2.1 m),
  • two-body or four-body plow,
  • potato digger DTZ-1Tm, 2T,
  • cultivator of continuous processing (for example, KSO-2.1),
  • rotary mower for tractors T-25,
  • disc harrow
  • rotary mower,
  • drill garden tractor,
  • snow plow,
  • mowing segment type.

Terms of maintenance T-25

  • maintenance of the tractor is divided into everyday, first (every 50 hours) and second class (every 500 hours),
  • daily maintenance checks the oil and fuel level for leaks, cleans the engine surface from fuel stains,
  • during the service of the first class, the fuel filter is cleaned, the pulley bolts, anchor bolts are fixed,
  • during the second class service, the following tractor components are additionally checked: fuel injectors, fuel intake and exhaust valve, crankshaft oil seal, cylinder head nuts, flywheel, piston rings.

Major faults and their removal

Table of main faults tractor T-25 and methods for their removal.

Table 1.

Solution: cleaning the nozzles, blowing the fuel valve, the use of high-quality diesel fuel

Ivan, Ryazan:

The tractor, as they say, plow and plow. At the neighbor's 25th, plowing like a horse, carrying a trailer, spuding, spraying. He himself helped to spray potatoes, the site is large, and the machine is quite working, even though it is already 20 years old, no less. If the memory does not fail, the neighbor has only a hectare of potatoes, judging by his words, there are no problems, it works without failures, the grandfather does not even remember if he had repaired it seriously once. And minor faults itself solves. If you buy a tractor, then just this one!

The history of production "Vladimir"

The history of the tractor T-25 "Vladimirets" began back in 1966. The tractor was produced at once in two enterprises: the Kharkov and Vladimir plants. Due to its technical characteristics the tractor could be used for all kinds of agricultural work. In the period from 1966 to 1972, the tractor was manufactured in Kharkov, after which the main manufacturer of the T-25 was moved to Vladimir. Due to this, the tractor was named “Vladimirets”.

How to start the tractor engine

The tractor T-25 and its technical characteristics allow it to operate in various conditions. The tractor is wound up in winter and summer time a little differently.

In order to start the engine in the summer, you need:

  1. Make sure the gear lever is in neutral.
  2. Switch the fuel control lever to full feed mode.
  3. Turn off the decompression lever.
  4. Turn the starter 90 ° and turn on the engine.
  5. Smoke the engine using the starter for 5 seconds and turn off decompression. Turn off the starter after the engine starts to gain momentum.
  6. Check the engine at high and medium revs for a few minutes.

Important!Do not load the engine until it warms up to 40°.