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Avocado oil: benefits for skin, nails, hair and immunity, possible harm


One of the most useful and environmentally friendly vegetable oils is avocado oil. It is superior to many others in nutritional value, vitamin and micronutrient composition. Avocado oil, the value of which is invaluable for the body, is excellently absorbed and has a pleasant taste. In its composition there is not a large amount of fat, in connection with this product can be used for the preparation of dietary dishes and in vegetarian cuisine.

How to get avocado oil?

The tree that produces these amazing fruits can only grow in very warm climates. It is grown in California, South America, Mexico, South Africa, Israel. The tree belongs to the family of laurel, has green pear-shaped fruit. Oil is obtained from the pulp, sometimes from seed, by cold pressing. Thanks to this technology, the useful properties of the product, minerals, vitamins, acids and so on are preserved. Use avocado oil for the face, hair, body, it is taken orally. It has a dark green color and a nutty flavor.

Beneficial features

The first to use avocado oil for women were Mexican tribes. It was called "beauty oil", and not in vain. Studies have shown that with regular use of the product to care for the skin of the face, aging processes are significantly slowed down. Oil perfectly nourishes and heals not only the epidermis, but also the entire body. In its composition there are vitamins such as D, E, A, as well as about twenty percent of unsaturated fatty acids. Oil is quickly absorbed. The product stimulates the regeneration of the skin, promotes its healing and protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Application in cosmetology

Every woman wants to prolong her youth and keep her skin soft and tender as long as possible. To do this, some turn to the experts, buy countless jars with expensive creams. Avocado oil for the skin is recognized as one of the most effective means used to nourish, moisturize and rejuvenate. It is considered basic and, as a rule, diluted with other vegetable oils, and also taken as the basis for the preparation of creams, masks and other skin care products. This oil is used by itself. It has a significant effect on the skin condition of the face. In composition, this oil is unique. Fats included in its composition, as close as possible to human skin fats. Every woman can use avocado oil for the face, because it is suitable for all skin types. It is quickly absorbed, while not leaving oily sheen.

Avocado oil for skin

This amazing tool perfectly moisturizes the skin, softening and saturating it with nutrients. It improves blood circulation, which contributes to the enrichment of tissues with oxygen. Oil penetrates deep into the skin, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, which, in turn, has a positive effect on its elasticity and firmness. Premature aging of the skin, the formation of wrinkles and pigment spots stop sterols - plant substances that are close in properties to sex hormones.

Avocado for hair

Who does not dream of a luxurious head of hair! Having beautiful and healthy hair is not that difficult. An excellent way to care for them is avocado oil. It will quickly strengthen the hair, get rid of the bitten ends. As a result, the appearance of the hair is greatly improved, the hair becomes soft, elastic. In addition, regular use of oil helps to protect them from the effects of various environmental factors. For treating hair, avocado oil can be used in its pure form or mixed with other oils. After two or three weeks you will notice the result.

Application Methods

Avocado oil for the face (reviews indicate its high efficiency) can be used in different ways: in its pure form, for masks, massage, applications, and so on. Masks with this oil help to eliminate flabbiness and dryness of the skin, as well as solve problems such as irritation, inflammation, skin diseases. The oil can be applied to the face for 30 minutes, then it should be removed with a napkin. For severe problems, the procedure is repeated twice a day. In the same way you can care for the skin around the eyes. Natural avocado oil makes it soft, supple and eliminates wrinkles. Undiluted oil is an excellent replacement for night cream. If in its pure form for some reason it is impossible to use, the oil is taken as the basis for the preparation of creams. Regular use of avocado oil has a beneficial effect on the skin. Any inflammations disappear without a trace, the skin becomes healthy, elastic and young, wrinkles disappear.

Beauty recipes

Avocado oil, whose properties are known since ancient times, is used to make creams and masks for the face and body. Here are some of the recipes:

  1. The mixture for the skin around the eyes. 15 milliliters of avocado oil is mixed with the same amount of olive or grape oil. Rosemary, geranium, vervain essential oils (two drops) are added to the mixture. This mask is applied to the skin around the eyes at night. After a few days, you will notice that the skin has become smooth and radiant, wrinkles have smoothed out.
  2. Nourishing mask for face and body. Unrefined avocado oil is soaked in a napkin and applied to the skin. After half an hour you can take it off. Perform such procedures several times a day - and very soon you will see the result.

Admission rules inside

Take recommended as an adjunct in the treatment, to improve immunity. Regular intake has a beneficial effect on health, vision, improves skin condition, prevents early aging.

Drink courses about a month. Dosage - a teaspoon in the morning and evening. Reception on an empty stomach is avoided. Courses are repeated up to four times a year. At other times, the oil is used as a vitamin supplement in cooking.

Homemade butter recipe

Features You can make avocado oil at home, but in quality it will be inferior to 100% cold pressed product. The required ingredients are 1 kg of avocado and 0.5 liters of coconut milk.

  1. The pulp of the main component is ground in a blender.
  2. Pour coconut milk, beat up to a uniform consistency.
  3. The mixture is poured into thick-walled dishes, put on a small fire, boiled with frequent stirring.
  4. When the moisture evaporates, the fire is turned off.
  5. On the capacity put several layers of gauze. The cooled mass is spread on gauze, wring out.
  6. Oil is poured into a glass bottle, put in the refrigerator.

Face, body, hair

Beneficial effect on the skin, hair, nails due to the high content of fatty acids. Especially valuable are six cosmetological properties.

  1. Regenerating. Promotes skin regeneration, the production of collagen. The skin becomes more elastic, increases local immunity. With a systematic massage of problem areas with alligator pear oil, it is possible to reduce the severity of cellulite, stretch marks.
  2. Nutritious. Promotes the restoration of metabolic processes and blood circulation, the absorption of nutrients. Skin cells get more oxygen.
  3. Moisturizing. Systematic use restores skin turgor, the upper layers of the epidermis are saturated with moisture.
  4. Anti-aging. The oil contains antioxidants that protect the skin from premature aging. With regular use, the depth and number of wrinkles are reduced, age pigmentation becomes less pronounced.
  5. Protective. It protects sensitive skin from negative external factors - ultraviolet radiation, wind, and frost.
  6. Anti-inflammatory. Quickly removes local foci of inflammation, helps to fight against individual acne, severe acne.

Avocado oil is the basis for making masks to soften the skin, nourish hair and eyelashes. The most effective recipes are listed below.

  • For hair . It is useful to do with dryness, cross section, slow growth, prolapse. Mix the yolk, honey, avocado oil in the same proportions. Spread on wet hair, leave for a quarter of an hour.
  • For face . Relieves wrinkles, nourishes the skin. Used as an independent tool or mixed with other oils.
  • For the skin around the eyes. Three basic oils are mixed - olive, avocado and grape seed. The mixture is applied to the skin around the eyes. Keep about half an hour, remove the excess with a napkin. The composition is improved with any essential oils, taking into account the characteristics of the skin.
  • For eyelashes. In the evening, the oil is spread on the eyelashes with a clean brush from the mascara. Leave overnight. Effect - loss stops, growth accelerates.
  • For hands . Mix a couple of spoons of essential oil, five drops of peppermint oil and apple cider vinegar. Use instead of cream. Do not wash off.
  • For nails. Softens the cuticle, reduces the fragility of the nails, improves their condition. Every evening, oil is rubbed into the nails and the skin around them.
  • For lips . Oil is used to treat dry, chapped lips. The regenerating effect contributes to the rapid healing of cracks. The product has a moisturizing, nourishing, softening effect. It is rubbed on the lips up to two times a day.
  • Against cellulite. In avocado oil add ethers of lavender, juniper, fennel (a few drops). The mixture is applied after taking a bath on clean, steamed, scrub-treated skin. After ten minutes, the excess funds are removed with a napkin. The procedure is repeated three times a week for a month.

In cooking, the product is added to sauces and dressings. There are no restrictions on use - it is allowed to enter into the daily menu. The most common are three recipes.

  1. Salad dressing. To a quarter cup of butter add the juice of half a lime, a pinch of salt and black pepper. Depending on the dish and taste preferences, the dressing is supplemented with garlic, rosemary and other spices.
  2. Dressing for hot dishes. Mix in a pair of spoons of avocado oil, chopped basil, wine vinegar. Salt, pepper, combine with 100 g of feta cheese.
  3. Homemade mayonnaise. In three egg yolks add half a teaspoon of mustard, salt, white pepper. Beat the yolks vigorously, gradually pouring in avocado oil (300 g). At the end of whipping add two tablespoons of lemon juice, a teaspoon of sugar.

Avocado oil can only harm if you are hypersensitive. This is a valuable food product, regular use of which has a positive effect on health.

By itself, I tried avocado once, I didn’t like it at all - it looked like soap. Although, perhaps, I do not know how to choose. But periodically do hair masks. My hair is very capricious, especially after our winter, which is difficult to call in winter.

Irina Gavrilik,

I bought my oil in a regular pharmacy. I use about 8 months. I comb my hair with it and put it on my face for the night. Really helps with different rashes and is well absorbed. That would still not forget about it))

I apply it to a wet hair with a comb, because the greasy effect remains. But the hair is not so bitten now. Convenient that you do not need to wash off at night and you can anoint all parts of the body at once (suitable for hands as well). To the guy I smear hands and a cuticle.

Oil also well helps chapped and burnt skin. I take it to the sauna and share it with my friends. You will not regret. Unlike coconut oil, avocado oil has no unpleasant smell and does not remind of food, which is important for me)

I use avocado oil for hair. At the moment, nothing better could not find. According to the structure, it is light, washed off with the first shampooing soap. The color of the oil is yellowish-green, but everything around remains clean, unlike sea buckthorn, it does not paint.

The smell is barely perceptible, if you smell it, it will be, and you can’t hear it. Just avocado oil is good to nourish dry skin. After frost, I come home and lubricate my face with it instead of nourishing cream. The effect on the face - the skin is soft, does not peel off and moisturized. In general, it is not oil, but a whole storehouse of vitamins. Try it and you will be satisfied!

Relatives live in Italy. On the question of what helps Italians to a very old age to remain so beautiful and healthy, they always answer - olive oil and avocado oil. For more than five years I have been making masks for the skin of the face and décolleté based on avocado oil and I can say with confidence that I have perfectly smooth skin, matte, which has long been forgotten what acne and black dots are. Mom such weekly masks help regulate the appearance of wrinkles, tighten the skin.

Composition and useful properties

The composition of avocado oil fruits include vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and trace elements. Most of it contains oleic acid (up to 80%). Also in it is much more vitamin E, than in olive. Among other vitamins, A, K, PP and others should be mentioned. Avocado edible oil is rich in substances such as lecithin and squalene. The product is obtained both from fruit pulp and from pits. The product from avocado kernels differs from other types of oils in the percentage ratio of fatty acids: oleic acid prevails in it.

Many people are interested in the benefits of avocado oil. Among the highlights are:

  1. Regulation of lipid metabolism in the body due to polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  2. Regenerating, antibacterial and antifungal properties due to squalene. Also, this component improves the absorption of vitamin A in the body.
  3. The use of this product helps in the prevention of gastritis, ulcers and other diseases of the digestive tract.

Thanks to vitamin E, the aging of cells slows down, so the products from these fruits are an excellent prevention of diseases such as atherosclerosis, thrombosis, arthritis, etc. B vitamins have a positive effect on human nerve cells.

There are no approved instructions for using avocado oil. The product is available in two basic forms: food and cosmetic. The first is intended for ingestion. In its composition there is absolutely no cholesterol, and useful components are involved in the process of splitting excess fat in the body.

Review reviews about the benefits and harm

What do experts and people who use this product think about this? Patient reviews on avocado oil are mostly positive. People say that using this product for cosmetic purposes helps to restore vitality to hair, skin and nails. Especially important is its use in the winter season, when the body suffers from a lack of vitamins and trace elements. Among the beneficial properties of this oil, patients note the disappearance of itching, redness and exfoliation of the skin during eczema and psoriasis.

Most often for food, this product is used as an additional ingredient to dressings for salads or ready meals. Experts say that during heat treatment, the amount of nutrients is significantly reduced. How to eat avocado?

Cosmetic instructions

Consider the instructions for use of non-edible avocado oil. In cosmetology, it is used for hair loss, brittle nails, etc. This product is intended solely for external use for cosmetic purposes. Most often it is simply rubbed into the skin or used in the preparation of masks. Many patients are interested in the benefits and dangers of avocado oil, as well as how to properly take this tool.

Refined oil has a lighter shade.

Cosmetic oil is used exclusively for external application. In the absence of allergies can be applied to any skin type, it is quickly absorbed. Avocado body oil gives the upper layers of the dermis soft, velvety and enriches with essential nutrients.

Many women are interested in how to use it to fight cellulite. This product really helps to get rid of the "orange peel". To do this, it is necessary to conduct a special anti-cellulite massage using this product.

Using avocado oil for the hands, you can overcome the dryness and peeling of the skin. This is especially true in the winter season, when the skin is suffering from a lack of nutrients. This product helps to moisturize the skin, nourishes it with vitamins and enriches with oxygen. Reviews about the use of cosmetic avocado oil prove that this product is much better than many creams.

From stretch marks

Avocado oil helps against stretch marks, this is especially true for women during pregnancy. This product stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin in the skin - thus giving it elasticity. In addition, it is absolutely safe tool that does not harm the child.

For ease of use, oil is sold in a dispenser bottle.

Useful properties of this product in cosmetology are known for a long time. Его используют в виде масок, аппликаций и т.д.It is considered one of many oils that helps moisturize, regenerate and soothe the skin of the face.

Cosmetic properties are manifested in the treatment of various rashes, skin rashes, etc. In addition, the product starts the process of skin regeneration, prevents its early aging. To do this, it is enough to apply it 2 times a day, removing excess fat with a cotton pad or napkin.

In decorative cosmetics you can often find such a component as avocado oil. Most often it is added to the means for treating the skin around the eyes. These areas are especially tender and sensitive, and this product helps to eliminate folds and flabbiness of the skin.

For eyelashes

Using cosmetic oil for eyelashes you can achieve their strength and density. It is provided thanks to the lecithin, folic acid and vitamins which are a part. It is recommended to apply the product at bedtime with a clean mascara brush. Excess fat should be removed with a clean paper towel or cotton pad.

Reviews on the use of natural oils, including avocado, for hair extremely positive. It can be rubbed into the scalp in its pure form or to prepare homemade masks.

The product of avocado fruit is quickly absorbed into the skin, thereby nourishing the hair follicles. This provides for the strengthening and stimulation of bulb growth. In addition, it protects the hair from the action of ultraviolet rays, while not burdening them.

Most often avocado oil is added to masks and hair balms.

Can I take for medicinal purposes?

Above, we examined in detail the properties and use of cosmetic avocado oil, it is worth noting that its use for food purposes is strictly prohibited. To do this, use the usual edible avocado oil, which is sold in the retail network. There is no special instruction for its use.

It must be remembered that any treatment should be started after prior consultation with a doctor. In inflammatory processes in the gums, it is recommended to apply oil-based applications.

Food use

Today there is a lot of information about the properties and use of avocado oil in cooking. They are seasoned with ready-made dishes or used during their cooking.

To restore the shortage of certain substances in the body, this oil is used for food. It is very pleasant to the taste, does not cause an unpleasant aftertaste. It can also be added as an ingredient to salad dressings or marinades.

In cooking

This product is especially popular in Latin American and Spanish cuisine. It is added to the finished dishes, but, like other unrefined oil, it is not intended for heat treatment.

Unrefined avocado oil is a great addition to vegetables

How to make at home?

Getting this product at home is easy. For cooking at home, you need to clean and chop a few fruits with a blender. Then evenly spread on a baking sheet and dry a little in the oven. The resulting raw material is squeezed through gauze.

There are many more recipes for making avocado oil. It should be borne in mind that the yield of the product will be very small (from 4-5 fruits you can get about 50 ml of the ready-to-eat product). How to grow avocado from the bone?

What is avocado oil

The substance is obtained by cold-pressing berries, also known as alligator pears and grows in Chile, and even some regions of Australia, South America and Africa. This is avocado oil. In its unrefined form, it has a dark emerald color and a pecan smell, has a lot of useful properties. In the refined - half of them are lost, and the ether itself acquires a yellowish tint.

Chemical composition

Avocado oil has powerful antibacterial, nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating properties. All thanks to the composition, which includes not so many components, but in great concentration:

  • vitamins of groups A, B, C, D, E,
  • squalene,
  • chlorophyll,
  • lecithin,
  • saturated fatty acids
  • amino acid histidine
  • essential oils,
  • trace elements such as sodium, calcium, potassium, zinc, iodine,
  • phytosteroids.

The use of avocado oil for the face

Avocado oil in cosmetology is considered basic - it is used pure or in combination with other esters. It is used due to its ability to slow down the aging process. In addition, it prevents the early appearance of wrinkles caused by a lack of elastin and collagen. Used for daily care of the skin of the face, is an integral part of home nutritious masks.

What skin type will it fit

Avocado oil for the skin is universal, because it can be used for any type of epidermis, especially the composition is recommended for oily and combined. That's because the composition of the substance is as close as possible to the sebum. Means is quickly absorbed, does not leave spots, like other vegetable oils. This means no shine after application. This is a great advantage over, for example, castor oil.

The properties of the substance have already been discussed a little higher. Thanks to the ingredients it contains, it is a unique product that finds application for solving a variety of skin problems. This is so, because it is used as a regenerating agent, and for moisturizing, and as a way to get rid of acne, acne, and other defects. Application methods are listed below.

Due to the fact that the oil contains vitamins and other beneficial ingredients, it has many beneficial properties for human skin. Among them are:

  • phytohormones fight age pigment spots,
  • phytohormones and vitamin E promote deep penetration of the substance into the epidermis, moisturizing it,
  • strengthens local immunity, protects the skin, including UV damage, vitamins F, A, E, C,
  • squalene regulates oxygen exchange and blood circulation
  • Vitamins A and C trigger cell regeneration, stimulate collagen production.

Avocado oil for lips is used in its pure form. To get rid of flaking, cracking, excessive dryness of the skin, they are smeared once a day - at night, or used two or three times a day as a balm. Lips quickly become lost softness, look healthy and shiny. In addition, the ether can be added to the composition of home scrubs to not only exfoliate the epidermis, but also to heal cracks and wounds.

Recipes for the best face care products with avocado oil

According to reviews, the best remedies for the skin of the face are homemade, and cosmetic avocado oil due to healthy fats is one of the most suitable components for healing compositions. It is combined with such substances:

  • ready-made cosmetics, for example, are added to regular skin cream or lotions,
  • vegetable oils, for example, jojoba, tea tree, lavender or grape seed, often for massage mixtures,
  • other natural ingredients, for example, add honey.

Cosmetic scrub for mature skin

This tool has three functions at once: eliminate the cornified cells of the epidermis, stimulate collagen production and give a good mood due to the fruit composition. Used as an ordinary scrub: applied, massaged, washed off with warm water. The optimal composition:

  1. tablespoon of sea salt (finely ground),
  2. tablespoon of avocado seed and pulp,
  3. a couple of drops of orange essential oil or a similar fruit - grapefruit.

Night natural anti-wrinkle cream

Funds with avocado ether are quickly absorbed, which is especially convenient for night creams with high fat content. Prepare these natural products:

  • esters of incense and lemon, half and a quarter of a teaspoon,
  • 2-3 tablespoons of jojoba or almond oil,
  • 1-2 tablespoons of avocado ether,
  • half a teaspoon of lemon juice,
  • a handful of calendula flowers,
  • 20 grams of beeswax.

Preparation and use:

  1. Calendula pour boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, then strain.
  2. In a saucepan, melt the wax, along with almond and avocado ether.
  3. Add lemon juice and calendula infusion.
  4. Wait for cooling, while stirring the medium.
  5. Pour in the remaining essential oils only when the infusion is at room temperature. Stir again, pour into jars.
  6. Keep the cream in the refrigerator for a period of not more than three weeks.

Mask Recipes

The best thing about this substance is that avocado oil for the face is close in composition to skin fats, so it is commonly used to create homemade masks, regardless of the problems: whether it is dry, inflammations or rashes. Detailed recipes for different skin types are described below. Remember: no matter how good the masks are, they will not give anything without proper regular care.

For dry skin

For this type, you can use the ether in its pure form, because the avocado in itself contributes to the acquisition of elasticity, even with loose skin. It is applied for 30-40 minutes, after which the remains are removed with a dry cloth. If there is a strong desquamation, the procedure is repeated twice a day, if the average is once before bedtime. If there are wounds on the skin, mix the oil 1: 1 with almond ether, apply in the same way.

If the skin is not sensitive, not prone to allergic reactions, try another dry mask prescription. He also eliminates the rash:

  1. prepare a water bath, let the honey (one tbsp) melt to a liquid state,
  2. add 10 drops of avocado ether,
  3. stir, cool,
  4. apply on problem areas for 20 minutes,
  5. Rinse with plain warm water, repeat every other day.

For problem skin

You can use a mask, the recipe of which is described above. If there is an allergy to honey or other reasons why the product is not suitable, try making homemade aloe-based medical cosmetics:

  1. break off a leaf of a plant, wash,
  2. cut the aloe and scrape the pulp
  3. add a few drops of oil to the substance,
  4. apply for half an hour, rinse without soap.

Reviews say that such a mask acts very gently. Its alternative from point defects is avocado oil for acne + tea tree ether. They are mixed one to one and put on inflammation. Tea tree is responsible for the decontamination of areas, and avocados for healing. Dark-skinned girls need to be careful with this mixture, as it brightens the skin. In addition to the masks, the avocado scrub helps with acne:

  1. Take a tablespoon of oatmeal,
  2. add liquid honey (to the thick consistency of the mixture), you can replace it with aloe juice,
  3. drop 5-7 drops of avocado ether,
  4. scrub gently rubbed, massaged and washed with warm water
  5. then rinse your face with cold - to narrow pores.

The last mask recipe is expensive, but the effect is stunning and appears immediately:

  • oils from avocado, almond, peach and grape seed are mixed in equal proportions,
  • the mask is applied for a long time: from 40 minutes to several hours (you can even overnight, but there is a risk of staining the bed linen),
  • repeat twice a week.

For mature, fading, prone to wrinkles

Avocado ester for mature skin - a gift. Even in its pure form, it nourishes, moisturizes and rejuvenates. To enhance and discover new properties of the composition, it is mixed with other natural ingredients:

  • rose, rosemary and geranium,
  • olive oil
  • cream,
  • fruits and vegetables.

Such signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles, are the first to appear around the eyes and difficult to fight. This gel mask is applied at night and washed off with warm water in the morning:

  1. pinch of agar-agar is dissolved in heated water,
  2. one cucumber is washed, ground and mixed with a teaspoon of avocado oil,
  3. Both substances are combined, then alternately add ethers of fennel, parsley and dill,
  4. continue to stir, watching the mixture thicken (due to agar-agar),
  5. Store the gel mask in the fridge.

Another home remedy is prepared immediately before application. It provides high-quality intensive facial skin care:

  1. two teaspoons of green clay diluted with a tablespoon of water (preferably, so that it was mineral),
  2. mix to a uniform consistency,
  3. add a tablespoon of warm liquid honey and 5 drops of avocado and coconut essential oil,
  4. put on the face with one layer, leave to dry, then wash off with water,
  5. repeat once every two days.


Another feature of the unique oil is that there are not many contraindications. More precisely, only one thing is individual intolerance, which rarely happens. In general, avocado ether is considered hypoallergenic, but for sensitive skin owners, it is better to test for a reaction 24 hours before use:

  • put a drop on the elbow bend or behind the ears, where the most delicate skin,
  • wait for the result.

How to choose the right and useful product

It is better to take the ether cold pressed - emerald and with a maximum of useful properties. To know that you are not deceived, pay attention to the following factors when choosing:

  1. Colour. Yellow avocado oil - processed and not so healthy.
  2. Manufacturer. It is better to be from the same country where the berry itself grows - South America, Australia, Africa.
  3. Place of purchase. Take the air in a pharmacy or specialized stores, where a competent seller can tell you the production dates and place, give useful tips. In the online store should be ordered only if you are already confident in the quality of the product.
  4. Storage conditions. Make sure they are respected. This is another point in favor of buying a drug from a pharmacy.

Avocado ether is an inexpensive product. Available in bottles of 10 ml, sold in most pharmacies at a cost of 23 to 90 p. Specific prices in Moscow are listed in the table:

What is useful avocado oil

Avocado oil differs significantly from conventional essential oils. The range of application of this product, it seems, is unlimited - from cosmetology to pharmaceuticals and even cooking. But first things first.

Such a wide range of application of oil is explained by the chemical composition of the avocado itself, and you have already had the opportunity to see its richness. All nutrients have a beneficial effect on the human body, which is why the product is often used as a means of preventing diseases.

The substance adjusts the work of the cardiovascular system, in particular helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. In addition, the product helps to normalize high blood pressure and thins thick blood, thus preventing the formation of blood clots. The oil also affects the level of cholesterol in the blood - beta-sitosterol along with vitamin E and acids, help to cope with its increase. It is precisely in connection with such beneficial properties of avocado oil that it is desirable to eat for those who have suffered a stroke or heart attack. Not excess product will be in the diet of people with hypertension, atherosclerosis and heart disease.

The complex of vitamins and acids will be useful for people suffering from anemia or anemia. Copper, iron, zinc, cobalt together with vitamins B and C stimulate the production of blood, more precisely, the synthesis of hemoglobin, the level of which decreases with anemia.

Oil also affects the gastrointestinal tract. It helps to establish metabolism, improves metabolism, so that the stomach can absorb beneficial trace elements from food. Periodic use of avocado oil will lead to the fact that toxins will not be able to penetrate into your body, which, accordingly, will be displayed on the state of your skin and appearance in general.

In addition, the product is a preventive measure, which is indispensable for lovers of fast food, because it prevents the occurrence of such diseases of the gastrointestinal tract as gastritis or gastric ulcer. Will protect the oil and kidneys with the liver, largely due to the improved exchange of fats and a positive effect on the bile composition. Despite the fact that the oil product itself is quite fat, it is perfect for people with high blood sugar. The oil contains a lot of calories, however, with all this, glucose is no more than one and a half percent, which is why avocados can be safely attributed to dietary foods. That, however, does not become an obstacle to the saturation of the body with energy.

Affects the use of this product and the human nervous system. People who occasionally use avocado oil for food, get rid of headaches, insomnia, and are less stressed. Another reason to include oil in the diet is its ability to improve mood and even brain function. It affects the use of the product and performance, and neural connections in the brain, so that a person begins to quickly and efficiently cope with intellectual tasks.

An excellent aid will be an oily liquid for women. Avocados have the ability to cope with premenstrual and menstrual pain, as well as discomfort during menopause. It is also advisable for women in the position to use butter so that the pregnancy proceeds without unpleasant symptoms, and during lactation there is enough milk to feed the baby.

Such a product will not be superfluous in the diet of men, since avocado fruits are rich in vitamins that help solve potency problems. Помимо этого, они даже могут помочь вылечиться от простатита, аденомы, а иногда и избавиться от такого диагноза, как бесплодие.

Можно ли использовать в пищу

Натуральный масляный продукт обладает приятным ореховым запахом и вкусом, ввиду чего и полюбился поварам Латинской Америки, Испании и Средиземноморья. It is in these regions and countries that one can often see the use of avocado oil. Seafood, chicken, various fish and vegetables perfectly harmonize with butter - they are simply fried in oil.

It cannot be said that the benefits of cooking on such a product will be greater, however, the characteristic flavor will be transmitted to the dish, since avocado after the heat treatment remains with the original taste characteristics.

You can fill with avocado oil different salads, add it to the first courses and even in the diet of kids, because the rich chemical composition of avocados is a huge plus and has a beneficial effect on the body, not only adults, but also the smallest (preferably after three years).

How to choose a quality product when buying

Of course, you can find an oil substance on the market with a variety of prices, so you need to learn to independently distinguish high-quality products. The most beneficial to the body will be the oil, which does not go through such a procedure as refining. The high temperature regime destroys some beneficial trace elements, as well as vitamins, because of which the oil becomes less useful. Our task is to purchase an oil product that would be useful in any area of ​​life and bring the maximum benefit.

It is best to buy oil obtained by cold pressing. Such a product does not pass through heat treatment, therefore all useful properties are preserved. To distinguish it is quite simple.

Pay attention to the appearance of the liquid: it should be thick, even slightly viscous, with a pronounced aroma of walnut. The cost of a fully organic product will be more expensive than processed with high temperature.

Term and storage conditions

From the moment of purchase and until the opening of the jar, you can store a bottle of avocado ether just over six months. However, be careful: after the first time you use this product, its shelf life will be reduced to one month.

The oil has a lot of spheres of use, so it is not necessary to “stretch” it systematically - this will only lead to the fact that you have to throw away the jar with the once-useful product.

It is important to maintain the correct temperature: it is highly undesirable for the ambient temperature to fall below + 5 ° C. In this case, flakes can form, of course, if the product is organic, without chemical additives. If this does happen, do not be alarmed and do not run after a new jar of oil - you can simply return the bottle to the correct climate, then the flakes will dissolve.

How to make yourself

It has long been no news that some essential oils can be obtained independently, at home. Then the hostess can be sure that the product is organic, without chemical impurities and heat treatments, which means that there is no doubt about its benefits. H The exception was the oily product from avocado, so now we will tell you what you need to make it at home.

And it will take two kilograms of avocado fruit and a liter of coke milk. From the inventory you need a blender, an enamel saucepan and gauze or bandage.

First, thoroughly wash the fruit under running water, then rid them of skin and bones (they do not have so many vitamins and trace elements, and the bones, moreover, are quite difficult to grind).

Then place the avocado in a blender, pour the coconut milk there and grind these products so that the consistency becomes homogeneous. The next step is to boil the resulting mixture over low heat. This is necessary in order to rid the oil of unnecessary water, in which there is nothing useful, and leave only the useful liquid.

The final stage of the preparation of the oil substance becomes its spin. This is done using gauze or bandage. Just put in the material the resulting mass so that it does not flow out on the sides, and squeeze the juice, more precisely, the oil.

For body massage

To make a massage with this product, we need not only oily avocado liquid, but also essential oil to your taste. Avocado in this case is an oily base, and the ether you choose will give a pleasant aroma and help you relax. We recommend using ethers derived from lemon, juniper, cypress, rosemary or fennel, they will complement the flavor of avocado as best as possible.

Basics need only two tablespoons, but the ether - two drops. Mix oil substances well, after which you can proceed to a massage session.

Massage with the use of this mixture will help get rid of cellulite, if, of course, there is one.

For Tan

Avocado ether does not absorb the sun's rays, but on the contrary protects them, so you can use the product as a means of protection during the summer season. It is enough to apply oil directly on the skin. If desired, you can add a couple of drops of lavender ether in order to enhance the protection effect and give the body a pleasant aroma with a slight lavender note. It is necessary to carry out the procedure immediately before going outside.

Wellness baths

After taking such a bath, you will not only saturate the skin with useful trace elements, but also make the skin softer, firmer and more elastic. You will need an organic oily substance from avocado, as well as honey, salt and cream.

15 milliliters of base, that is, oil, you need to mix with a small amount of honey, cream and a pinch of salt.

Only after mixing all these ingredients can you add the mixture to warm water. It is advisable to perform the procedure weekly, but you should not stay in the bathroom for more than half an hour.

To strengthen the nails

Beautiful nails have long become synonymous with strong, healthy nails, but women often face the problem of their fragility. This problem is easy to solve; you only need to buy avocado, lavender and rosemary oil. The avocado product will be the basis of the care product, you will need a whole tablespoon of it. Essential fluids are taken in the amount of five drops, after which the ingredients are mixed together and rubbed directly into the nail. It is best to do this procedure on the eve of a manicure or pedicure.

For the skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is very tender, so we suggest using our advice regarding the care of this area of ​​the face. To do this, take a napkin moistened with ether from avocado. Put it under your eyes for 30 minutes, repeating this procedure in a course: twice a day for four days.

Moisturizing lip balm

To protect the skin of the lips from the scorching sun or frost, you can prepare a natural balm that will not only protect your lips, but also restore their delicate skin. Prepare 10 milliliters of the oil product from avocado and jojoba, mix these two ethers and apply them on the skin.

With this tool you can easily get rid of microcracks and wounds on the lips.

For dry and damaged hair

To restore dry, brittle hair, use the following mask recipe. In organic ether from avocado (30 ml), you must add olive oil (30 ml), as well as liquid honey (15 ml) and one protein. Mix the ingredients thoroughly with each other, then apply the mixture to the hair after shampooing. It is desirable that your curls do not have time to dry.

Hold the mixture for no more than 10 minutes on the hair, then rinse without the help of shampoo.

From cracked heels

The skin of the feet requires care no less than the skin of the face or hands, therefore there are special masks aimed at caring for the feet, because the modern rhythm of life requires constant movement, which is why the legs often suffer.

To get rid of dryness or even cracks in the heel area, prepare the following mixture: Mix one finely grated carrot with six tablespoons of the oil product from avocado and two ampoules of vitamin E.

Apply this mass to your feet, in particular the damaged areas, and hold for 20 minutes. After that, wash off the mask, and treat the skin of the legs with pumice. Conduct such a procedure preferably daily.

How to get?

The best anti-aging and anti-stress remedy is obtained from pits, as well as avocado pulp. This elixir of youth has earned the trust of women all over the world, who vigorously struggle with unwanted facial wrinkles, flabbiness and dry skin. If you have avocado essential oil in your locker, this is a sure victory over the symptoms of aging.

Natural avocado oil is produced by cold pressing. With this method, all the useful qualities of the product are saved, wherever you store the miraculous bottle. Emerald liquid has an exotic nutty flavor, pleasant aroma.

At home, you can make avocado oil quickly and without much cash. Prepare 1 kg of exotic fruits, peel them, remove the seeds. The remaining pulp should be ground in a blender, preferably mixed with a few drops of other essential oils (citrus, tea tree, ylang-ylang, etc.). A homogeneous mass will be the basis for your future tonic, cream or facial scrub.

It must be heated on the fire, stirring for 5 minutes. When evaporated, the thicket itself will become more saturated color. As soon as this happens, cover the container with the “brew” gauze folded several times.

The whole mixture will have to be squeezed hard to get avocado oil. After all these manipulations, take a dark bottle and pour the contents into it. To store such a substance, like any other oil is best in a dark place.

Usage tips

This tool is useful to use 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening. A silicone brush or a wooden spatula, as well as a cotton swab, will be an auxiliary tool for such a procedure. With them it is easiest to apply the prepared mixture to specific skin areas.

Prepare yourself that the rich vitamin composition will penetrate deep into the pores, the impact is not only local, but also on the entire “immune system” of the dermis. It is necessary to use a product on 2 courses for a year (in the summer and in the winter) with short breaks. If the avocado fruit itself is applied orally, then you can also count on improving the condition of the skin, but only after a longer period of time.

All sorts of ointments, rubbing, "talkers" and masks, which include avocados, the process of regeneration, rejuvenation, restoration "start" much faster. Make sure that the oil in its pure form must be applied for at least 20 days, but not more than a month. You decide how to use the prepared mixture. She can wipe her face after using scrubs, but before applying the cream. Avocado mask can be hammered into the skin with massage movements, causing normal blood circulation, removing the morning swelling of the face.

To eliminate desquamation, dryness, you can prepare a mixture of 10 ml of this component, combining them with a few drops of any essential component. Apply mask on face for 40 minutes. It is better to remove the excess with a paper napkin or a cotton swab. If your skin has pronounced problem areas, do the procedure 2 times a day.

If you decide to use avocado as a night cream, then apply it on your face half an hour before bedtime. But from bags under the eyes, “crow's feet” such manipulations should be carried out 1 hour before bedtime and do not forget to remove the remnants of the substance. In the latter case, cosmetologists strongly recommend mixing the basic component with olive oil, mint, orange, etc. This drug will help eliminate the first signs of aging after a week of the course of treatment.

If you simultaneously apply the pulp of the avocado inside, for example, at breakfast and at the end of the day, the metabolic processes in the body will certainly normalize. This method will positively affect not only the condition of the skin, but also the internal organs (liver, kidneys, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, etc.).

Finally, applying the tool on certain areas of the face, make special applications. To do this, soak a wet cloth with pure avocado oil, any essential oil and leave it for the next 30 minutes. The first procedures are carried out up to three times a day, you can later distribute them 1-2 per week. You will return a fresh, healthy look to your face faster than you expected.