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How to grow green onions on the windowsill in winter


Onions - one of the most unpretentious crops, it is successfully grown not only in the gardens, but also window sills. There are two ways to plant onions on the windowsill: in the traditional way in trays with earth and using hydroponics in water.

Is it possible to grow onions on the windowsill at home?

It is possible to grow up culture anywhere, on a balcony or a window sill. And it costs to grow all year round. This method is especially relevant in winter and early spring, when you want to have fresh greens on the table.

  • No need to buy onions, and while you can save. After all, greens on the market is always in price.
  • Adventurous people manage to grow greens on a windowsill for sale.
  • Practically no costs, it is enough to buy seeds, prepare the soil and plant.
Growing onions on the windowsill

Everyone should have a tray with greens on the window - this is very useful and beneficial.

Terms for landing in the apartment

There are no specific landing dates. It is possible to land all year round, the main thing is that the trays should be on the window. The temperature in the apartment will be enough even in winter. Well, if the trays will be on the window from the south side, although it does not matter. Sunlight will come from either side.

  • If there is a lack of light in the winter, really use the lamp as a backlight.
  • Due to lack of light, green feathers will turn yellow and fade.
  • Watering is possible moderate, excess moisture will cause root rot.

In general, difficulties in its cultivation does not arise. Planted at different times, onions will regularly produce crops. As long as shoots are formed in one tray, good greens will grow in the second, which can be cut for salads.

Growing onions in the cells

What to grow onions on the windowsill?

Surely many people know the method of growing in a glass. Greater yield in this method is not achieved. Another thing, if you put the bulbs in a flat tray, so that there are a lot of seeds. You can plant it in flower pots, but not very deep.

Entrepreneurial people, who do not lose anything for this purpose, use food containers and plastic bottles. Principle rules for the choice of packaging does not exist, fit anything. To prevent water from stagnating, you need a pan and holes at the bottom of the bottom.

On sale are widely represented flat plastic containers in which you can grow any greens. They are already sold with pallets. In the old way trays knocked out of wooden planks. Using plastic bottles, they are often cut across. 3-5 liters bottles are well suited for this purpose.

Modern methods of growing onions at home include the design of plastic bottles with holes. There are many options, it is easy to choose a suitable method.

Soil requirements

Unpretentious culture will grow in almost any soil. But the difference still exists, bad soil from irrigation will turn into a lump. Will start to mold. From the lack of nutrients and fertilizer bulbs will grow badly in it. You can prepare the soil yourself or buy a ready-made composition in a flower shop.

Independently, the soil is prepared in a ratio of 1: 3. Peat, sand and humus are added to the ground. The resulting composition for disinfection is dried inside the oven.

Planting onions at home on the greens

For the bulbs to ascend quickly, you need to carefully trim the tails with scissors. It is not necessary to touch the roots, but due to trimming the tails, it will quickly give greens. It can also be soaked for half an hour in water, and then landed in trays. Moisture will contribute to the rapid awakening of the dried roots.

Growing onions on the windowsill at home

  1. Onions for planting is taken on the medium size. If you take small seeds, feathers will grow thin. Large feathers will be thick.
  2. On the window sill they successfully grow shallot onions (in the folk bush).
  3. You can try to plant onions with seeds, it will rise, but the feathers will be very thin and weak.
  4. Seed is selected based on which feather is needed. The best option is a medium-sized golden bulbous look.

Planted heads at an equal distance. There is no need to adhere to any parameters, so this onion is planted exclusively for greenery. The task is to place as many trays as possible on the windowsill.

Bulb Care Rules

Care for seedlings in the same way as for potted flowers. Watering is carried out as moisture evaporates. Green feathers love spraying water. In the warm season the window needs to be aired, fresh air will be very useful for greenery.

If desired, trays can be carried out on a ventilated balcony. Because of the rare planting loosen the soil is not worth it. As for fertilizers, if the soil is good, it will be enough to feed during watering.

Onion thickets on the windowsill

Suitable mineral fertilizers for indoor plants. The simplest dressing can be prepared by yourself. You need to take the egg shells and pour it with water. Withstand a jar of water and shells for 5-7 days.

At first glance, the process will seem laborious, but in fact nothing is easier, everyone can grow onions at home. If the plant will constantly have enough moisture and light, problems with growing will not arise.

Like other plants, onions are best grown in open field. But the reality is that not everyone has their own garden bed. It's not scary, green onion grows remarkably on the windowsill!

The easiest and most common way is to put the onion in a container with water. It is best to use a crook onion, from the top of which green shoots have already begun to appear. Although the “sleeping” onion, showing no signs of growth, is also capable of releasing roots into the water and starting the production of greenery, but for this it will need more time.

To drop the bulbs in the water should not be very deep. Only the lower part of the plant should touch the water surface slightly so that the cells feel it and begin to form the roots.

Those will go down below and pull the substances necessary for the onion out of the water. If the bulb is too submerged in water, it will soon begin to rot and quickly cease to be a good source of greenery.

Taking care of the onions on the windowsill is very simple and should not be ignored.

  • Firstly, the water should be changed regularly, as a lot of “onion” substances accumulate in it, it starts to stagnate, acquires a specific smell. Replacement of water occurs at the beginning of germination once a day, and when the roots become strong, then less often - about once a week.
  • Secondly, it should be understood that in ordinary water there is not enough nutrition for the plant. Green onions, grown just on the water does not have on the body the same positive effect as the one that grew in the ground - it is simply watery, it has a limited set of elements. To compensate for the lack of nutrition, some universal fertilizer can be added to the water. They will give the plant a set of basic substances (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus) and will become a complete feeding. That's just to buy for this purpose should be specialized liquid fertilizer, created for growing hydroponics, that is, plants exclusively in the aquatic environment.

We grow onions in flower pots

A little more preliminary effort requires the method of growing green onions in the ground. But as a result, the plant will turn out to be more complete, and it will give more greens, and there will be less hassle with it.

To do this, it is worth either to buy the prepared soil, or to collect it on the street. She falls asleep in medium-sized pots or in any other suitable container — for example, a bow grows well in a plastic bottle — cheap and original. Naturally, there should be enough space for the roots in the tank, and it is worth pouring pebbles at the bottom for drainage of excess water.

When growing green onions in the soil, you can also use fertilizer. Both organic matter, such as ash solution, and mineral fertilizers, are suitable for this, but you should not overdo it.

Before the appearance of greenery, the bulbs should be stored in a dark cool place, so as not to provoke excessive growth of the roots. When onion feathers appear, the plants will need light.

How to eat green onions

The main purpose of growing green onions - is to obtain nutrients.

It is important to remember that heating has a negative effect on vitamins, so the green onion should be added to chilled dishes and not subjected to heat treatment at all. It is perfect as a seasoning for almost any dish, but you should wait until it cools down and add greens directly to the plate, before eating.

It is also important that the greens are not stored for a long time. When the green onion on the windowsill expels its feathers, it should be cut off exactly as much as it will be eaten at once - so the body will get the maximum benefit.

Onion feathers of any size are suitable for cutting, but it is more rational to use medium ones. After all, young shoots have good potential for growth, and it can give much more benefit if it gets time to develop. Too large shoots may be overly dense and not so well absorbed by the body.