General information

The use of sulfur checkers for the cellar


The Fas checker is designed to fight rodents, fungal microorganisms and insects that can harm the harvested crop. Convenient to use, affordable, and in terms of prevalence (sold in every city) - it is a convenient tool for pest control.

Despite ease of handling, the use of checkers must be carried out in compliance with all safety rules.

What is sulfur checker Fas: composition, weight

The main active ingredient is sulfur: the composition of the universal checkers Fas for 80% consists of it. Product weight is 300 g (+ - 5%). The outer skin of the product is made of polycarbonate. The shape may be cylindrical or triangular.

Product bundle includes a wick - so that it can be lit. The wick is long enough so that after the arson the user can leave the cultivated area in a timely manner.

The Fas checker looks like an army smoke grenade (the skin of which is also made of carbonate), and the principle of its use is exactly the same. Therefore, when transporting the product to the country through the checkpoints of the traffic police, problems may arise with the explanation of its purpose.

Where is it for sale and how much does it cost?

You can buy the Fas checker in the stores that specialize in pest remedies. Sometimes it is sold in flower shops and home and garden stores. You need to look for it in the department of insect control agents.

Checker Fas and its packaging

The average cost is 50-70 rubles.

Purpose: where and for what the smoke bomb Fas can be used?

The main purpose - the destruction of fungal microorganisms (mold), the excretion of small rodents (for example, it can be used from mice) and the fight against insects.

Means not suitable for residential applications. It can be used only in non-residential premises: basements, greenhouses, hotbeds, as well as in household outlets, after the relocation of pets from them.

Basements need to be processed before the storage of products. Processing of greenhouses is performed after harvesting, before the next planting.

The Fas checker should be used in the following cases:

In order to disinfect. The product is used to destroy mold microorganisms, some types of bacteria. You can use the tool for the cellar and in the greenhouse, to combat mold. This method is quite effective: smoke easily penetrates into all corners, neutralizing mold spread.

For the purpose of disinsection. The product is perfect for the destruction of insects (cockroaches, ants, bedbugs and others).

For breeding small animals (moles, mice, rats). The saber simply drives away the strongest rodents, and those that are weaker kills, paralyzing the nervous system.

  • To combat unwanted vegetation (for example, moss).
  • Is the checker Fas dangerous for man, crop, plants?

    The manufacturer assures that the human body does not have smoke from checkers (when a respirator is worn or a gas mask), and if it does, it is minimal. In fact, inhaling sulfurous anhydride is dangerous, therefore, when using the product, it is imperative to use protective equipment and leave the room as soon as possible after ignition.

    There is a potential risk to human health. The hazard class of the product during combustion is second (hazardous compounds). It is not recommended to stay in the treated room for a long time, even in PPE (personal protective equipment).

    Packaging instructions

    The influence of smoke on the animal organism is fatal - therefore, they (if we are talking about pets) must be removed from the premises being processed, since serious disturbances in the functioning of the internal organs are possible. It is all about the sulfur that is part of the product: when it burns, it releases a dangerous sulfur dioxide.

    The smoke from the checkers can negatively affect a variety of foods, and plants (from potatoes to flowers). From the processed premises you need to remove all products (even canned).

    Instructions for use

    In order to process the room safely, you need to properly follow the instructions for use of the product.

    Estimated consumption of funds - 1 piece for 5-10 "cubes" of space. If the room is large and several pieces are used to process it, they need to be positioned and set on fire in such a sequence that the person moves in the direction of the exit.

    Phased instructions for use:

    Remove all items that can be removed from the room being processed. Be sure to remove food (including canned food) and plants.

    We make the treatment of metal surfaces with anti-corrosion agents. The sulfur dioxide generated during the combustion process accelerates the corrosion of metals. To avoid this - you need to paint the metal surface or coat with grease.

    In the treated room should be tightly closed all the cracks and holes: windows, ventilation ducts, any leaks. You also need to prepare in advance for the seal of the door cracks - for these purposes you can use adhesive tape.

    We put on the floor a pedestal (50-100 cm from flammable objects or substances), on which there will be a checker. For these purposes, you can use several bricks, forming a kind of "foundation". It should be wide enough - about 30x30 cm. If the floor is wooden - instead of a brick pedestal, you need to use a metal basin.

    Put a checker on the "foundation" and remove the protective film.

    We insert a wick into the saber and set it on fire with matches / lighter.

    Wait until a small amount of smoke appears and leave the room immediately. By the time the wick burns (smolders) a little longer than 30 seconds.

    Close the front door, glue all the cracks outside.

    The burning process itself takes from half an hour to 80 minutes (depending on the humidity in the room).

    It is impossible to enter the premises within 36-48 hours, this time is just enough for processing. After this period, the room must be ventilated for two days. If this is not enough (the smell of sulfur is felt), we prolong the ventilation for another 1-2 days.

    Safety measures when using

    In the process of manufacturing (production) or storage at home, the scale is not dangerous (neither for humans, nor for animals, nor for plants), and belongs to the fourth class of danger (low-hazard compound).

    In the process of burning, the released substance belongs to the second class of danger. Therefore, it is necessary to process the premises in the means of individual protection:

    R espirator (ideally - gas mask).

    Rubber gloves.

    You can use a protective apron, boots - but this is not necessary, if only there was just a change of clothes (not used anywhere in everyday life).

    Note: gauze dressings, homemade respirators with cotton filters - all this does not protect against the combustion of sulfur and the formation of sulfurous anhydride. In this case, only professional personal protective equipment has protective functions.

    The work should ideally be carried out together. Lay out the checkers, seal the gap and close the holes can both people. After which one leaves the room, and the second - performs ignition. The first in this case plays the role of the insurer - in case of danger, it helps the one who sets fire. Therefore, both should be protected.

    After processing the room, thoroughly wash the clothes, change the filters on a respirator or gas mask, take a shower (always with soap). It is advisable to rinse your mouth (immediately after treatment) and drip saline into the nose (for rinsing).

    Call the ambulance immediately if the following symptoms occur. (during processing, when you left the room, or after it):

    headache and / or dizziness,

    bouts of nausea, vomiting,

    chest pain, shortness of breath,

    shortness of breath (inability to breathe or exhale normally), wheezing, coughing without relief.

    Such symptoms signal poisoning by combustion products. Untimely medical assistance can lead to serious consequences and even death.

    Operating principle

    High efficiency and a positive result with the use of smoke bombs is achieved through the following processes:

    1. The main component of the device is sulfur, its content is about 80%. When using checkers, active burning of sulfuric anhydride occurs.
    2. During combustion, there is a gradual warming of the ambient air and an intense release of poisonous smoke.
    3. Smoke has a number of features, for example, the ability to penetrate into all the cracks and openings that cannot be reached by other methods.
    4. The high content of sulfur burning products in the smoke makes it possible to effectively destroy parasites and pests of virtually any kind.

    Many people have already experienced the sulfur checkers "FAS" in the case, below are some reviews and opinions about the degree of effectiveness of this tool:

    I had to acquire "FAS" and it turned out that the checkers are not so terrible if they are used in accordance with the instructions. They helped get rid of not only the bug, but also from mice. Subsequently, I have repeatedly resorted to their help to handle the cellar and garage.

    In the house, “FAS” no longer applied, because the smell of sulfur disappears for a very long time, after the first treatment I did not go inside for 2 weeks. ”

    Karina: “I use the sulfur checkers“ FAS ”at the cottage every season. It is quite simple to use them, they act quickly and allow you to immediately get rid of all pests. No deficiencies were found, and all this at a low cost of funds. "

    Michael: “The FAS checkers are a very good tool for disinfecting and disinfecting the premises, I have been using them for years now. Once there was no wick in the package, but this is the only flaw that was found during the years of using the checkers; more such situations did not arise. ”

    Sulfur Checkers "FAS" have a standard set of advantages, as well as other tools of this type: impressive speed of action, guaranteed results and versatility.

    If you decide to use other types of funds, you can read reviews about Super FAS from cockroaches.

    It is always worth remembering that the combustion products of the main active ingredient are very toxic and dangerous, so following the instructions provided will not only get rid of all pests and parasites, but also make the treatment procedure safe.

    Sulfur checker "FAS": description and purpose

    "FAS" - sulfur checker universal, consists of active ingredient, based on sulfur. Weight - 300 g. It is completed with a wick for arson.

    FAS is used for such purposes:

    • Disinfection. This tool allows you to quickly and immediately destroy the mold, bacteria in basements, cellars. Sulfur released during combustion quickly clears the premises of microorganisms and infections harmful to humans.
    • Disinsection. Sulfur smoke destroys and protects against the appearance of insect pests. "FAS" copes with all known species of insects.
    • Extermination of rodents and moles. Smoke flows into all spaces in the room. Therefore, he successfully chases away or destroys the unwelcome inhabitants of the cellars and cellars.
    • Disinfection and disinsection of greenhouses and hotbeds. Sulfur does not settle in the soil, but perfectly destroys all diseases and insects in it, which will have a good effect on the future harvest.

    Hazard Class and Security Measures

    In the process of production and storage means is not dangerous (4th class of danger - low-hazard compound).

    But in the process of burning begins to stand out very toxic and dangerous sulfur dioxide. Therefore, during operation, the hazard class rises to the 2nd (hazardous compounds).

    Works should be carried out in the absence of a number of children and pets. During the installation of checkers is prohibited to remove personal protective equipment, take food or water.

    The treatment of the room should be carried out in pairs - one worker installs the tool, the second is located outside the room to monitor the installation process.

    After completing the work, thoroughly wash the exposed areas of the body and rinse the mouth.

    First aid for sulfur bomb poisoning

    The first signs of poisoning with the active substance are:

    • headache,
    • burning and pain in the eyes,
    • dizziness,
    • tickling in the nose and nosebleeds,
    • respiratory irritation - cough, wheezing, heavy breathing,
    • chest pain,
    • vomiting.

    First aid for sulfur poisoning:

    • Remove the victim from the room and provide clean air.
    • To drip into the nose 2-3 drops of nasal means ("Sanorin", "Galazolin"). Make inhalation of 3% salt solution. Take an antihistamine. If there is no improvement, consult a doctor.

    Storage conditions

    When storing means "FAS" is not dangerous. Keep in a dark, well-ventilated area, away from combustible objects, products and medicines. Ensure the unavailability of sulfur checkers for children and pets. Storage temperature - from -30 to +30 degrees.

    The sulfur checker "FAS" is an effective and easy-to-use means that will save your stocks from rodents and insects, and your harvest from harmful diseases. Only use it according to the instructions.

    Universal sulfur checker "FAS"

    Sulfur Checkers "FAS" are considered a universal remedy, since they can be used to perform the following tasks:

    1. Destroying fungal growths and preventing the spread of spores.
    2. Fight against various bacterial infections.
    3. Cleaning various surfaces from rot or mildew.
    4. The destruction of various species of insects and their larvae.
    5. Freedom from rodents.
    6. Normalization of indoor air at elevated humidity levels.
    7. Carrying out preventive measures.

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