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How to score a rabbit at home? How to score a rabbit?


Many farmers breed rabbits. Because it is a tasty dietary meat for the whole family, and making good profits from the sale of the skins and meat products of these animals. Many people know how to care for, feed and treat rabbits, but some owners don’t want to breed them just because the process of slaughtering rabbits terrifies them. Of course, an unpleasant procedure. But in reality, killing rabbits is not so difficult.

How to determine that the rabbit is time to cut

The onset of the pores of slaughter of rabbits depends on the goals pursued by the rabbit breeder. If the main task is getting tender young meat, slaughter can be done at any time of the year when the animal reaches the required size and appropriate weight. But if besides meat it is necessary getting high-quality skins, which will serve for many years, it is necessary to consider the following nuances. In this case, the time of slaughter depends on the molting stage of the animal: if the animal is killed too early, the fur will quickly come out and the skin will lose its value. There are several helpful recommendations:

  • A litter born in winter will be ready for slaughter within four months after birth.
  • Summer okrol should completely fade by November.
  • To kill an animal after vaccination should be no earlier than a month.
  • The most optimal weight for the slaughter of an average breed is 1.5 kg.
The most suitable period for slaughtering begins in early November and ends in early spring.

Process features

The process of slaughtering an animal like a rabbit is rather unpleasant. Novice farmers make a big mistake by attaching to animals. Therefore, it is most difficult for beginners to accept the fact of a murder, and even less so to commit it themselves. In order to alleviate the plight of the rabbit and its own mental balance, the slaughtering process must be carried out as quickly as possible in order to avoid suffering for the animal. Some experienced farmers advise asking for forgiveness of the animal in order to avoid the pangs of conscience.

Slaughter of rabbits is carried out after examination at the veterinarian. Sick individuals are not allowed to slaughter.

Slaughtering and cutting tools

There are various methods of slaughter, each method uses its own equipment for slaughtering rabbits. Popular and useful tool - coat hanger, for which the rabbit is hung upside down for easy skinning. The tool consists of:

  • fasteners in the form of a hook (for him the hanger is suspended from the support),
  • horizontal tube, at the ends of which are sharp hooks for the legs of the carcass.

This strut can be easily built with your own hands, for example, from wood and a wire hook (or strong rope) - see the drawing on the left.

The most common and simple tool for bloodless slaughter is stick stick. This tool is a thick wooden stick. For cutting the carcass fit any big sharp knifeif the knife is blunt, gently cut the skin will not work. Also useful is different dishes for internal organs. If you want to avoid contamination by the blood of the place of slaughter, it is recommended to put under the rabbit carcass pelvis or bucket.

Methods of slaughter

Differ two groups of slaughter methods:

  1. bloodless
  2. blood

The first is considered the most humane, as it brings a minimum of suffering to animals. Bloodless method is to disable the animal in the central nervous system.It is only after this procedure that the carcass is released from the blood. With the blood method, the animal is simply cut through a large artery. and leave to bleed to complete emptying of the carcass. The choice of method depends on the traditions and attitudes of the people who breed rabbits. For example, Muslims prefer bloody slaughter of rabbits, as they believe that with a contraction of the heart muscle, blood will come out faster and completely. In European countries, where humanism is the basis of life, they prefer the bloodless method, since the main thing is not to cause the animal much pain.

Bloodless method of killing an animal

In the bloodless method, the animal first immobilizes and disables the central nervous system (sensitivity is removed). Take the rabbit by the hind legs with your left hand and lower it upside down. In the right hand, take a strong wooden stick. Aim at the place of impact (occipital region behind the ears) and make a strong sharp blow. If not enough effort is made, the rabbit will remain alive and his suffering will continue. With such a blow, the destruction and rupture of the spinal cord, which leads to instant death. Blood exits through the nasal, oral cavities and auricles. Experienced breeders use the edge of their own palm instead of the stick-killer.

French method of killing an animal

To use this method requires strong arms and shoulder joints. Since the lack of effort does not kill the animal the first time. The animal is placed on a horizontal surface. With one hand, take the back legs of the rabbit, the other ears. The grip should be strong so that at the most crucial moment the rabbit does not slip out of hand. When the animal stops twitching and relaxes the muscles, it is necessary to make a sharp jerk with your hands in different directions. Thus, the blood vessels and arteries inside the animal will simply burst. With the proper execution of all actions, death will come instantly.

Slaughtered by electric current

This method consists in killing the animal with a strong electrical discharge. This method requires a special device: an electrical cord with two sharp metal pins and a plug for a 220 volt socket. One thin metal pin is inserted into the gluteus muscle of the rabbit, and the other into the occipital region between the ears (or temporal region). The current should be at least 5 amps. After that it is necessary to include the device in the network. The current will pass through the body of the animal and death will occur instantly.

Before carrying out this method, carefully read the instructions for the electrical device

Slaughter with a fracture

This method consists in the sharp and fast folding of the neck of the animal. To do this, you need to take the rabbit by the right hand with the lower part of the body, and the left hand to clasp the neck, so that the fingers are closed around the chin. With a quick movement, break the animal's neck, twisting the arm 240 degrees or more.

Slaughter by air embolism

The method of air embolism consists of running air into a vein leading to the area of ​​the heart muscle. To do this, using a large syringe or rubber bulb, a large amount of air is launched into the vein of the rabbit's ear. Not the most humane way, since death does not occur instantaneously, but only after a minute.

Slaughter Shooting Pin

This method requires special equipment. needle pinwhich shoots a needle into the body of an animal with great force. The photo shows this tool:

It is important to find the right place of impact, it is located at the intersection of two lines: from the right eye to the left ear and from the left eye to the right ear. With this method, death comes instantly. This method is most common in countries where the blood method is prohibited by law.

Watch an educational video on how to hammer a rabbit at home quickly and correctly.

To hammer a rabbit at home is quite possible for any farmer. It is important to act consciously, according to plan and without fuss. Advance preparation and business attitude will allow you to do everything right the first time. And having repeated the procedure a dozen times, you can easily manage a rabbit in five minutes.