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How to choose a machine for shearing sheep: an overview of popular models


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Sheep shearing machine is an important tool in every sheep breeder's arsenal. Even if the breed of animals is aimed at meat productivity, their grooming is a necessity, because it is the key to healthy sheep. If the wool is not cut, it takes on an unpleasant appearance, is heavily polluted and attracts parasites.

Main selection criteria

The company "" highlights the following aspects that need to be paid attention to when buying a shearing machine:

Modern shearing equipment is designed for different loads, but “weaker” and cheaper does not mean worse. It all depends on the livestock of sheep in your farm: if you keep only 2-3 dozen animals, then buying an expensive tool will become an unreasonable investment of money.

Similarly, the situation with the low-power machines, which are not suitable for large farms. With severe loads, such equipment often fails, causing unfair complaints to the seller or manufacturer.

Please note: all proven manufacturers indicate the number of sheep (per season) for which the machine is designed.

A prerequisite is the availability of warranty obligations, which indicates the confidence of the manufacturer or seller in this device. Also, in the event of a breakdown (even leading brands are not insured against marriage), you will promptly replace the unit with a new one.

  1. Availability of replaceable knives and spare parts.

An important factor is the ability to quickly replace a broken part or blunted knives. If the necessary spare part is not commercially available, this will lead to a decrease and even to a complete stop of the operation of the farm. To avoid this, specify the availability and availability of parts at the time of purchase of the machine itself.

  1. Simplicity, ease and reliability in service.

Sheep shearing machine consists of various parts that rub, heat. To prevent their rapid deterioration, the owners lubricate moving parts, clean them from dust and protect them from overheating. These operations should not be difficult and time consuming.

If you are at a loss with the choice of a machine for shearing sheep, contact the specialists of

General information about shearing machines

When planning to buy an electric sheep shearing machine, novice sheep farmers are primarily interested in price, but this is not entirely correct. Much more important is the technical characteristics of the device, which determines the quality of the haircut and productivity. Among the main parameters of choice: tool weight, cord length, handle diameter, engine power.

Liscop Super
Profi 3000

Aesculap econom
II sheep

Comparative characteristics of popular models of shearing tools

Machines rated at 50-150 W are designed for servicing a small number of sheep, from a few to hundreds of heads. The best options for owners of small flocks are inexpensive Power 9230 or Ridian 9000 devices, with a capacity of 320 and 350 W, respectively. The Thrive 9000 model can be seriously considered as a tool for frequent use in a veterinary clinic or in a farm where there are several dozen animals.

The limit of application of devices with a capacity of 200-350 W - flock of 300 goals. Technically, they are capable of more, but with more animals, another factor comes to the fore - time. You can speed up the work in two ways: purchase two devices and attract an assistant, or pay attention to more powerful tools Liscop Super Profi 3000 and Aesculap Econom II Sheep (430 watts). These recommendations are not an absolute truth, since everything depends on your financial capabilities, productive orientation, prospects for the development of the economy and the economic feasibility of acquiring a particular model.

The cutting speed also depends in part on the speed of the knife pairs, but still this parameter is more important as an indirect indicator of tool life. Devices operating at lower speeds, on average, last longer.

All modern sheep shearing machines They are equipped with rotary engines, which work almost without vibration and are positioned as quiet. The noise level of different devices ranges from 75 ... 93 dB. For comparison: 75 dB corresponds to the work of a household vacuum cleaner, 95 dB - the noise from a working lawn mower. Obviously, the larger the flock, the more preferable the quieter electric tool. He is less frightened by animals and not so heavily tired with a shear.

Modern shearing heads and knives for typewriters are unified. In the absence of the original knife, in most cases, it is possible to replace the knife block of another manufacturer. Shearing pairs are made from stainless steel with antimicrobial coating. In the lines of replaceable knives are usually provided options for the care of the wool of other types of livestock. In many cases, sheep shearing tools can be used as horse and cattle trimmer.

For products made in China requires a voltage regulator, and this is indicated in the instructions. In our opinion, a stabilizer is necessary, regardless of the model of the chosen machine, since due to a power surge you can be left without a tool in the high season.

Liscop Super Profi 3000

Liscop Super Profi 3000 is a professional sheep shearing machine from a famous German manufacturer. Designed for continuous operation, shears very smoothly and quietly, provided that the device is not overloaded. Very easy to operate and maintain. The diameter of the handle - 40-62 mm.

The engine is protected from clogging with a case, the cutting head is equipped with an aluminum casing for ventilation of the knives and the engine. Due to the additional resistive-capacitive spark arrester connected to the brush unit, the effective power factor of the engine increased to 99%. To reduce the weight of the product the engine case is made of heat-resistant fiberglass.

The body is narrowed near the trimming head for easy grip. Model Liscop Super Profi 3000 equipped with improved forced ventilation. The fan differs from the early modifications by more efficient cooling of the moving parts and lower noise level.

The pressing of the knives is adjusted using the clamping nut. The manufacturer offers 4 variants of knives with a cutting width from 77 to 89 mm and a cutting height of 3 and 10 mm; you can use the Lister and Heiniger knife blocks. Factory sharpening of the knife block is enough for shearing approximately 100 heads of sheep with pure wool. The device is also used for cutting camelids.

Disadvantages: quite a lot of weight (1650 g. With the cutting unit), slightly bulky case, the location of the switch on the back of the case.

Aesculap Econom II Sheep

Model Aesculap Econom II Sheep It is considered the best in its class. It is more compact than the Liscop Super Profi 3000, and with knives it weighs a little over 600 grams, which is very important for large volumes of work. The device is perfectly balanced, works smoothly and almost silently. Used for shearing sheep, cattle, horses. Designed for long-term intensive operation.

The ventilation system allows you to work without overheating throughout the day. The line of original knife blocks includes 6 options for different types of wool. Attaching the knife block allows Aesculap Econom II Sheep to use knives from most other manufacturers. The switch is very conveniently located, but the adjustment of the knives in the absence of skill brings certain inconveniences. The set tension of the latter is fixed. Another disadvantage is the price of Aesculap Econom II Sheep. This is one of the most expensive tools in its class.

The machine for a hairstyle of sheep of Power 9230

Model Power 9230 320 W is optimal for owners of small livestock. Power 9230 with knives weighs 1,523 kg. The line of replaceable knives is one of the widest: 8 variants of dynamic and 25 static knives for different types of wool and different types of animals. Fastening type - universal, shearing pairs of all leading manufacturers are suitable for the Power 9230.

The tool is very well balanced, easy to grip for a large palm, but heavy. In operation, it differs little from more powerful models, less power means only that you need a little more time to groom a single animal. The air filter is easy to clean.

Disadvantages: quite large weight, high noise level, comparable to the noise of a lawn mower.

Sheep shearing machine Takumi 2012

Models Takumi 2012 and Takumi 9001 developed for intensive work and designed for a relatively small number of sheep. Takumi products are suitable for sheep shearing with any type of wool. The tool is thought out to the smallest detail: it tires the hand less, and the handle itself is made of textured rubberized material, so that the hand does not slide on its surface. The cutting head does not heat up during operation due to the original drive design. It uses a combination of metal and metal gears.

Devices are equipped with double air cooling. The reduced amount of oscillation of the knife significantly increases tool life. Takumi 9001 is made in Japan, Takumi 2012 - in China, under license from Takumi, and the differences between the two models are not obvious. Original cars are positioned as more reliable and durable, respectively, are more expensive. In fact, the service life of the tool depends largely on compliance with the rules of operation.

Knives from other manufacturers are suitable for Takumi shearing tools, but for the best cutting quality, it is recommended to use original knives made of forged steel. According to user reviews, about 100 heads can be shaved at one sharpening.

Eloquently testifies to the high quality of Takumi machines, the presence on the domestic market of Russia of several fakes that look very similar to the original: Takuni and Tоkumi.

Another fact in favor of choosing Takumi clippers: at the Gold Scissors Festival in June 2012, a team armed with Japanese-made tools ranked 4th among 117 applicants for victory.

Disadvantages: high noise level.

Sheep shearing machine GTS 2012

Model GTS 2012 is manufactured in China under license from the Swiss company Heiniger. Designed for continuous operation and suitable for sheep with any type of wool. It differs from earlier versions in lower weight, improved ergonomic body and improved cooling system. With GTS 2012 you can work for a long time without fear of overheating of the motor. There are no plastic parts in the gearbox. For all the time of export to Russia, the owners of GTS 2012 did not have any problems when using the device.

The degree of pressing of the knife can be adjusted depending on the type of sheep wool. The mounting of the knife block is universal, shearing pairs of other manufacturers are suitable for the typewriter.

American Sheep Shearer Oster 78530 Little known to Russian sheep breeders. Very light, well-balanced model suitable for sheep shearing with any type of wool. There is an electronic speed sensor, forced cooling of the cutting head and the engine. Oster 78530 shearing tool is one of the best in its class. The relatively small power of the motor limits its use for large flocks.

Sheep care is made up of many aspects, one of which is caring for the coat of an animal. If time does not cut the wool, then it becomes dirty and falls. In addition, it produces all kinds of parasites and harmful bacteria, which subsequently is not so easy to cope. If the lamb gets wet in the rain, then its generous coat of hair will dry out for a long time, and the animal can get hypothermia and become ill. In this regard, it is necessary to shear sheep, so scissors and clippers are a necessary attribute of each sheep breeder. To facilitate the task of selecting a clipper, this article lists the ranking of the best sheep shearing machines in 2018.


Today, in addition to the domestic manufacturer, devices made in Germany, the USA, Switzerland and England enjoy excellent popularity. All this - the best manufacturing countries deserving attention, first-class, persistent, but not everyone can afford to buy such a machine. In addition to the price, another disadvantage of imported devices is the lack of additional knives and other spare items on the Russian market.


All sheep breeders are faced with the question of choosing a clipper for sheep. Even if the entrepreneur plans to engage only in the production of meat, then the purchase of this device is mandatory, as directly affects the health of the animal. After all, sheep that are not sheared have, firstly, not a pleasant appearance, and secondly, there is an increased risk of animal disease due to the appearance of harmful pathogenic microorganisms in wool.

Additional income from the sale of wool is also a very weighty argument in favor of the acquisition of this device for cutting. In any case, it will be necessary to purchase a typewriter, so it is advisable to first get acquainted with the main points that will help make the right choice. In the article we will tell you what kind of sheep shearing machine is better to buy and by what criteria you should choose this device.


Currently, besides the Russian manufacturer, German, Swiss, English and American-made cars are in good demand. All this is decent, high-quality, reliable devices, but not everyone can afford it. In addition to cost, another disadvantage of imported machines is the lack of spare knives and other spare parts in the domestic market.