General information

Technological equipment for poultry slaughter


One of the first and important stages is hanging the bird on the conveyor. This is preceded by catching and preliminary fasting for 24 hours. The animals are then delivered to the workshop, where workers manually hang them on the hooks of the conveyor by the legs.

In this position, they must be at least 1.30 minutes in order to calm the birds, which is very important at the subsequent processing stages.

Stun (immobilization)

Then, using, for example, an electric current, the bird is stunned. At this stage, it is necessary - stunning, this procedure allows you to immobilize, but it does not stop the heart.

Feature design devices for immobilization is that an auxiliary element in the process is water. The head of the animal is lowered into the water and the voltage is held for 3-6 seconds. This method is considered more humane.

It is carried out with the help of a blow with a hard object on the frontal part of the head, while it is very important to calculate the force of the blow in order only to stun and not kill the animal.

In the West, the use of gas anesthesia is widespread; for this purpose, the bird is placed in an enclosed area and carbon dioxide is released, after which the animals are immobilized as a result of asphyxiation for 3-5 minutes.

The technology of poultry slaughter can be divided into 2 ways: manual and automatic.

Manual slaughter is carried out in an external or internal way; for this purpose, the blood vessels are opened with a sharp knife or scissors.

The external method allows to mechanize this process with the help of equipment for slaughtering poultry of various designs, which are widely represented on the market and are available to farmers.


The most important thing at this stage is that the bird's heart continues to function, in which case a good outflow of blood is ensured up to 2/3.

It is held over a special tray in a tiled tunnel for 2-3 minutes and no later than 30 seconds after stunning. Properly drained carcass - a guarantee of quality product at the exit.


Next, heat treatment is performed to loosen pen retention in the pen bag. This is necessary so that the plumage is easily removed with the help of special machines. There is a soft and hard scalding.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The soft mode is good because the epidermis is not disturbed, the skin is absolutely not damaged and the carcass retains its attractive appearance. However, the feathers are rather poorly removed, and manual additional tilting of the bird is required, which will entail additional labor and, consequently, costs. The hard mode helps to ensure a fully mechanical flap, as with its use the feathers are very easy to remove.

But at the same time the epidermis is completely damaged and the skin loses its presentation, in order to avoid this, additional processing will be required, more precisely cooling in cold water, this will help to maintain the normal appearance of the carcass that meets the quality standards.

Feather removal

Plucking birds is carried out with the help of specialized equipment, most often used bilny and slightly less disc and centrifugal machines. The principle of operation of these mechanisms is the organization of the friction force, which must exceed the force with which the pen is held in the carcass. After carrying out this procedure, the bird on the conveyor belt is sent to a manual dooshipka, where all feathers are removed. And the final stage is the processing on the conveyor with a gas torch, which allows you to achieve smooth skin without damaging it.


The process of gutting is also fully mechanized. It flows on a conveyor above a specific gutter construction. This allows you to automatically separate the offal for further processing.

There is also a special machine for trimming the feet in the tarsus joint. After gutting veterinary examination is carried out. Qualitatively gutted carcasses make it possible to obtain a high expert assessment, as well as properly separating giblets, which will later be marketed or will be used to make fodder.


The obligatory stage is the washing of the eviscerated carcasses, which is carried out with the help of the washing and shower machines and shower chambers, and the internal cleaning is carried out with the help of a nozzle hose.

After that, the carcass is cooled in water or in the open air to 4 °. This contributes to better storage of meat in the future, protects it from the development of harmful microorganisms. After this procedure, the carcass is dried on a conveyor and sent to the package. The poultry slaughter line is fully mechanized and mostly does not require additional labor costs. Thanks to a wide choice of different machines, you can get high-quality meat at the output, without using additional labor.

Slaughter (with double saw)

Slaughter equipment is designed to automatically cut off chicken heads suspended from a slaughter conveyor immediately after electrical stunning. The cutting is carried out by rotating saws, the depth of cut is adjusted manually.


The FOODMATE peroschalpalnaya machine was designed to remove feathers of various bird species. The machine is available in several sizes. Peroschipalny ranks can be regulated separately in all directions.

Head and trachea removal

The automatic head and trachea remover is intended for use in the slaughter / plucking line. Typically, this device is installed behind the last peroschipalny machine. The unique design ensures removal of the head and trachea, facilitating gutting at a later stage.

Sink suspension

Automatic FOODMATE device for washing chains / carts and hangers. Washing is carried out with the help of rotating brushes. While the hangers go through the device, the rotating brushes and water clean them before starting a new cycle.

Complete line of slaughter poultry

A typical set of industrial poultry processing line may include the following modules:

  • poultry slaughterhouse is completed with stunners, devices for bleeding, scalding and removing plumage,
  • the mechanical gutting unit is equipped with modules for removal of heads, trachea, neck, ripping and other nodes,
  • workshop for automatic or manual cutting of carcasses into portions,
  • waste disposal devices for disposal.

Specialists of our company will design, supply and install modules of integrated slaughter and poultry processing facilities, taking into account the specific features of a particular enterprise. Foodmate equipment is easily adaptable for processing various types of birds, including broilers, turkeys, guinea fowls, ducks and others. Experienced technology experts from MERPASA will provide maintenance, technical support and training for your staff if necessary.

The work of high-tech devices stunning poultry version ES-2.0 of the Foodmate trademark is based on the use of a unique proprietary technology that eliminates internal hematomas and bone fractures, while ensuring complete bleeding. The company's patented method is based on a special high-frequency combination of low-voltage waves of a certain shape. Due to the possibility of adjusting the radiation, the operator can customize the bird stunning device for a specific type of bird, which will ensure damage to the nervous system, and not the carcass itself.

After stunning, special machines for slaughter birds provide automatic cutting off the heads of carcasses, suspended on a conveyor. The design of the devices provides the ability to adjust the depth of the cut in accordance with the size of the bird. The location and height of the cutting elements (rotating saws) is determined by the hydraulic cylinder.

Optional equipment

For washing of hangers, carts and chains, we offer automatic machines that are mounted behind the last module of the processing line. The device will provide high-quality cleaning equipment before the new cycle with the help of water and rotating brushes.

To determine the choice of equipment for the slaughter of poultry, contact our specialists. Experienced consultants of the company "MERPASA" will acquaint you with the capabilities of the devices being sold, will offer the most suitable option for the poultry slaughter line, taking into account the needs of a particular production.

Technological equipment for cutting poultry

The bulletin board presents products from leading manufacturers in the world. The equipment exhibited at the site is used in small production workshops and at large enterprises. To the attention of site visitors the following categories:

  • External slaughter machines.
  • Conveyor lines of various designs and purposes.
  • Installation cutting gutted carcasses.
  • Heat treatment baths.
  • Installations for deboning carcasses.
  • Bird choppers.
  • Carcass Coolers, etc.

Such equipment for slaughter and processing of poultry allows to increase the productivity and capacity of the enterprise. Cutting carcasses takes a few minutes. Modern technologies allow you to do this with minimal waste.

The advantages of the equipment used for cutting poultry

In comparison with the manual carving method, automated lines have several advantages. Among the advantages of processing units emit:

  • High performance
  • minimum waste
  • high quality of the final product
  • reduction in the number of working personnel
  • limited human contact with the product.

Such equipment guarantees high performance up to 6 thousand heads / hour. Thanks to modern aggregates, it is possible to carry out both primary processing and complete dressing of carcasses. Due to the minimization of the product contact with the person, high hygienic processes are ensured