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Sheep paddock will improve the condition of your flock


Sheep tolerate a little cold and bad weather, and from spring to autumn may well be kept in an open pen, from which they will not flee because of the herd instinct. However, by the onset of cold weather, a sheep shed should be built and equipped, so that the animals feel comfortable all year round and they multiply better. What are the requirements for the arrangement of koshara and how to build it with your own hands?

General room requirements

The main thing to ensure in the sheepfold is the constancy of temperature and the absence of drafts. Animals feel most comfortable at a temperature of + 6 ... + & ° C, in winter it should not rise above + 12 ° C. In order not to see through the wall, the walls should be reliably insulated or at least plug all the gaps, in regions with mild and relatively warm winters it is not necessary to use thermal insulation. If winters are harsh, heating equipment may also be required.

Sheepfold for Sheep

You can make a large room for keeping the sheep as warm as possible by raising the floor above the ground - an air cushion will noticeably reduce heat loss. This is especially important in the part of the building intended for lambs - it should be best protected from the cold. The easiest way to do this is that if a sheep hunt is built on a pile foundation, then the floor will be on logs.

In addition to lambs, special temperatures are required:

  • Castrated sheep, more fond of cold,
  • Young, not giving birth to females - also live in cooler conditions,
  • Pregnant sheep require more heat, up to + 18 ° C.

In addition to the cold, the shed should be protected from moisture. For this you need high-quality roofing and tightly locked windows and doors without gaps. In order for the air in the room not to be too wet or dry, the catarr needs to be regularly aired, in a large barn it may be necessary to organize the supply and exhaust ventilation.

The organization of the hood in Kashar

The area should be sufficient to ensure that there are enough separate compartments for each animal - the sheep should feel roomy, the crowding affects their health and reduces the productivity of their breeding. The height of the ceilings should allow it to stand up to its full height, otherwise it will be inconvenient to tidy up the scoop.

Feeders, drinkers, stalls and nurseries in the sheepfold

Settle sheep for sheep, starting with the stalls. The room is divided into compartments with the help of boards made of chipboard, OSB, MDF or other similar material. The height of the fence - about 70 cm. You can also use group content, dividing the barn into large compartments, in any case, for each animal should fall (taking into account the space for equipment installation):

  • 1–1.5 m2 - for females giving offspring in spring,
  • 2–2.5 m2 - for females with winter offspring,
  • 3 m2 - for rams and sheep with lambs,
  • 0.7–0.8 m2 - for lambs up to 1 year.

A long sheep feeder is installed next to the stalls, from which several animals can be eaten at once, each animal should be 35 cm long. The side of the feeder, facing the stalls, is covered with a grate with such a step between the rods, so that the sheep could stick their heads, but did not crawl all the way, this would protect the hay from trampling. You can make a sheep feeder with your own hands and completely out of the gratings: take 4 bars 130 cm long each, join them in pairs crosswise, then join the crosses longitudinally with supporting beams. After that, rails with a section of 40 × 40 mm with a pitch of about 30 cm are installed between the supports.

Long sheep feeder near the stall

Feeding troughs for feeding sheep with hay can also be made from any suitable materials at hand - metal grates, playpen, etc. However, animals need not only hay, but also waste grain crops, corn cobs, and root crops. How to make a sheep feeder suitable for such a crumbly feed?

Crisp Feed Feeder

In this case, instead of a feeder, nurseries are made in the form of a trough of wooden boards. From below to the manger attached legs, strong enough so that the sheep could not turn them over. Inside you can put a special plastic container. In the same way is made for drinking the sheep. Its volume should be large - each animal drinks up to 10 liters of water per day. Smaller nurseries can be adapted for mineral supplements, some farmers instead regularly sprinkle salt on regular feed.

Shelter paddock for sheep

Even if sheep are raised in stalls rather than grazing in pastures, a place should be provided for walking in the open air. It is necessary to let animals out into the street both in summer and in winter, if there is no severe frost or snowfall. Regular walks positively affect the metabolism of sheep, improving their productivity.

Shelter paddock for sheep

The optimal parameters of the paddock:

  • The area is 2–4 m2 per animal, or 3-4 times larger than the main house for sheep,
  • The fence material - wooden poles, metal wire or mesh, necessarily smooth, so that the sheep do not cling to it with wool,
  • The height of the fence - 1.5 m,
  • Location - on the south side of the room.

It is not necessary to make too large a sheep pen. In this place should also be installed feeders with a canopy that protects the hay from rain.

Do-it-yourself construction: construction stages

As a rule, the sheepfold is built from wood or brick. Floors can be made of mud or earth, but also better from wood. For the roof any economic material is used - roofing material, slate, corrugated board or metal tile. Wall decoration can be made with any safe decorative material.

The best base for a sheep house is a concrete column foundation. It is constructed in the following order:

  1. The territory is marked
  2. Pits are being dug at the installation sites,
  3. A sand layer with rubble 15 cm thick is poured into each pit.
  4. Wood formwork is made around the pit,
  5. The pit is filled with concrete.

The parameters of the piles - length, diameter, depth of laying, quantity, the need for reinforcement - are calculated on the basis of soil features, room size and mass, etc. All of this is brought into the project, which can be compiled by special organizations.

On stilts, covered with a layer of waterproofing, a frame is constructed of wooden beams. The framework consists of a horizontal trim of the floor and vertical supports of the walls. Each element is mounted on pillars using anchors or reinforcing pins inserted into the concrete during the pouring stage. The bottom trim should be done with a slight slope, so that the floor can then freely drain waste.

The walls are made of bricks or assembled from wood, the boards or panels of which are fixed on the crate fixed on the vertical supports of the frame. For exterior decoration, you can use lining or any other cheap lumber, from the inside on the walls fit insulation (mineral wool), which is then sheathed with MDF or chipboard.

The walls are also made window openings at a height of 1.5 m from the floor. The size of each window is about 1.5 m2.

The sheep's stable is covered by a roof, the construction of which takes place in several stages:

  1. The top frame of the frame is made, similarly to the bottom of the bar,
  2. The truss system is installed on the trim,
  3. On rafters made obreshetka.,
  4. Fitted roofing material.

Attic in the dwelling of animals is not necessary to do.

The best flooring option is a slatted floor with slots between the boards through which the waste will fall. Such a construction will eliminate the need for regular cleaning of the room. The slots should be 20–25 mm wide, the height of the covering above the ground should be 8–10 cm.

Lattices are stacked on the logs attached to the piles. From above, they are covered with a bed of straw.

When the construction of the sheep-house is completed, additional equipment is installed - ventilation and heating. To heat the shed you can use a gas boiler, mounted in the next room for security. Sleeves that extend around the perimeter of the barn are moving away from it.

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How to build a sheepdog for yourself

Sheepfold for sheep with their own hands built is quite simple. But oddly enough, it is the construction of a room for the winter animal care that frightens many beginning farmers. In the summer, sheep can easily do without robust walls. It is enough just to fence a small territory and the herd instinct will not allow them to run up. But with the onset of cold weather, it is necessary to take care of more comfortable conditions of detention. In this article, you will learn how to build a sheep house with your own hands, how to create a project and what tools you may need.

Construction technology and necessary materials

Before construction, it will be useful to make a standard project. It is necessary to calculate the size of the future sheep house, make a plan and prepare drawings. This will greatly facilitate the work and allow pre-calculate the amount of material required.

It should be noted that sheepdogs are built mainly from wood or brick. The shape of the structure can be rectangular, T-shaped and U-shaped.

When composing a typical project, remember that each adult should have at least 1.5 meters of space. For the uterus with lambs, the living area must be at least three square meters.

In this article, we will consider a typical design of a wooden sheep house, as a more budget and simple design. Considering the fact that it is unprofitable to keep less than ten sheep in farms, we offer you a plan to build a sheep farm for 100 animals.

And so, making a plan and preparing the drawings, you can proceed directly to the construction.

Without a reliable foundation, it is not recommended to build a sheepfold, so you will have to go broke to fill the foundation. Given that there are several types of foundations, it is necessary to clarify that for the construction of the sheep farm more suitable basis in the form of concrete columns.

It is done this way. According to the project and planning, the territory under construction is marked with pegs. Then, in place of each peg, they dig a shallow hole in which a wooden formwork is installed. After that, the formwork is filled with concrete. When pouring, it is necessary to insert a metal pin into each column, the floor will be mounted on it.

A waterproofing layer is laid on the poured foundation, and then a frame made of wooden bars.

According to the drawings made, support beams are installed on which a wooden crate is nailed. The outer side can be upholstered with boards, siding or clapboard. It all depends on your budget. From the inside it is necessary to put a heater. Mineral wool is perfect.

On top of the walls are laid transverse beams, to which the truss system is attached. A crate is installed on the rafters, on which, in turn, the roofing material is laid.

The presence of a hard floor - a prerequisite for the construction of the sheepfold. The soft floor for sheep is contraindicated, they start problems with bundles.

Some just pour the floor with concrete. It is not recommended to do this, concrete is very cold material and health problems may begin in animals.

You can use a wooden floor, but not desirable, wood is a very short-lived material. It is better to use combined floors: a concrete base, over which are laid boards from boards. In addition, it is recommended to make the floor inclined, it is necessary for the drain of sewage.

Windows and doors

Windows should be located at a height of 1.5 meters from the floor level. Size does not play a big role, as long as enough light comes into the room.

Doors are recommended to be double-hinged, hinged. They should be easy to open, and 2-3 sheep should pass freely through them.

The final touch during the construction of the sheepfold is walking equipment. The area for walking animals should be located on the south side and twice the size of the sheepfold itself.

Room Requirements

Despite the fact that the sheep, because of their wool, tolerate cold, they are afraid of drafts. If you decide to save on insulation, you must carefully seal all the cracks. The temperature in the winter inside the room should not fall below 12 degrees Celsius.

The room for keeping the lambs should be the warmest place in the sheepfold. By the way, that is why the typical draft of the sheepfold on piles was considered above. Raised above the ground level is always warmer. To maintain the temperature, it is possible to install heating inside the sheep house.

The room should be well ventilated. In addition, in the sheepfold should not be space and compartments, where you can not stand to full height. Failure to comply with this rule will complicate the cleaning process.

Equipment placement

Inside the sheepfold must be blocked by wooden shields, this is necessary for the formation of individual and group pens.

Feeders are best done in the longitudinal version, each sheep - its own. If you choose group feeding, the length of the feeder for each sheep should be at least 35 centimeters.

An adult sheep can drink up to 10 liters of water per day. Therefore, drinkers should be as voluminous as possible. For example, for 100 heads you will need 10 drinkers of one hundred liters.

Do not forget about ventilation. If there are several rooms for keeping sheep, each must have its own hood.

You can heat the room with a gas boiler. Or put the stove, which can be heated with coal or wood.

Now you see that building a sheep-house with your own hands does not look as scary as it seems at first glance. The main thing is to make a plan, prepare a project and drawings, and make a little effort.

Fresh air is useful for sheep.

Even many pets love open air and fresh air. Under the open sky from the breeze, the bright sun not only improves mood, but also the body comes in order. Metabolic processes are stabilized, sheep's wool grows better, the herd becomes more resistant to disease. Good appetite and movement - the key to excellent quality of young. The meat of such animals is tastier and juicier. And most importantly - simplified care for animals.

When building a paddock, it is necessary to take into account that the area of ​​the future section for one head of the flock is 0.8 - 1.5 square meters. In addition, the age of the flock is important, gender. After all, the sheep-seeker occupies a space of the same size, but for the young - another.

In the pen there must be comfortable conditions for the flocks. Provide animals with drinkers of the necessary sizes and a nursery. Hang an awning from the sun and rain, under which all the sheep would fit. Arrange the floor of the pen. Or put a shed of appropriate dimensions. A mandatory requirement is to ensure the tranquility and safety of the flock. The height of the intended sheep pen enclosure depends in part on this.

Build a sheep pen

Sheep shelter is a certain size enclosed plot of land with a shed or shed from the sun or rain and a hanging gate.

The floor in the pen is earthen or concrete. And if the pen is large, it is half earthen, half concrete.

The fence stretches along the entire perimeter of the pen. Its height varies depending on the size of the site. The fence is kept on thick stable wooden posts. On the territory of the pen in a convenient location, place the feeders and drinkers of appropriate sizes.

For the construction of the pen it is necessary to use only natural materials, preferably wood. If you can not afford this or that material, you can easily replace it with another cheaper natural counterpart.

For pillar-bases, on which the fence is mounted, thick reliable materials should be used: cutting bar, sleepers, raw logs. But best of all - coniferous timber. For the construction of the fence and the gate use: thick plywood, netting netting, wide wooden boards.

Feeders can buy ready-made or make yourself. But they must be wooden. If necessary, if there is no natural water near the pen, you will have to additionally put another drinker. Also wooden.

Sheepfold best to build on high ground. Otherwise, it will accumulate moisture from rain and snow. To form dirty slurry and puddles.

The corral must be located near a clean water source, lake or river. If this is not possible, you will have to stretch the water line to it.

The process of building a sheep pen

Before building a pen, make a markup and determine the area of ​​the plot.

On the perimeters of the paddock at the same defined distance, dig in the wooden bars. To further strengthen them, fill the base of each pillar with cement and sand.

When the cement dries, nail the fence to the finished posts.

If the pen is small, the floor can be poured with concrete or, as experienced sheep breeders do, leave it earthen. If its area is large, fill the floor only with concrete by half.

In one of the corners of the pen, in a convenient place, stretch the canvas awning. Its value depends on the size of the flock.

Возле одной из стен загона поставьте кормушки стандартной необходимой величины.

На навесы к брусу в удобном месте навесьте двустворчатые ворота с запором.

Размеры загона для овец

Площадь загона для овец определяется из расчета того, что стандартный минимальный размер участка земли на одну голову в отаре составляет 0,8 -1,5 кубических метра, а максимальный – 3 – 4 квадратных метра. Also, you must take into account the age of each animal and gender.

The height of the fence for a small pen - 1.2 meters. For large - 1.4 - 1.5 meters. The height depends on the size of the pen. The bigger it is, the higher the fence.

The distance between the posts on which the fence is attached should be the same along the entire perimeter of the paddock and equal to 2 meters.

The size of each door leaf should be 100 * 150 centimeters.

If you decide to make troughs with your own hands, then you should take into account that their length for one head corresponds to 30 - 40 centimeters.

Sheep Pens

Sheep shelter should be comfortable for flocks.

To do this, it is necessary to equip a canvas shed or awning in one of its corners, which would protect from the scorching rays of the sun or from the rain. And if you are going to keep the flock in the pen and in winter, put a roomy barn in the pen.

Equip feeders at one of the walls of the sheep pen.

Cover the floor with a sufficient layer of straw.

It is necessary to clean the corral once a year, in spring.

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Sheepfold: we make a room for keeping the sheep ourselves

For successful breeding and keeping of sheep it is very important to create good conditions for their life. A great role in this is played by the proper construction of the sheepfold. Many people think that a simple sheep pen is enough. But such housing is suitable only for the warm period of the year. In order for animals to feel comfortable in winter, they need a full-fledged sheep-dog.

Of course, for those who have never engaged in the construction of a room for keeping sheep, this thought can cause panic. And ordering construction is not a cheap pleasure. But, knowing the technique of building a sheep house, it can easily be made independently.

What should be a good sheep house

First of all, the room for keeping sheep should be dry and spacious. Need to create good air circulation conditions and lack of drafts. Sheep do not like temperature drops, respectively, requires reliable insulation and a good heating system. And also need lighting, full equipment with everything you need inside. Sheep feeders are equipped with sheep feeders, in which the cages will separately contain sheep, young animals, sheep, nurseries for sheep, drinkers for sheep and other necessary equipment. Since most of the time livestock is in the field, the sheepfold should be located near their pastures.

It is necessary to calculate the temperature of the room so that it remains at least 12 degrees in the winter. The size of the sheepfold is calculated based on the number of sheep. One sheep needs about one and a half square meters; if a sheep has lambs, the size should be doubled. The height of the sheepdog should not exceed a couple of meters.

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Construction of a wooden sheepdog for sheep do it yourself

In the beginning, a plan and drawings of the future sheep house are drawn up, the amount of required materials is calculated. When all this is ready, it’s time to go directly to building a room for the sheep.

  • Construction begins with the layout of the foundation. Foundation types are different, but concrete posts are best suited to the sheepfold. Such a basis is made as follows: marking is done with pegs on the territory of the future sheep-dog. In place of each peg a small hole is pulled out into which the formwork is installed. It is poured with concrete, metal pins are inserted into each column. In the future, they will be attached to the floor, the base is ready.
  • Further work begins on the frame and walls. The foundation is laid with a waterproofing layer, on top of it is a frame made of wooden bars. To build walls, you need to install support beams, taking into account the specified size of the barn for the sheep. Beat a wooden crate on the beams, upholstery the outside with clapboard or siding, and the inside with insulation, such as mineral wool. This will be the anti-wind system.
  • After that, proceed to the construction of the roof. To do this, you need to place transverse beams on the walls from above, install a batten on the rafters, lay the material from which the roof is made - slate, tile or other material.
  • It's time to go to the floor. Here it is very important to choose the right material: the concrete is too cold for the sheep, the boards will start to deteriorate at some point. In this case, the floor must be hard. To solve this problem, you first need to fill the floor with concrete, and above lay the boards. This will prevent the boards from rotting and make the floor warmer.
  • Doors and windows - doors are built according to the principle of convenience, several sheep should enter them, walking close by. It is best to make the doors double, about two meters wide, hanging them on the hinges. The windows should be located at a height of one and a half meters from the floor, it is worth making them large enough so that the animals have enough light. Dimensions and a half meters in height per meter in width is quite suitable.
  • Next thing for the interior. Immediately you need to choose the place of the nursery for the sheep. It should be the warmest in the sheep barn. To make the thermal regime optimal, you can install a heating system inside. Heating must be regulated by power. And also it is necessary to take into account that there should not be places in a sheep room where a person cannot stand up to their full height. Otherwise, the cleaning process will be extremely difficult.

How to distribute equipment in the sheep farm

To create group and individual pens need to be distributed inside the sheepdog wooden shields. creating pens. You need to make troughs for the sheep with your own hands - after the construction of the room itself it is easy. Each animal must have its own feeder, it is made of longitudinal shape, about 35 cm in length and at least 80 cm in height. Feeders are placed along the entire length of the barrier supports.

How to make a sheep feeder: take the wooden slats or bars. For one feeder you need to take four wooden beams, at least 130 cm long and 60 to 60 mm thick. Every two beams are knocked crosswise, joined together by supports. One support is fastened with screws in the center, the other two along the edges of the resulting crosses. It turns out the construction is similar to the letter V. Then they take a narrow bar, 40 to 40 mm. the planks are nailed at a distance of 30 cm. Also, feeders can be made from scrap materials: a wooden or plastic playpen, sections from a metal fence. Or make a trough with legs of planks and bars.

In addition, you need to make drinkers for sheep. They drink a lot of water, and the drinking bowl should be appropriate. For example, for a hundred sheep it will take ten drinkers, each with a volume of 90–100 liters. A separate drinking bowl for the sheep of each individual is not needed, as long as everyone can drink comfortably.

We must not forget about sheep shed. where hay will be stored. Animals need a good supply of hay, and stored hay for the winter period needs to be stored in such conditions so that it does not deteriorate and is readily available. Hay is well kept in a wooden shed.

The final touch is the hood - this is a wide tube, diameter not less than 50 cm. which must be installed not less than 30 cm in height from the floor or directly under the ceiling.

Sheepfold for sheep do it yourself.

Construction Materials

For the construction of the corral needed wooden posts, poles and boards, as well as a chain-link or metal-plastic for the device fencing.

The best breed of wood for wooden parts of the pen is pine, resistant to rain and wind. It is also necessary to provide fixtures for the fence and gates.

Be sure to organize in the pen a canopy to shelter animals from the weather or the hot sun.

So, you will need:

  • wooden poles and pegs,
  • boards,
  • fasteners (screws and nails),
  • gate loops,
  • Rabitz,
  • slate or roof tile roofing,
  • sand and cement. These materials are needed for fixing the support pillars and in cases where the farmer plans to concrete the surface of the pen.

Making a fence for the pen

It is necessary to fence the paddock from all sides, so if there is a sheep shed on the construction site, it can be used as a fence on one side. This will save on fencing materials.

The height of the fence should be at least one meter (the figure of 1.4 meters is considered optimal). The support pillars should be well fixed in the ground (preferably cement). The distance between adjacent supports should not exceed two meters. It is possible to increase this gap if a weak electric current is passed through the fence.

The fence itself can be a chain-link net or ordinary boards, although in large farms they prefer to use wire (passing current through it).

Having determined the area of ​​the site (based on the above recommendations), columns are installed along its perimeter. Their number should be calculated in advance based on the fence material. Attach the pillars in the ground better with cement mortar. Then the fencing itself is mounted (if it is a grid, then it is better to pull it well). The fence is attached to the supports either with wire (mesh) or nails (boards or mesh).

The mesh is attached to the pole with metal wire or nails. Also for the device fencing, you can use the profile sheet, but the grid is preferable, as it freely passes air. After installing the fence mounted gates. They are always made with two wings, as this helps in separating from the flocks of sheep, lambs and separately - sheep.

The dimensions of each leaf are from one meter in width and from one and a half to one in length.

Final arrangement of the pen

The corral is not just a fenced plot of land. Inside it is necessary to build a shed of the same materials as the fence, with the exception of the arrangement of the roof.

The roof of the canopy is made flat, as the roofing material is usually used either slate or metal roofing. When choosing a roof for a roof, you should be guided by its weight, since a strong wind can throw off the roof on animals.

If it is heavy, the sheep can be maimed.

Tarpaulin, which heats up less in the heat (compared to the same tile), is best suited, while in winter it withstands a large amount of snow.

The canopy can be made open from four sides, but in cold weather a canopy better closed from three sides is better.

The surface of the pen should be firm, better - earthen. Some farmers concrete or pave the floor of the pen. This is permissible, but quite expensive, besides in the heat of the concrete and asphalt are very hot. If the area of ​​the paddock allows, you can concrete it half, and leave half as it is. Among other things, it is necessary to put comfortable drinkers and feeders, which can also be made independently.

At arrangement of the pen it is necessary to provide at once a possibility of its convenient and simple cleaning.

Sheepfold for Sheep

In the more severe climate, one open shelter is not enough to keep sheep and the construction of a closed building is required. Such a room for sheep in the south of Russia is called koshara, in the middle and northern regions - a sheepfold or a stable.

Such a structure is also calculated based on the number of the herd. An adult male needs from 1.6 to 2.3 square meters of space, and a female needs from one to one and a half. An ewe with cubs requires a separate stall ranging from 1.3 to 1.7 square meters.

Such a room for keeping sheep should meet several simple requirements: good protection against drafts, the presence of good ventilation, low humidity, separate stalls for females with offspring on suction.

The temperature regime in the cold season should provide for a minimum temperature of not less than plus five degrees, and in the compartment for enveloped queens with cubs - not less than 12-15 degrees. In addition, this room should be equipped with drinkers and feeders, as well as provide for the possibility of its high-quality cleaning.

It is necessary to have a sheepfold, as well as a paddock, next to grazing lands, so that in case of natural anomalies to be able to quickly hide the flock.

The height of this room depends on the breed - if the sheep is small, then about one and a half meters, if large, then up to two.

You can choose any material for construction - from wood and brick to modern industrial sandwich panels. Also, indoors, experts advise to make a vestibule in the sheepfold to protect against cold air from outside. Sheep housing should include the organization of a walking yard. It should be located on the south side, the exit from the sheepfold is also there. The width of the exit gate must be at least ten meters.

And, of course, in the room it is necessary to equip feeders and drinkers, as well as cover the floor with a dry bed of tyrsa and hay.

If there is a possibility, a heating system should be organized in the sheep house.

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