General information

Alto Super ": active substance, application, consumption rate


The yield of grain crops depends on a number of factors: agrotechnical, biological, weather. The biological factor can be attributed to various infectious diseases, which are susceptible to grain at all phases of their organogenesis: starting from seed germination and ending with the sown grain maturity.

In order to prevent the development of infectious diseases, a combined fungicide Alto Super has been developed. It reliably not only protects, but also in the case of the disease, treats grain crops, as well as sugar beet, from such diseases as powdery mildew, various types of rust, ear diseases, leaf spot, church disease, pyrenophorosis and other types of fungal diseases.

Composition, release form, packaging

Alto Super contains two main active ingredients: cyproconazole and propiconazole. Available in the form of an emulsion concentrate. In one liter of the fungicide, 80 g of cyproconazole and 250 g of propiconazole are concentrated. On the shelves of agrotechnical stores, you can find this drug in five-liter and twenty-liter cans. Some sellers offer to buy Alto Super fractional portions, that is, you can pour from the canister the volume that you wish.

What diseases are effective for

"Alto Super" is used for the prevention and treatment of these types of diseases of sugar beet and grain crops:

  • septoria and ear fusarium,
  • stem and brown rust,
  • powdery mildew, septoria leaves, pyrenophorosis,
  • rhinosporiosis, Alternaria, fomoz, Alternaria, cladosporia and others.
To combat some of the above diseases, this fungicidal agent is used in combination with other drugs.

It should be noted that this fungicide is capable (with effective dosages and correct use) to completely kill the causative agents of Alternaria on sugar beet.

However, if the disease affects winter rye, then the fungicide will no longer be so effective, and it should be used only in combination with other drugs.

Drug benefits

The main advantages of Alto Super are:

  • High degree of efficiency in the fight against many fungal microorganisms that infect cereal crops and sugar beets.
  • If you follow the instructions for use, then after the course of treatments will not appear resistance. In addition, the drug is not phytotoxic.
  • The main active ingredients of the drug are capable of penetrating into the plant cell structure in a short period of time and protecting young shoots from possible infections with fungal microorganisms.
  • The tool can stop the development of fungi and destroy them, after which the plant will continue to grow and develop normally. Such a mechanism of action is able to bring back to life even the most weakened crops.
  • The drug is completely safe for the surrounding natural range, does not represent an environmental hazard (but there is a ban on the use of fungicide near the fishery facilities).
  • Compatible with almost all chemical agents (including fungicides), which are designed to protect crops from fungal diseases.
  • The tool is able to increase the total amount of sugar extracted from beets. For example, if sugar beet in the process of cercopreosis is treated with this fungicide, then from one ton of the harvested crop it is possible to produce 10 kg more sugar than from an unprocessed crop.
  • Low rates of expenditure and a long period of validity.
  • High rain resistance of plants after treatment with a fungicide.
All the above advantages make Alto Super one of the leaders in the agrotechnical market of fungicides.

Operating principle

Fungicides come in different chemical classes, and depending on this, they affect pathological microorganisms that infect plants differently. The full picture of the principle of action of fungicides of different classes is currently unknown to science.

What is clear is that fungicides are capable of penetrating into all parts of the plant in a short period of time, stopping the processes of reproduction of fungi there. "Alto Super" - a drug that belongs to the chemical class of triazoles.

Triazoles are able to inhibit the synthesis of ergosterol (one of the main components of cell membranes). Due to this effect, Alto Super is able to destroy pathogens and protect them for a long time after treatment from new lesions.

Time and method of processing, consumption rate

Fungicide "Alto Super" is used according to the instructions for use, which clearly marked consumption rates and other rules of use:

  • Winter and spring barley. The consumption rate is considered to be 0.4-0.5 l / ha. Spraying of crops is carried out during the growing season, again - 40 days after the first treatment.
  • Oats The rates and period of processing fully coincide with those indicated in the paragraph above.
  • Sugar beet. Sprayed with the appearance of such diseases: fomoz, chalcosporosis, Alternaria, powdery mildew. For processing 1 ha of beet use 0.5-0.75 l of the drug. The first treatment is carried out in identifying the initial signs of the disease, the second - in 10-14 days. Chemicals that are part of Alto Super, are able to provide protection for 30 days.
  • Winter and spring wheat. Consumption rates and processing period remain the same as for barley.
  • Winter rye. The drug is able to overcome almost all the fungal lesions of this culture. However, it is ineffective in combating clavosporiosis, fusoriosis, and Alternaria. Processing times and rates remain standard for cereals.
Professional agronomists recommend using the tool "Alto Super" in cases where more than 4% of crops are affected. The most favorable time for processing is considered to be the summer period from 6 to 9 am (or from 7 to 9 pm).

Period of protective action

If the fungicide is used according to the instructions and within the time limits specified above, then the period of protective action will last about 40 days. In addition, it should be recalled that the drug begins to act 60 minutes after the end of treatment.

As a result, if you do not delay with repeated treatments, then the crops can be protected for 2 months.


"Alto Super" refers to toxic substances of the third class (low-toxic substances). It does not harm bees and warm-blooded animals, however, it is prohibited to use near water bodies where they breed fish (should be used at a distance no closer than 500 m from water bodies).

It is also forbidden to graze cattle in the field and near them. A special environmental regulation has been drawn up for this preparation:

  • allowed to use at wind speeds of not more than 4-5 m / s,
  • process plants in the evening or morning,
  • limit the treatment area to 2-3 km (in the area to prevent bees).

Term and storage conditions

The drug in an airtight packaged canister can be stored for 3 years from the date of manufacture. Depressurized means must be used at one time, and all that has not been used is disposed of. Store Alto Super in a dark, cool place, protected from sunlight and out of reach of children.

In view of all that has been said in the article, it can be noted that the fungicide “Alto Super” is an excellent assistant to agronomists. For a long time in the world market, the drug has been actively bought and used to fight fungal microorganisms. And if you have not yet seen with your own eyes the effectiveness of the remedy, then we recommend that you try it.

How the remedy works

The active ingredient of the drug with a high speed is absorbed by the plant tissues and distributed to all its parts. This contributes to the effective protection of the ears, stalks and root system, and also eliminates the rinsing of the drug after treatment.

If you follow the rules for making the drug, it does not cause phytotoxicity and is safe for healthy plants. The duration of the protective period is from 4 to 6 weeks.

Alto Super, EC

Combined fungicide of systemic action for the protection of cereal crops from powdery mildew, types of rust, leaf spots, diseases of the ear, and sugar beet - from churches, powdery mildew. The fungicide has a preventive, curative and eradicating effect.

The drug consists of two active substances (propiconazole and cyproconazole), which ideally complement each other. Their combination provides the following benefits:

  • * Broad spectrum of action: suppresses all major diseases of grain crops and sugar beet during the growing season
  • * Universal and flexible application: all major crops (spring and winter wheat, spring and winter barley, winter rye, oats) and sugar beet. Regardless of the stage of development of culture during the growing season.
  • * Crop quality assurance
  • * Fast initial action and long-term protection
  • * Effective preventive and therapeutic effect
  • * Low consumption rates
  • * Excellent rain resistance

ALTO SUPER, CE has a wide spectrum of action. It has both therapeutic and prophylactic action against all major diseases of grain crops, leaves, stem and ear.

The fungicide provides a quick initial action and long-term protection. Most of the active substances are absorbed by the assimilating parts of the plants for 1 hour and spread from the bottom upwards along the stem to the ear and from the base of the leaf to its top, from this moment the drug begins to affect the causative agent. Such a mechanism contributes to the uniform distribution of the active substances throughout the plant and prevents their washing off.

ALTO SUPER, CE has a preventive and curative effect.

The fungicide can effectively stop the infection that has occurred. Due to the fungicidal action, which lasts more than 4 weeks, the plants are most protected in a critical period of growth.

Prophylactic drug treatments effectively protect against the penetration and spread of pathogens through plant tissues and allow you to shift the period of manifestation of the first symptoms to a later one compared to untreated plants. At the same time, even after the onset of symptoms, effective and long-term containment of the development of diseases is provided. Medicinal spray with fungicide actively suppress powdery mildew, brown and yellow rust, regardless of the degree of damage at the time of treatment. In addition, inhibit the development of leaf spots, spike and stem base.

Application of ALTO SUPER, CE in cereal crops

To achieve the best effect, the fungicide is best used in the early stages of disease development. The consumption rate of ALTO SUPER, KE for wheat and barley is 0.4–0.5 l / ha and is sufficient to provide long-term and reliable protection. The drug is compatible in tank mixtures with most of the pesticides and fertilizers used in cereals.

ALTO SUPER, CE on sugar beet

On sugar beet ALTO SUPER, CE is recommended to reduce the development of chalcosporosis, powdery mildew, rust, ramulariosis and phomosis. The first treatment is carried out at a lesion intensity of no more than 4%, the second - after 15–20, depending on the current phytosanitary situation and meteorological conditions.

Compatibility with other pesticides (agrochemicals): The drug is compatible with most pesticides used on cereals. However, in each case, mixed drugs should be checked for compatibility.

Period of protective action: 4-6 weeks with the use of the drug in optimal time.

Impact speed: Most of the active substances are absorbed by the assimilating parts of the plants for 1 hour and spread acropetally through the xylem of the plant, from this moment the effect of the drug on the causative agent begins. Such a mechanism contributes to the uniform distribution of the active substances throughout the plant and prevents their washing off.

Application technology: The cleanliness of the tank, main pipelines and tips, as well as the condition of the entire sprayer is checked before the start of the protective work. Then, the amount and uniformity of water supply through the tips are determined and compared with the calculated data on the working fluid consumption per 1 ha. Spraying is performed in the morning or evening hours in calm weather, not allowing the drug to be removed to neighboring cultures. After completing work on the preparation, thoroughly flush the sprayer and spray equipment.

The procedure for preparing a working fluid: fill заполните of the spray tank with clean water, turn on the stirrer, add the calculated and measured amount of the preparation and continue filling the spray tank with simultaneous mixing. Continue mixing during processing to ensure uniformity of the working mixture. If the device is used in a tank mix with other drugs, add the drugs to the water in the sprayer tank in the following order: * SP> EDC> SC> ALTO SUPER, CE (* - if used in a tank mix of a component in a water-soluble package, dissolve this drug in sprayer tank first). When filling the sprayer tank, the filling hose must always be above the water level to avoid re-suction. The working solution should be used on the day of preparation.

Drug storage: Store the preparation in a dry dark room in the temperature range from –5 ° С to + 35 ° С.

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture.