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How to freeze strawberries? The best way to freeze berries at home


The strawberry season does not last long, as a result, many housewives prefer to harvest berries for the future. One of the common options for the preservation of beneficial properties and the structure of the fruit is considered freezing. The procedure can be performed in many ways, so the technology is not difficult. Especially valuable recommendations are considered in cases where the strawberries are not bought, but collected from their own beds. Consider the actual methods in order, we give practical recommendations.

Preparing dishes for freezing strawberries

  1. If the goal is to get a lot of small portions, use plastic disposable cups or yogurt containers (volume 100-150 gr.). Also cheap and easy storage options are heavy plastic bags or food film.
  2. Some housewives prefer to freeze strawberries in containers for heating food in the microwave. Plastic dishes with lids have a different volume (from 100 g. To 2 kg.), Therefore, to find a suitable container is not difficult. This option is considered optimal, since plastic dishes are convenient to use and quite compact (strawberry containers can be stacked).
  3. Regardless of the type of container chosen, it is important to consider the fact that all forms must be clean. Remove remnants of food and odor in advance (it can be removed with lemon juice). At the same time, strawberries are laid out exclusively in dry dishes / packages.

Preparing strawberries for freezing

  1. Special attention is paid to washing the berries. The procedure must be carried out correctly, otherwise the strawberries will absorb the liquid and become loose. Send the berries into a colander, then lower them several times into a basin of water at room temperature. Drain the garbage, repeat the action again. After that, lay the berries on a cotton towel, leave to dry completely. Do not use napkins, otherwise the softened paper will stick to the surface of the strawberry.

Method number 1. Whole strawberry freeze

  1. To start, wash the berries, move them on a towel, wait 1 hour until the liquid is completely drained. In cases where strawberries are from a country bed, skip this step.
  2. Freezing will be carried out in bags, but berries should not be glued. Put the plastic bag on the cutting board (you can wrap it with food film), put the berries at a short distance from each other.
  3. Try to place the strawberries in rows to freeze evenly. If possible, sort the fruit by placing large to large, and vice versa.
  4. Send a chopping board with strawberries laid out in the freezer, leave for 1 hour. After the allotted time, remove the bag from the board so that the fruits are inside.
  5. Spread the berries throughout the package cavity to save space in the chamber. Tie up, put the product in the freezer. Similarly, freeze the second and subsequent portions.

Method number 2. Frozen chopped strawberries

  1. Many housewives prefer to freeze strawberries in the form of mashed potatoes. After defrosting, the composition can be added to fruit compote, desserts, sauces, etc. On the basis of crushed fruits, everyone's favorite milkshake is prepared, so it makes sense to consider the technology in more detail.
  2. The peculiarity of the procedure is that the berries are ground with sugar, so the mashed potatoes turn out to be sweet. To start, wash the fruit and leave it on a towel to dry.
  3. After that, send the berries to the bowl of the blender, add honey or sugar to taste, grind the composition. Prepare food containers, pour strawberry puree over them, send them in the freezer.
  4. It is not necessary to cook strawberries with sweeteners, some prefer to chop and freeze it without adding sugar / honey. It all depends on personal preference. If possible, choose such a container to fit only 1 portion.

Method number 3. Strawberry freeze with sugar

  1. Preparation of the fruit is similar to the previous methods of freezing. Rinse and dry the berries, take the plastic containers. The volume is unimportant, the fruits will be folded in a solid form.
  2. Wrap a flat dish or chopping board with cling film and place the strawberries on the prepared surface. Send in the freezer for 45-60 minutes, at this time, rinse and dry the containers.
  3. After freezing, remove the fruit, put them in a container, alternating with sugar. The amount depends on personal preference. Upon completion of all manipulations, send the strawberries in the freezer.

Method number 4. Strawberry freeze in syrup

  1. One of the most common options for freezing strawberries is the combination of fruit with sugar syrup. The berries are filled with liquid, then sent to the chamber.
  2. To start, prepare the fruit. Wash each strawberry, then place it on a cotton towel. Leave for 1.5-2 hours until the moisture is completely gone.
  3. At this time, start cooking the syrup. Pick up heat-resistant containers (for example, a saucepan), pour 850 ml. filtered water. Bring the liquid to the first bubbles, reduce power to a minimum.
  4. Sprinkle 275 gr. sugar (preferably cane) or thick honey, mix. Add 30 ml. lemon juice (or 3 grams of acid). Tomite the mass until the grains are completely dissolved.
  5. Place the berries in a container, pour the strawberries with the syrup cooled to room temperature. Cover with a lid, leaving a small hole. Freeze for 10 hours, then cork tightly and store in the freezer.

Method number 5. Freezing strawberries in ice briquettes

  1. The option of freezing berries is suitable for people who are planning to hold an incendiary party (ice cubes are added to alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails).
  2. The end product looks like this: you see strawberries wrapped in ice, and the shape is a square or a rectangle (depending on the ice cells).

Consider freezing whole or chopped strawberries. Prepare the berries with sugar syrup or honey, pack the fruits in ice molds. Prepare smoothies, pies, milkshakes, use the preparation as an independent dish.

Strawberries can be frozen in three different ways:

  • freeze whole berries
  • freeze strawberries with sugar (if the berries are large, you can cut them into pieces)
  • grind in a blender or knead with sugar

To choose the right way of freezing, it is better to decide in advance which dishes the berry goes to. I do not like just thawed Victoria, it is very watery. Most often, it is used to make fresh mashed potatoes (crushed with sugar) or compotes. Therefore, more often I freeze sliced ​​in containers, a little sprinkled with sugar. In this form, it takes up less space than the whole.

What is the use of strawberries?

Of course, to know how to freeze strawberries at home is very important, but you also need to understand why this should be done, that is, what can be useful berries?

First of all it should be noted that the berries are low-calorie, for the most part consist of water and contain almost no fat. But they have glucose, fructose, useful peptides, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and other useful minerals. In addition, strawberries contain numerous acids, such as oxalic, malic, ascorbic.

Useful tips

Before turning to specific recipes on how to freeze strawberries, let's talk about the general principles of picking and preparing the berries for further storage. The main useful postulates for this process are as follows:

  • Country strawberries are recommended to be collected in the earliest morning hours (before the dew fell), this will provide you with the most fragrant collection.
  • Taste qualities of berries are significantly reduced in the period of strong heat or immediately after heavy rainfall.
  • The berries collected from the garden are not recommended to be washed, the dirt should be cleaned, simply by wiping or blowing them. This recommendation is relevant only if the strawberry is immediately frozen.
  • If you buy products for harvesting in the store, the rule mentioned above is canceled, be sure to rinse them thoroughly.
  • If you wash strawberries, make sure that they are completely dry before freezing.
  • Only fresh berries are allowed for processing and storage, without damage, without greenery, without sepals.
  • Strawberries can not be frozen again, so be careful when using your stock.

Recipe 1: freeze whole

What is the best way to freeze whole strawberries? This recipe is one of the easiest. To start, pick and clean the berries, wash them if necessary, and then completely dry them. Then prepare the container for initial storage. For these purposes, even the usual tray will fit, on top of which a clean food film is placed, on which the berries are stored in one layer. Then the improvised container is placed in the freezer for a couple of hours, until the berries become harder.

The next step in how to freeze strawberries at home is to put the berries in clean bags (made of cellophane) and place them in the freezer on an ongoing basis. Please note that the preparatory stage described above is very important; without it, the berries will simply stick together in a package into a sticky mash.

Recipe 2: Strawberry Puree

Answering the question of how best to freeze strawberries, it is necessary to take into account the ultimate goals for which the harvesting is carried out. If you plan to use berries for the further preparation of mashed potatoes, yoghurts, cocktails or even ice cream, then the following solution will suit you perfectly well.

So, strawberries can be crushed to a state of homogeneous mass. To do this, you need to select large ripe berries without damage, rinse them thoroughly, and if necessary, remove the sepals and tails. Then the strawberries are dried and sent to the blender. In addition to berries, sugar should be added to the bowl of the device. Each mistress determines his amount to his taste, however in most cases about 300 grams of sand are taken for 1 kilogram of raw materials.

A small, but important piece of advice: after you have pounded the berries into a state of puree, you can rub the resulting mass through a sieve, in which case you can get rid of small soft stones. However, such an action is not mandatory. Spread the strawberries over the previously prepared clean forms and place them in the freezer.

Recipe 3: berries with sugar

In the article above you can find a recipe on how strawberries are harvested, mashed with sugar. Frozen berries can be stored for the winter with sugar and an even simpler method. This recipe will require exceptionally fresh and unripe strawberries, without rot and other external damage. It should be placed in a clean container, sprinkle with sugar on top (in a ratio of 1 kilogram - 200 grams), and then close the selected container with a tight lid. Place it all the same in the freezer.

Recipe 4: berries with syrup

Answers to the question of how to freeze strawberries correctly can be not only standard, but also very unusual. So, if you want to do the preparation for a short period of time (up to 6 months), try to implement the recipe with syrup. This will require:

  • select large ripe berries, wash and dry them thoroughly,
  • put the selected raw material in a plastic, pre-prepared container,
  • prepare sugar syrup from boiled water and sand (4 to 1),
  • Pour the syrup into the container with the berries.

Recipe 5: berries in ice

How to freeze strawberries in the fridge for cosmetic purposes or for making drinks? The easiest tip is ice with a berry. To do this, you will need to purchase ordinary containers for freezing water, in each of which, in addition to boiled liquid, you will need to put one clean and delicious strawberry. The containers are then sent to the freezer and used over the next few months. They can be added to alcoholic cocktails, juices, soft drinks. In addition, these ice cubes are very well used to refresh the skin on a hot day.

Now you know how to freeze strawberries. Clearly observing all the rules and recommendations specified in a specific recipe, you can count on an excellent result, preserving the taste and aroma of these beautiful gifts of summer.

The benefits of frozen strawberries

If we consider the question of how useful frozen strawberries are, then it should be recalled that when fruits and vegetables are frozen, more vitamins and nutrients are stored than during cooking, sterilization, drying, etc. Properly frozen berries contain the same vitamin composition, the same caloric content as and fresh. After defrosting strawberries are used in the same way as unfrozen: you can just eat berries, you can add them to other dishes and drinks, use them as fillings for pies, make cosmetic face masks, etc. Vitamins in frozen strawberries retain all their properties. 100 g of strawberries contain a daily dose of vitamin C. According to the content of vitamin B9, strawberries exceed grapes, raspberries and other fruits. Fresh strawberries have a beneficial effect because they have:

  • anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties (well helps with colds and inflammatory processes of the nasopharynx, with cholelithiasis, diseases of the joints, etc.),
  • ability to regulate blood sugar,
  • high iodine content (useful for treating the thyroid gland),
  • high iron content (used to treat anemia),
Fresh strawberries, frozen without the addition of sugar, retain the same caloric content as unfrozen - 36-46 kcal per 100 g. Strawberries effectively eliminate the unpleasant smell from the mouth.

Selection of strawberries for freezing

For freezing it is important to select the berries correctly. It does not matter how you are going to freeze strawberries for the winter (whole, in the form of strawberry puree, with sugar, etc.), it does not matter whether you buy strawberries in the market or collect them in your garden, there are general rules that you shouldn’t neglect worth it. They guarantee you that frozen strawberries will be delicious, and the benefits of it - the maximum. For freezing should be selected strawberries:

    ripe, but not overripe and without spoiling (over-ripened strawberries will spread when thawed, may give a “drunken” taste. Alternatively, overripe strawberries (but without rotten straws) are suitable for making and freezing strawberry puree),

thick and dry (less water - less ice, which will dilute strawberry juice when defrosting, will affect the taste),

medium size (freezes faster and better),

fragrant and sweet (after defrosting you get both flavor and sweetness). Determining this is not difficult - you need to smell and try,

  • fresh. The freshness is indicated by the elasticity of the berries, luster, green tails on the berries and strawberry flavor. Owners of dachas and gardens are recommended to pick strawberries early in the morning (until the dew has fallen) or in the evening at sunset.
  • Preparing strawberries before freezing

    Before freezing strawberries should be prepared:overripe, rotted and damaged berries to choose. Remaining - to wash. Some gardeners have advised not to wash strawberries grown on their own plots, but to blow them with a hair dryer, in order not to damage the protective film on berries that protect strawberries from bacteria. However, the fact is that the most dangerous are not the bacteria, but the helminth eggs, which can be in the ground and get when watering or when it rains on the berries. It is necessary to wash strawberries in stagnant water, in a large bowl (washing in a colander under the tap is undesirable - berries will be damaged, juice will go) in small portions (so as not to crush each other). During washing, remove the stem. If you plan to freeze whole berries, then it is better to leave them - strawberries will keep their shape well and will not lose juice.

    Washed berries are best neatly laid out on a flannel / paper towel or plywood sheet to dry (on paper or wood it is better to put a plastic wrap).

    Selection and preparation of dishes for freezing strawberries

    Plastic dishes are most suitable for freezing strawberries (a huge assortment of such dishes of various shapes and sizes are on sale). Cellophane or polyethylene are also suitable, but they are easily torn from the cold. The main requirement for the dishes:

    • no odor,
    • clean
    • dry.

    The size of the dishes depends on the number of consumers. It is desirable to freeze portions - in one container should contain the amount of strawberries, which can be eaten at a time. Repeated freezing is not allowed.

    Strawberry Freeze Methods

    Strawberry frost - It's not as easy as it seems: folded strawberries in a bag and placed in the freezer. Of course, it is possible to freeze in this way, but the result will not be the same as we would like. Существуют разные способы заморозки клубники, при помощи которых ягоды сохраняют форму, свои уникальные свойства, аромат и вкус.

    Заморозка целых ягод клубники

    Наиболее правильным будет использование предварительной заморозки: подготовленные высушенные ягоды выкладывают одним слоем на поднос или тарелку (они не должны соприкасаться друг с другом). Then the tray is placed for 2-3 hours in the freezer in fast freezing mode (“Super Freeze”).

    After that, the berries can be put into bags or containers and put in the freezer for further freezing and storage. Such berries will not lose their shape.

    If you want to decorate a glass of champagne or sparkling wine, you can freeze the whole berry in the ice. Prepared berries should be put in ice molds, pour clean water and freeze.

    Strawberries with sugar

    Before freezing strawberries with sugar, you need to choose the option that is acceptable to you (in time, labor intensity, amount of sugar):

      freezing whole berries with sugar. Per kilogram of berries will need 300 grams of sugar (slightly crushed in a blender or coffee grinder) or powder. Prepared berries (without stem) must be laid out in layers on the bottom of the container, pouring with powdered sugar. Leave for 2-3 hours in the fridge and transfer the strawberries to another container, pouring the syrup into the same place. After that, close the container and freeze in the freezer,

    the same option, but without syrup. Pour berries into powder and immediately freeze them,

    Frozen shredded strawberries with sugar. The ratio of strawberries and sugar is 1 x 1. Prepared strawberries (overripe berries are suitable for this recipe) are poured with sugar and crushed with a blender.

    The mixture is placed in containers (plastic cups, ice molds) and frozen. It should be borne in mind that the nutritional value of strawberries frozen in this way increases to 96-100 kcal.

    Strawberry Puree Frost

    From strawberries can be cooked and freeze strawberry puree. Prepared strawberries (without fruit stalks) should be ground with a blender (mince, grind through a sieve, etc.). The resulting mass is placed in containers (cups) and freeze. Sugar can be added after defrosting. For a change, they practice pouring pureed strawberries on such mashed potatoes and freezing them. Frozen puree is also great for face masks, lotions and scrubs.

    Selection of berries and their preparation

    • Many recipes for freezing strawberries begin with recommendations for washing them thoroughly and removing their sepals. But this is not true. The secret of this berry is that it should not be washed before freezing. Therefore, you need to choose only the ideal berries, without any flaws.
    • Tails from them, too, can not be torn off, otherwise the integrity of the berries will be broken, and moisture and air will penetrate into it. This will prevent its long-term storage.
    • Best kept fresh, only picked berries. They should not be too ripe and soft, otherwise they will lose their shape when defrosting.
    • In the berries of late varieties less moisture than in the early fruits.
    • If you can not do without washing strawberries, then you should refer to the secret of Italian culinary specialists. They rinse the berries with white wine and dry them thoroughly.

    The benefits of frozen strawberries

    If it is correct to freeze and defrost a miracle berry, then it does not lose its beneficial properties. What is rich in frozen strawberries?

    1. The amount of vitamin C in it can be compared with lemon or black currant. For example, in five berries it is the same as in one orange.
    2. Folic acid, which is necessary for expectant mothers and those who are planning a pregnancy.
    3. It has a lot of pectin, which helps digestion, as well as antioxidants and fiber, which rid the body of toxins.
    4. Minerals and trace elements - magnesium, iodine, potassium, copper and others.
    5. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for the full development of the child, prevent the occurrence of inflammation, regulate hormonal balance and much more.

    Strawberry Freeze Technology

    There are several options for freezing strawberries for the winter. The easiest way is as follows:

    1. Berries are folded into bags with clasps or into ordinary ones that need to be tightly tied.
    2. Packages are placed in rectangular trays and freeze.
    3. Then they are put in the freezer without trays.

    How to freeze strawberries for the winter (video)

    It should follow these rules:

    • Considering that the thawed berries cannot be re-frozen, you need to freeze them in small portions,
    • it is better to put strawberries in the freezer on a flat surface, let it froze a little, and then fold it into a bag and tray.

    Another way to freeze is as follows:

    1. Kiss, unwashed strawberries cleaned from tails and dipped in icing sugar.
    2. Put it in layers in a container, pouring powder on each layer.
    3. The container is placed in the freezer. It is important that the strawberries did not have time to put the juice.

    Method number 3:

    1. Washed and peeled berries are crushed with a blender.
    2. Sugar is added to this mass, and everything is mixed.
    3. Berry puree is folded in plastic containers, covered with lids and frozen.
    4. An economical variation of this method is the folding of the strawberry mixture into plastic cups, which after freezing are placed in bags.

    Rules for storage and defrosting

    Berries need to be stored at a temperature of 18-22 degrees below zero. If they were frozen quickly and correctly, then they can be stored in the freezer without loss of properties and taste for up to 9 months. At a temperature of -15 berries are stored no more than six months. And if the temperature is at least three degrees higher, then no more than 3 months. At the same time packages should lie freely, and not in several layers.

    Thaw berries should be thawed slowly, the recommended temperature is about zero. This is best done on the top shelf of the refrigerator.

    Recipes and Uses

    After defrosting strawberries can be used in various recipes. The strawberry is also suitable as a filling for pies, pies, pancakes, with it you can make a variety of desserts and drinks. It is always delicious. There are several interesting recipes for desserts made from frozen strawberries.

    Pie in a multivariate

    A set of products: one and a half cups of flour, half a cup of sugar, a bag of baking powder, a lemon peel, 2 eggs, a half cup of sweet yogurt, a glass of strawberry.

    Cooking sequence:

    • mix flour, sugar and baking powder,
    • pour them yogurt, 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil, lemon zest,
    • Beat the eggs and add to the dough too,
    • the last to put the berries, mix all gently,
    • in a slow cooker, bake at the “pastry” mode for 1 hour, and in the oven - at 180 degrees for 45 minutes.

    Strawberry ice cream, or sorbet

    You can do it like this:

    • zest of 2 lemons and orange mix with a glass of sugar and an incomplete glass of water, cook until thick, 10 minutes and cool,
    • squeeze the juice out of citrus,
    • mix it with a kilo of strawberries and syrup, skip everything through a blender,
    • put the dessert in containers and place in the freezer,
    • defrost as necessary for 30 minutes.

    Strawberry smoothie

    Half a cup of frozen strawberries, a glass of fruit yogurt, a third of a glass of orange juice mixed in a blender. The drink is served in a glass with a straw, decorated with strawberry berry. You can substitute yogurt with a glass of cold milk and add banana and a little cinnamon instead of orange juice.

    Frozen Strawberry Jelly

    For it you need: 3 glasses of water, half a kilo of berries, half a cup of sugar and a spoon with a slide of gelatin. It is diluted in a glass of ice water and left for 2 hours. Then heated in a water bath, preventing boiling. Thawed berries are crushed, the juice is separated, and mashed potatoes, filled with water, boiled with sugar for about 10 minutes. Pour juice, full-blown gelatin into cooled mash, mix and pour into silicone molds. At the bottom they can be put on a pair of berries. The dessert is placed in the refrigerator until thick.

    What is useful frozen strawberries

    You can talk endlessly about the benefits of strawberries, and today I will not consider in detail the merits of this wonderful berry, I can only say that it contains the main micro and macronutrients necessary for our body, a lot of vitamin C and E, folic and nicotinic acid, and succinic, salicylic, malic acid.

    Strawberries are useful for maintaining immunity, for improving the work of the endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular systems, for the whole digestive tract. Doctors are allowed to use this tender berry for patients with diabetes, which indicates that they belong to dietary products. More details about everything can be found in the article Strawberry-Vitamin Pill.

    Frozen strawberries preserve the maximum of all nutrients, so we can eat it all year round, especially since every house has a fridge with a freezer, and many people buy special chambers for deep freezing in order to preserve a long-grown crop.

    If possible, always freeze berries grown in your garden or purchased from private traders in the market. They are much more useful than imported strawberries, which can be seen all year round on the shelves of supermarkets. In the process of its transportation and storage of nutrients is lost, and to the greatest extent this applies to vitamins.

    If you correctly freeze strawberries for the winter, you can save up to 80-90% of the vitamins contained in fresh berries. Vitamins C and B groups are practically not lost during freezing, their losses occur in the process of preparing the berries for freezing.

    Basic rules for freezing strawberries for the winter

    Freezing strawberries at home is not at all difficult, but there are certain rules that need to be followed in order to preserve as much of the most useful as possible and get not only pleasure from the taste of strawberries, but also the maximum benefit. Let's follow these rules now. Here are the basic rules for freezing strawberries.

    • Berries for freezing we select ripe, but firm, without the slightest signs of damage, mold and dark spots.
    • Freezing, even at very low temperatures, does not kill microorganisms; therefore, before freezing, the berries must be picked and rinsed thoroughly. This should be done carefully along with the stalk to keep the berries safe and sound. Then remove the stem by hand or using a special device.
    • It is better not to use metal nets and colanders, but to use plastic dishes, since organic acids are able to interact with metals, and eventually some of the vitamins will be destroyed.
    • To freeze the berries in small portions so that all the berries in the package have time to quickly and completely freeze. I really love freezing any berries and fruits in micro doses.
    • To ensure proper storage of frozen berries is possible only in freezers with a temperature not higher than -18 degrees Celsius. At higher temperatures, it will not be possible to preserve the beneficial properties of the berries, and the risk of bacterial growth is high.
    • Plastic containers or plastic bags can be used for freezing. It is necessary to ensure maximum tightness, as modern cameras dry all moisture that can be stored inside the package. Hermetic packaging will not allow foreign smells to penetrate inside and spoil the taste and aroma of berries.

    Is it possible to re-freeze thawed berries?

    Do not freeze the berries again, and if they are thawed for some reason, they must be used immediately. Correct cooking for freezing single servings. If you freeze the berries, which are already slightly defrosted, then almost all the vitamins in them will already be destroyed, and besides, the probability of reproduction of microbes is great.

    Freezer or refrigerator?

    It is more correct to freeze strawberries in the freezer, such household freezers provide fast freezing and very low temperatures, down to -40 degrees. But not every family has such a special chamber, so freeze the berries in the freezers of conventional refrigerators, where the temperature is 18 degrees.

    Berry to berry

    The most common way is to preserve whole berries, most housewives do just that. I myself almost always choose this method! To achieve this, the washed berries must be dried, spreading them on a towel so that the berries do not touch.

    Large berries should be stored in the cut form, but in order to get a berry to a berry separately, small but strong fruits are needed. When excess moisture is removed, strawberries are laid out on any flat pallets, you can use regular cutting boards.

    In this form, the berries are sent to the freezer for quick freezing. If your refrigerator allows it, set the maximum temperature in its freezer.

    The field of full freezing of berries can be shifted into containers or plastic bags for storage. This method allows you to keep the berries intact, and their taste and unique flavor after thawing are preserved. It is very convenient to use plastic containers of the same size, which are placed on each other and take up less space.

    How to freeze strawberries with sugar for the winter

    Strawberries, frozen with sugar, it is very convenient to use when cooking jelly, cocktails, ice cream, homemade yogurt, used as a filling for pies, add to cottage cheese, season with pancakes. Each housewife has her own cooking recipe, someone prefers to freeze strawberries with sugar, cut it into pieces and sprinkle sugar, and someone likes to chop strawberries before freezing.

    Frozen sliced ​​strawberries

    If you have large berries, after their preparation (that is, washed and dried) cut into 2, and preferably into 4 pieces, put in a container in layers, pouring each layer of sugar or powdered sugar. I liked the variant with icing sugar very much. The amount of sugar - to your own taste. For reference, here are the proportions:

    Caster sugar or granulated sugar - 100 g.

    But you should not take too large containers, rather small ones, no more than 4 centimeters in height, so that inside all the slices of berries quickly froze.

    Freeze strawberry puree

    Conveniently and quickly freeze strawberries with mashed sugar. It is possible to grind berries manually with a wooden or plastic tolkushka, or with the help of a blender, it does not play a special role. Sugar in strawberry puree add to taste, which depends on the variety of strawberries, on its ripeness and on their own preferences. About 200 grams of sugar is taken per kilogram of berries. You can use icing sugar.

    If the original sugar was not enough, you can always add it after thawing. If the freezer is small and you want to freeze everything and as much as possible, then it is very convenient to freeze strawberry puree in small plastic containers, and after complete freezing, transfer the resulting briquettes into separate plastic bags. Saving space is significant.

    I propose to look at the video, how originally the hostess came up with freezing strawberries with sugar.

    How to defrost strawberries

    It is important not only to freeze properly, but also to defrost strawberries. Microwave defrosting is not suitable for berries, especially if you have frozen them completely. Berries will spread and lose their taste and aroma. The best way is to put the container in the refrigerator chamber, where the positive temperature is preserved, and the defrosting process will be most natural. But you can defrost at room temperature.

    Use the thawed strawberries immediately, it doesn’t matter if there are some ice crystals in it, it’s better than to wait until the strawberries turn into a shapeless mass.

    Frozen Strawberry Milkshake

    A great way to indulge yourself with a tasty drink is to make a milkshake. It is very simple to prepare with a blender or mixer, literally 5 minutes.

    • Place a glass or a briquette of ice cream in the bowl of the blender (creamy, sundae, vanilla),
    • If you decide to make ice cream yourself, you will find a detailed step-by-step recipe with photos in the article How to make ice cream at home
    • Add a glass of chilled milk and a serving of frozen strawberries. Focus on your own preferences, for 2 servings of a cocktail, take about 100 - 150 grams of strawberries.
    • Whisk everything until smooth for 1 to 2 minutes - a fragrant cool cocktail is ready.

    Strawberry - cottage cheese dessert

    A very useful and tasty dessert can be made from cottage cheese, yogurt and frozen strawberries. For its preparation, we need a pack of cottage cheese, 1/2 cup of natural yogurt and a briquette of strawberries frozen with sugar (200 - 300 grams). If for cooking this dish you take strawberries, frozen whole without sugar, then add sugar or icing sugar to taste.

    Thaw strawberries, add all products to the blender bowl and beat for 3 - 5 minutes. It turns out a homogeneous curd mass with strawberry flavor, which both children and adults eat with pleasure for breakfast.

    Strawberry Cheesecake

    I bake my favorite cottage cheese cake very often, add berries or fruits to my cheese, which are on hand, frozen strawberries among them.

    Dough: Sift 2 cups of flour in a bowl, add 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 tsp. гашеной соды или ложечку разрыхлителя и 1/2 пачки натертого на крупной терке сливочного масла, предварительно охлажденного. Все перетереть руками в крошку.

    Начинка: Взбить миксером 2 яйца и 1/2 стакана сахара, добавить пачку творога и примерно стакан размороженной клубники, перемешать.

    Приготовление: Форму застелить пергаментом, выложить половину или немного больше крошки, затем начинку и сверху оставшееся тесто. Put in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees, reduce the heat and bake until cooked. It takes me about 40 minutes at 180 degrees. But here it is difficult to give accurate recommendations, everyone has different ovens, so you should look at the appearance - the cake should be reddened.

    You can also make a smoothie with strawberries, in the article I brought many different recipes, you can always replace fresh strawberries with frozen ones.

    And let's not forget about yourself, loved ones. While we are busy with business, we will prepare a strawberry mask for the face and décolleté. Do not forget about the neck. You will find the mask recipes in the article Strawberry - a natural helper in facial skin care.

    Dear readers, I will be glad if you share your secrets of strawberry freezing for the winter. And for the soul and mood, we'll see a great video clip. Flowers are dancing! Very beautiful. Give yourself moments of joy ..

    I tried to freeze strawberries, but after defrosting, it turned into a mess with me. You will not eat half defrosted, and if you defrost it to the end, it’s not the same (. Her structure is very tender. And we have been eating fresh too lately. We don’t have ours, we have to buy, but it becomes more expensive every year. Therefore, we want to eat plenty of vitamins ).

    I do not get it to freeze, I eat strawberries fresh and in large quantities. Even the jam stopped cooking.

    Whole berries take up a lot of storage space. Pounded strawberries are the most convenient option for those who still have mushrooms, cucumbers and other snacks to be stored somewhere. There is another version of dried berries, but this is if you have strawberry fields

    Every year we freeze strawberries, and then we eat them so sweetly throughout the winter! Making cocktails and pies.

    Irina, thank you for the valuable information on freezing strawberries. Stock up on it for the winter and then remembering the summer with snow sometimes Summer is so wonderful!

    Yes, I, unfortunately, do not get it. All kilograms of actually grown strawberries, like raspberries, are immediately “absorbed” by family, children and grandchildren. And how nice to enjoy some observations of these "processes"!

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    Basic rules

    1. Always use quality and carefully selected berries.
    2. Work only with clean, dry, odorless dishes, new bags and cling film.
    3. Try to minimize processing time and freeze the strawberries as quickly as possible.
    4. Never work with wet berries.
    5. Do not leave strawberries open for more than 24 hours in the freezer.
    6. Freeze spend in the section for quick freezing.
    7. Observe the temperature regimes recommended by the manufacturer of your household appliances and do not store berries in fast freezing sections, but only in long-term storage compartments.
    8. Never re-freeze strawberries.

    Choosing the right berries

    To freeze strawberries with high quality, enjoy the taste of your favorite summer berry all winter and not be disappointed in this method of storage, first of all you need to take care of the correct choice of the strawberry itself.

    Do not freeze:

    • overripe or immature berries,
    • damaged strawberries,
    • too large strawberries
    • berries picked or marketed first and last.

    If you want to succeed, try to choose small or at least medium, dry and dense berries and give preference to varieties with dark colored pulp. They have improved characteristics for transportation, long-term storage and freezing.

    Rules for preparing berries:

    1. Strawberries, intended for freezing, carefully sort out and immediately discard all overripe, trampled and damaged berries.
    2. It depends on whether you use your own or purchased strawberries whether you need to wash it before freezing. If you use homemade strawberries and it is clean, then do not wash it, but simply sort it and separate the contaminated. Wash and dry market berries. Wash them not under running water, but in a large bowl, handle berries as gently as possible.
    3. Let the water drain using a plastic or aluminum (but not iron) colander or sieve, but rather remove the berries with your hands in small portions.
    4. Lay strawberries in a single layer on paper or cloth towels. Do not freeze it in any way wet, just washed.

    Do not remove the stalk from the strawberry before freezing, if possible.. It is this mistake that is the main reason why strawberries completely lose their shape, become too watery and after defrosting turns into ordinary gruel or slimy mashed potatoes with a huge amount of water.

    Saving space is not so big an advantage (and indeed a relative one) to sacrifice quality in favor of dubious arguments. Of course, after defrosting, the stalks will have to be removed, and if this does not suit you, then remove them from the berries that you plan to use not in compotes.

    The best ways to freeze strawberries

    There are four main methods of freezing strawberries in the freezer:

    1. In containers or packages.
    2. Fast freezing of berries without folding in containers.
    3. Sugar freeze.
    4. Strawberry puree preparation.

    Let's get acquainted with the features of each method closer.

    In containers, containers and packages

    This method of storing strawberries in the freezer is rightly called fast. It is not too careful, but reliable, however, it requires a considerable amount of space and badly preserves the shape of the berries. The main advantages of such a blank:

    1. Preservation of taste.
    2. Lack of injury with multiple shifts.
    3. Creating a stable environment at an early stage, and hence better storage.
    4. Save time and effort.

    For freezing use:

    • plastic and disposable containers and trays,
    • special freezer containers,
    • plastic bags and plastic bags for freezing,
    • cut plastic bottles.

    Freezing in bags largely loses plastic containers. Plastic bags allow you to save space and place the strawberries after freezing more productively, but cellophane loses some protective properties during prolonged freezing:

    • easy to tear and damage,
    • does not provide good protection against injury to berries,
    • does not impede the full penetration of air,
    • does not protect against temperature fluctuations.

    When freezing strawberries in separate containers or packages, you should remember the basic rules:

    1. From the very beginning, strawberries should be divided into portions sufficient to consume the berries at one time. In no case can it be re-frozen, so after removing the container or package you will need to immediately use the berries.
    2. All strawberry freezing containers should be selected according to the size of the serving and carefully prepared, washed and dried. Ensure the integrity of the packages and the density of the strings or as a closing mechanism.
    3. If you use containers, fill them with berries, trying to fill the container as tightly as possible. Close the lids and place the containers in the freezer in the quick freeze section.
    4. To freeze in bags, place a portion of the berries in them, let off all the air and put the strawberries in the freezer.
    5. After freezing, transfer containers and bags to the storage section.

    Defrost options for this method:

    • at room temperature without taking out of the container,
    • slow defrosting on the top shelf of the refrigerator,
    • in the microwave.

    Instant freezing of whole berries

    This is a simple, but far from the fastest and quality way to freeze strawberries. It involves the direct placement of strawberries in the freezer without any containers or packages. If the berries do not touch each other, their shape is perfectly preserved, but when frozen one by one, they are severely injured.

    As a result of the rapid freezing and in fact the freezing of all the aromatic substances, the berries considerably lose their taste and aroma, and after defrosting they do not keep their natural shape. Strawberries frozen by this method are always more watery, but the berries do not stick together, you can use them in the right quantity, and not pull out the whole batch.

    The freezing process itself is simple:

    1. At the bottom of the tray for quick freezing lined film. You can use additional boards or plates, also wrapping them with cling film.
    2. Strawberries are laid out so that the berries do not touch each other and are sent to a quick freeze until complete freezing. If there are a lot of berries or the ideal shape is not important, they can simply be spread in 1-2 layers.
    3. Berries are poured into any convenient package or box and stored for storage in other compartments of the freezer.

    Defrost options for this method:

    • at room temperature, separating the right amount of strawberries and sprinkling it with sugar,
    • slow defrosting on the top shelf of the refrigerator,
    • use without defrosting for fillings, drinks, desserts, sorbets.

    Strawberries, frozen with sugar

    This method is considered the most gentle method of preserving strawberries for the winter. During freezing in sugar, the berries themselves harden gradually, partially giving away their juice. In fact, such a freeze can be called freezing in its own juice. As a result of preserving the sugar, the berries sometimes lose their shape, but they completely preserve both their flavor and taste, and most importantly, their freshness.. And after thawing, instead of watery juice, you will have a ready syrup.

    But there are also disadvantages in freezing with sugar: this option requires a lot of space and time.

    For 1 kg of strawberries, you need to use about 1 cup of sugar (the smaller the sugar, the better) or powdered sugar.

    The process of freezing strawberries with sugar consists of the following steps:

    1. After the berries are prepared for freezing, they are poured together with fine sugar or powdered sugar in a free bowl or container.
    2. The container is placed in the refrigerator for several hours so that the strawberries secrete juice.
    3. As soon as the juice appears, the berries with sugar are put in containers for freezing and filled with the remaining liquid.
    4. Tanks with strawberries in their own juice put in the freezer and completely frozen.

    There are other options:

    • strawberries are spread directly into the tray and sprinkled with sugar, and then frozen without thawing,
    • berries are frozen by the method of fast freezing, and then they are poured with sugar in trays.

    Defrost options for this method:

    • slow defrosting on the top shelf of the refrigerator,
    • use without defrosting and in drinks.