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What are the benefits and harm of pickles?


Salted cucumbers have long been densely included in the diet of many people. This vegetable came to us from India. Even then, people realized that to keep it fresh for a long time will not work. Therefore, an idea appeared - to pickle cucumbers. Since then, the vegetable has become a wonderful snack and got a new life in such an unusual format. Now it is difficult to imagine a holiday table without salads containing this product.

However, despite the popularity of pickled cucumbers, many cannot exactly say if they are useful or harmful. Of course, fresh, this vegetable brings the body a lot of necessary substances and elements. However, do they persist after salting? For many, this causes some doubts. And of course, there is a lot of controversy about the dangers of pickles.

The benefits of pickled cucumbers in the diet

One of the key aspects is the presence of a large amount of organic acids in this product. They have a positive effect on the microflora of the body. In addition, the use of pickled cucumbers is manifested in the presence of the following substances:

· Minerals (sodium, calcium, iron, copper, etc.).

It is worth noting a large number of fermented milk bacteria contained in salted cucumber. Very often the body suffers from their lack, due to the fact that they are destroyed when we suffer from viral infections. Therefore, the replenishment of bacteria becomes an important aspect of proper diet. In this case, the use of pickled cucumbers extends to several areas of the body's activity at once. Among them:

· Decrease in cholesterol,

· Improvement of the general state of metabolism,

· Optimization of blood pressure.

An additional advantage "in the piggy bank" of the beneficial properties of a pickled cucumber is its richness in vitamin C. This is a very important element that is directly involved in the treatment of scurvy and certain diseases of the oral cavity. Also, it is simply necessary for vitamin deficiency.

Seriously, the consumption of pickled cucumbers affects the psycho-emotional state of a person. The effect of this product on the nervous system is manifested in a marked decrease in muscle tension. That is why, under stress and neurosis, one often wants to eat a few pickled cucumbers. They are really able to reduce anxiety and improve the general condition.

Healthy lifestyle and pickled cucumbers

For many, the use of pickles in the metabolic process is not obvious. However, it should be noted that this product copes with constipation, thanks to special fiber. It normalizes the condition of the intestines and acts as a laxative. By the way, people suffering from poor appetite, pickles can also help. They are encouraged to use it brine, although the vegetables themselves will bring a lot of benefits.

Despite such a “rich inner world,” cucumber retains a very low calorie content, which is especially pleasant for weight-lifting people. It is imperative that this vegetable is very rich in sodium. It is perfect for those who are actively involved in sports or just loves physical activity. Yes, and an ordinary person a portion of such a useful mineral never hurts.

It is not surprising that many people who strive for an active and correct lifestyle include pickled cucumbers in their diet. It brings great benefits, in particular:

· Saturates the body with oxygen

· Reduces the negative impact of alcoholic beverages.

Another plus in the direction of consumption of this vegetable is the presence of fiber, which, in turn, is rich in iodine. It is perfectly absorbed and brings great benefits to the human body. All the reasons described make salted cucumbers a great addition to many diets. Moreover, some options are even based on this product. The benefits of pickled cucumbers, in this case, manifested in their effectiveness in losing weight.

What is the harm from pickles?

Despite the huge number of important trace elements, even this product can adversely affect our health. Most often, the harm from pickles manifests itself in the body's digestive system. Especially unpleasant effect on an already unhealthy stomach, which only suffers from the consumption of lactic acid. Consumption of this product is not recommended for people with the following diseases:

Also, the harm from pickles will be acutely felt by people suffering from ailments associated with the pancreas. Another diagnosis that is not recommended to use this product is atherosclerosis. It is necessary to understand that any food is good in moderation. Excessive passion for pickles can lead to a sharp drop in pressure, which is very bad for people predisposed to cardiovascular diseases.

Doctors recommend extremely cautious about this product for pregnant women. Of course, it is not prohibited in this position, but the amount should be moderate. Also, do not give too many pickles to young children. They can adversely affect the work of the kidneys.

Important factors that are affected by excessive consumption of pickled cucumbers are the condition of tooth enamel and increased appetite. The latter is especially dangerous for people who are prone to corpulence and suffering from obesity. However, in general, the harm from pickled cucumbers is virtually absent with moderate consumption and the absence of contraindications.

Myths about the dangers of pickled cucumbers

Even with the popularity of pickles, many still doubt their positive properties. In addition, a huge number of myths are being created that cause skepticism about the benefits of consuming this product. In general, it is worth noting that most people ignore these errors. However, it is important to examine them in more detail in order to know exactly what exactly should be believed and what is not.

1. Some people believe that pickles can cause poisoning. But do not rush to blame this product in such ailments. Especially if all norms and standards were observed during storage. In general, pickles are no more harmful than any other vegetables.

2. For someone, the conviction that pickles contribute to weight gain was obvious. Of course, this is a myth, because the caloric content of this product is almost zero. However, the origin of this error can be attributed to the fact that pickled cucumbers retain water in the body. Therefore, immediately after their consumption, the weight may increase slightly.

3. Another myth convinces of the dangers of pickles for cosmetic procedures. Of course, a mask based on them will not benefit the skin, but you will not notice any tangible negative changes either. Any procedures should be carried out exclusively with fresh vegetables.

In general, the benefits of salted cucumbers or their harm manifest themselves depending on how reasonably they are consumed. A moderate amount of vegetables will only bring improvements to a healthy person. The main thing is to be in harmony with your body and not overload it with unnecessary tests.

Calorie content

Many people mistakenly believe that cucumber is an unhealthy product due to the fact that it consists of 95% water. This is not entirely true for two reasons:

  1. Firstly, the water that is contained in the vegetable is crystal clear. In comparison with it will not go ordinary plumbing, even if passed through several filters. The purest liquid from the cucumber is good because it reduces the load on the kidneys and is well involved in the metabolism.
  2. Secondly, those substances that are contained in the remaining 5% of the weight of a cucumber are sufficient for a complex therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems. In its composition there are many macro and micronutrients, rare vitamins T and H.

Salted cucumber is no less useful than fresh, has about the same chemical composition and caloric content. The main difference is the amount of sodium, which is 139 times more (!): 1111 mg versus 8 mg. This difference arises due to the addition of a decent mass of salt. In lightly salted cucumbers, sodium is presented in smaller proportions - here it is only 101 mg per 100 grams of weight. In both cases, the caloric value is about 11-13 kcal per 100 grams.

Possible harm

Salted cucumbers are a rather specific product. A very high content of certain substances, in particular - salt, makes its use undesirable in some cases. First of all, doctors prohibit eating them with urolithiasis, pyelonephritis, nephritis, renal failure and other diseases from this series. Salt contained in salting, will be a very strong blow to the weakened organs.

In cases of pancreatic diseases, cholecystitis, atherosclerosis and hepatitis, eating pickled cucumbers is also undesirable. This restriction is also associated with a high content of salt and sodium. Please note that pickled cucumbers can provoke a sharp drop in blood pressure, so people with heart diseases should also be careful.

Naturally, people suffering from salt deposits in the joints and tissues, such cucumbers are generally prohibited. Small children and pregnant women should not exert a heavy load on the kidneys and limit the consumption of pickles in small portions.

Thus, salted cucumbers, the benefits and harms of which have been described above, can be a good tool in the fight against beriberi and overweight.

The value of pickles

As soon as canned cucumbers! They are pickled, rolled up in a jar in brine, mustard, ketchup and other vegetables are added, salads are prepared. Many people in our country love crunching a green vegetable in a salty form. That's just not everyone knows about the benefits and possible harm of canned vegetables.

Skeptics are convinced that as a result of conservation, the use of boiling brine in green cucumbers does not preserve useful components, only an excellent taste remains.

But experts are in a hurry to reassure this, because salted cucumbers are a source of micro and macro elements, a number of vitamins, in which our body needs daily.

Component composition:

  • beta carotene
  • vitamin C,
  • sodium,
  • ferrum,
  • equivalent tocopherol,
  • calcium,
  • retinol,
  • copper, etc.

As you can see, the chemical composition of cucumbers can not be called scanty. All components are stored in the bank, and you can enjoy not only the amazing taste of snacks, but also benefit from such treats all year round.

On a note! Salted cucumbers and pickled - distant relatives. When marinating there is no fermentation process. Here is their main difference from the salty brother.

By the way, during the fermentation of brine, lactic acid is produced, which the human body needs to function fully.

After examining the component composition, it can be concluded that the salty should be on our tables. But so long cloudless culinary sky? Still, there are useful properties and contraindications that must be taken into account.

Salted cucumbers: health benefits and harm

As already mentioned, the preservation of cucumbers begins the process of fermentation. It is about salting, not pickling a vegetable. This is what causes the production of fermented milk bacteria. As practice shows, an ordinary person in everyday life does not receive the required number of such bacteria, and they are very useful for the work of all internal systems and organs.

Beneficial features:

  • promoting lowering cholesterol
  • normalization of metabolic processes
  • stabilization of blood pressure.

And again we turn to the chemical composition of pickled cucumbers. They contain a huge concentration of ascorbic acid, the value of which, perhaps, does not need to be said. Each of us already knows that vitamin C strengthens the immune system and serves as a barrier against penetration into the organism of enemies - parasites, viruses and infectious pathogens.

And about the antioxidant properties of ascorbic acid, many have heard. After cleansing, the body begins to work smoothly and much better, because we freed it from the accumulated debris.

On a note! Ascorbic acid is essential for people with vitamin deficiency. As part of pickles there are a number of other micro and macro elements, minerals and vitamins, so that we have the opportunity to stabilize the mineral and vitamin reserves.

There is an opinion that salted cucumbers are adored by women in the period of gestation. Traction to such food - the first sign of pregnancy. But not only at this time I want pickles.

Studies show that cucumbers in salt form have a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system. In stressful situations and depression, a person really wants to try crunchy vegetables in brine. Such a treat will help to raise your mood and increase the level of stress tolerance. So not only women in the position are attracted to salty things.

Pickles are famous for their low nutritional value, so the product is only welcome on the diet table. Of course, if you add it to Olivier, and even with sausage and mayonnaise, there will undoubtedly be a benefit, as well as likely overweight.

On a note! Another interesting property of pickled cucumbers was discovered by researchers. Have you ever wondered why, when eating white women, people like to crunch cucumbers? The answer is simple - salted vegetables minimize the harm of alcoholic beverages and slow down the process of intoxication.

Secrets of pickled cucumbers

But not everything is as good as it might seem at first glance. Far from everyone can eat salted green vegetables, because they harbor the harm that is objectively evaluated.

First of all, when using pickles, the organs of the digestive tract, in particular, the stomach, are hit. When a person is completely healthy, nothing will happen. But if there is a history of gastric diseases, it is better to refuse the use of this dish, at least in the period of exacerbation.

Do you remember that cucumbers contain lactic acid? With its excessive accumulation in the body, the reverse mechanism is triggered, that is, the product begins to harm, especially to people suffering from diseases of the urinary system or articular diseases.

List of contraindications:

  • gout,
  • urolithiasis,
  • renal failure
  • nephritis.

At the scientific level, the effect of salted vegetables on blood pressure has not yet been fully investigated. Although some experts openly declare that people who suffer from such a product may experience sharp pressure drops, which in itself is dangerous for health and life.

Negative effect of acid on the state of tooth enamel. It is better to rinse the mouth after eating pickles. Children also are not advised to eat cucumbers, canned in brine. The body is just beginning to develop, and pickles can negatively affect the work of the kidneys.

If you adore pickles, eat them in moderation. Without such a product it is impossible to imagine any feast. And the notorious “Olivier” without pickles will not be the same. Consider contraindications to avoid the development of negative consequences. Be healthy!