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Avocado: how many calories, what is contained, what is good, how to eat, who can not


Avocado (from lat. Persa americāna) it is accepted to call the fruits of an evergreen tree of the family Laurel. Avocado is the most unusual fruit, has a dense, oily, oily, creamy pulp, specific "herbal" taste and smell.

Avocado fruits can have a different shape - oval or pear-shaped, as a rule, the peel is dark green, sometimes almost black. Some avocados are glossy, others are slightly lumpy (calorizator).

By weight, fruits are also quite significantly different - from 100-150 g small avocados to kilogram giants.

The islands of the Caribbean and Mexico are considered the birthplace of avocados, where the ancient Aztecs were the first to eat avocado pulp. Mexico and Latin America are still leaders in the cultivation and cultivation of avocados. Often there is another name for the fruit - “alligator pear”, because avocado really looks like a pear in crocodile skin.

An interesting fact is that the avocado is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most nutritious fruit.

The composition and beneficial properties of avocado

Avocados are a nutritional product that has almost the entire set of essential fatty acids, which are necessary for preserving memory and normal functioning of brain cells.

The vitamin-mineral composition of avocados is rich and diverse, it includes: choline, vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, C, D, E, H and PP, as well as the macro-and microelements necessary for the body: potassium, calcium , magnesium, copper and manganese, iron, phosphorus and sodium.

Avocado is an effective antioxidant that protects cells from aging, participates in blood formation processes, and has a beneficial effect on the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. The product helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Avocado varieties

Avocado has a lot of varieties, of the most famous is Bacon, Nobel, Reed, Pinkerton, Fuerte, Gwen, Ettlinger, Zutano, Haas.

Fruits vary in shape, size, skin color, pulp, and even bones — in some varieties it is white.

Almost all avocado varieties are available in our stores year-round, you just need to choose the taste and aroma of what fruit you will like.

Growing avocados at home

Despite all its exoticism, avocado grows well on our window sills.

To accelerate growth, you can pre-germinate a bone by piercing it in the middle on the same level with four toothpicks and dropping it into a glass of water (up to the toothpicks).

To plant a seedbed into the soil, a sprout will appear in a short time and a plant will form quickly enough that does not bear fruit but grows quickly and does not require special care.

How to clean the avocado

To clean the avocado, you need a sharp knife with a thin blade and a bit of dexterity. The washed fruit should be cut with caution around the perimeter along the long side, divided into halves. The knife should rest against the bone.

Taking the cut halves in your hands, turn them around your axis by 90 оси, then lift one of the halves. The ripe fruit is well cut, the bone is separated from it easily. By making a small incision in the area of ​​attachment of the stem, you can pull the skin and remove it.

For dishes that include avocado chopped in a blender, it is more convenient to extract the pulp with a tablespoon.

Selection and storage of avocado

Avocados are one of the few fruits that ripen not on the plant, the fruits are always collected slightly immature. In order for the fruit to fully ripen, it must be sent to a dry, dark room; you can wrap it in paper for fidelity (a newsprint will do).

Choosing an avocado on the counter, be sure to take it in hand and gently push. The correct fruit is hard, but when pressed it is slightly pressed. If the avocado is “stone”, then it is better to refuse the purchase, the fruit was removed too soon and is unlikely to mature.

Avocados with dark patches on the peel should also not be acquired and soft to the touch; softness speaks of over-ripe fruit and complete loss of taste.


Despite the benefits of avocado and virtually no harm to the body, remember that this is just a fruit, not a panacea for all diseases. If you have a health problem, we strongly recommend that you contact your doctor for help.

Avocados: the pros and cons of drinking

Before answering the question of how much avocado you can eat per day, you should figure out whether you should eat it at all.

This is a healing and nutritious fruit. Avocado has an unusually wide range of properties that positively affect the body. When eating valuable fruits, brain activity is activated, the heart is strengthened, and digestive processes are improved. Vegetarians appreciated the beneficial effects of the fetus on organs and systems, so they use it with pleasure every day.

The benefits of alligator pear:

  • in the composition of the fruit is a huge amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, therefore, its systematic intake reduces many times the possibility of developing cardiovascular diseases,
  • normalizes blood circulation and blood formation; therefore, ripe fruits are recommended to be used for anemia and anemia, because the avocado contains iron,
  • gently cleanses the blood of cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of cholesterol plaque,
  • As part of the alligator pear there is vitamin E, which activates the formation of collagen, therefore the body's tissues remain elastic for a long time,
  • eating avocados will gradually lower blood pressure to normal levels,
  • increases at times the body's defenses, and if you use one avocado per day, you can cope with depression, fatigue and irritability,
  • the fruit contains phytonutriens and phytochemicals that attack cancer cells.

Therefore, with the introduction of avocado in the diet can not only improve your health, but also minimize the risk of developing life-threatening diseases. The product is recommended by nutritionists to patients suffering from diabetes, constipation, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract associated with an increase in acidity. Avocado helps restore strength in the postoperative period and during recovery from infectious diseases, it is also worth taking to people experiencing increased physical exertion. Mannoheptulose contained in exotic fruits will help to cope with the problems of the nervous order - it will relieve the symptoms of fatigue and aggression.


So, we looked at the benefits of avocado. And there are also contraindications for this exotic fruit. For example, in some people it can trigger an allergic reaction. Overweight people should also abandon the uncontrolled use of alligator pears. ” The main contraindication to the use of the fetus is individual intolerance.

How much avocado can I eat per day? This question becomes irrelevant when it comes to children under 4 years of age. This fruit in the diet of kids of this age is not used. Refrain from delicacy is also necessary for people who suffer from liver disease during the period of exacerbation, as well as patients with cholecystitis. This is due to the high content of oil in the fruit, its fat content is 25%. Stone is used only for growing plants. In its composition is a toxic substance that is dangerous to people and animals.

Avocado: Vitamins

Why are these exotic fruits so beneficial? There are vitamins in pear-shaped fruits of avocado:

  • A - increases the body's resistance to infections, improves the condition of the skin,
  • B1 - takes part in almost all metabolic processes, contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles,
  • B2 is responsible for the growth and subsequent development of cells, improves vision,
  • PP - improves metabolism
  • B5 - promotes the synthesis of hemoglobin and amino acids,
  • B6 - helps to recover faster after taking antibiotics and past infectious diseases,
  • B9 - normalizes the immune system,
  • E - improves the absorption of proteins and fats, stabilizes the work of the brain, muscles and nerves, inhibits the aging process of tissues,
  • C - a good antioxidant, helps vessels maintain elasticity, activates the work of the endocrine glands.

High calorie: is it worth thinking?

Due to the high caloric content of this exotic fruit, it is necessary to limit its use to people with obesity or a tendency to be overweight. But do not categorically refuse avocado. Calories contained in it can be helpful. The fruit contains polyunsaturated fats, which are necessary for those who are forced to limit themselves to eating meat, oily fish or dairy products. Alligator pear is rich in minerals: sodium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, iron, etc. The fruit contains natural hormones, biologically active substances that help to preserve youth longer. Moderate use of avocado will allow you to restore vigor and efficiency, relieve stress and fatigue.

How to eat avocado

How to eat avocados? The easiest way to enjoy the taste of an alligator pear is to carefully cut the fruit in half, pull out the stone and choose the pulp from the halves with a small spoon. Especially carefully should choose a bright green flesh, which is located directly under the skin. It will be a mistake to throw it away: in fact, it has the most phytonutrients concentrated, especially carotenoids.

How to eat avocados? The second way to eat a fruit is to make aromatic vegetable oil with spices. First, the fruit should be peeled from the skin, and the pulp should be kneaded with a fork into a mass that resembles puree in consistency. To the mashed potatoes add ground pepper, salt, spicy herbs and olive oil. Next, the mass should be well stirred and spread on bread. Sometimes used in combination with boiled or fresh vegetables.

How to make the fruit ripen in an hour

Now came up with a way to get avocados to ripen quickly at home. More precisely, not quite ripen, rather fry. If it became necessary to make the hard and green fruit soften in an hour, wrap it in foil and send it to the oven, preheated to 100 degrees. Check the degree of "maturity" every 10 minutes. An hour is usually sufficient for the immature fruit to soften. The method of rapid ripening will not make the fruit tastier, and its structure will not turn out sufficiently creamy. But in some situations, this method is worth taking note. Sometimes it is necessary to urgently serve to the table a salad of exotic fruits, therefore, to apply in this case such a technique is completely justified.

Storage technique

How to store avocados? Ripe fruit should be kept in the fridge in the vegetable compartment. Longer than two weeks store inappropriate. When you have unused half of the fruit, do not rush to throw a bone. It contains a natural disinfectant - persin, which prevents rotting. Therefore, leave the bone in half an avocado so that it does not quickly deteriorate.

How to store avocado? Halves of the fruit can be wrapped in cling film and stored for a couple of days at a temperature not higher than +10 ° C. Before you put the fruit in the film, it is sprinkled with lemon juice so that it does not turn black.

The ripe avocado fruit is also successfully frozen, and it does not lose any valuable qualities. We must stretch the bone, cut the fruit into slices and put it in the freezer compartment. You can mash the pulp, because after freezing the avocado and so will lose elasticity. The fruit must be cut, pull out a large stone and peel, and then grind in a blender. Sprinkle puree with lemon juice and place in freezer.

Avocados for children

Avocados can be introduced into the children's diet from 4-6 years old. Especially useful is the use of alligator pears for babies who suffer from nervous disorders. In addition, it is recommended to give avocados to children prone to frequent colds. The systematic consumption of juicy fruits contributes to increased concentration and memory development. Avocado helps boost school performance.

Avocado women

The fair sex has long appreciated the beneficial effect on the health of the body of the original fetus. It contains biologically active substances similar in effect to hormones. Therefore, the use of fruit helps women from 40 years to cope with menopausal manifestations. Also, gynecologists advise their patients to take avocado as a useful product for women's health. It is acceptable to include it in the diet of pregnant women, because the fruit reduces the likely risks of developing pathologies in the fetus.

Avocado for women is very useful, it is also called a product of beauty. And, besides ingestion, they make moisturizing and nourishing masks out of it.

Avocado men

What is useful avocado for men? This fruit is a natural aphrodisiac. Fruits strengthen men's health, give energy and endurance.

Useful effect on the male body:

  • Vegetable proteins help build muscle mass.
  • The composition of drugs for the treatment of male infertility include extract or avocado extract. Folic acid activates the breakdown of proteins and replenishes energy.
  • The strong floor is very susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. Alligator pear has an impressive amount of potassium, which has a beneficial effect on the heart. Sodium, along with potassium, normalizes blood pressure and lowers cholesterol.
  • A few slices of the fruit per day will prevent the appearance of extra pounds.
  • Daily use of the fruit will energize and increase efficiency with active mental activity.

What to cook from an exotic fruit

What to cook avocado? Guacamole is a Mexican dish most often made from alligator pears. This nutritious snack can be served not only as an independent dish, but also as a filling for corn chips.

In order to cook the traditional guacamole, you need to prepare: 4 ripe avocados, 2 small hot peppers, half a white sweet onion, a large spoonful of lemon juice, salt, pepper and a little parsley.

Peel exotic fruits and mash them with a fork. Next, enter onion and pepper, salt, pepper, parsley and lemon juice. Mix the ingredients and serve to the table on corn chips.

Avocado and raspberry salad

What else to cook avocado? Your guests will enjoy the salad of this exotic fruit and raspberry. Ingredients: 2 ripe avocado fruits, 2 mandarins, a cup of ripe raspberries, a bunch of leaf lettuce and a handful of walnuts.

Slice avocados, tangerines and walnuts. For refueling, mix balsamic vinegar, 1.5 tsp. honey and a little Dijon mustard. The ingredients of the dressing whip and season the salad.

Where did he come from

All over the world exotic fruit was discovered by Spanish colonizers. The birthplace of the fruit is South America. Brazilians and Mexicans can always answer the question of how to eat avocado. After all, for them, this fruit is not something unusual. Today it is grown in many hot countries, and on the Russian shelves the fruit most often comes from Israel.

The closest relatives of the avocado are bay leaf, cinnamon and camphor. All of them belong to the same group of plants - the Lavrovy family, the genus Perseus. Therefore, it is often possible to meet the scientific name of Perseus American (Latin Persea americana). Another common name for an avocado is “alligator pear”. Externally, the fruits really resemble familiar fruits. In the world there are about four hundred varieties of avocados, differing in shape and color from those imported into our country.

Clean Alligator Pears

Before you figure out how to eat avocados, you need to learn how to clean them. Using a knife with a thin blade, the fruit is cut along. The halves usually break up easily, and a large brown stone is found inside. Using a knife or spoon, it is removed.

Depending on the variety, the seed of an avocado has a round or oblong form of large size. When looking at it, the question involuntarily arises: "Do avocados eat bone?" Hurry to notice that this should not be done categorically. The fact is that the bones, like the leaves of the plant, contain tannins (phenolic compounds), which have a bitter and astringent taste. In small doses, these substances can be useful, therefore, avocado seeds are used in pharmacology, but in large quantities they are destructive for the body.

After removing unnecessary seed, peel the fruit. This is very convenient to do with a sharp knife. If it is difficult to clean, you can do it easier: remove the pulp from the halves with a teaspoon.

Eat delicious fruit

Спелые плоды авокадо внутри имеют светло-зеленый или желтоватый цвет и отличаются нежной консистенцией. Вкус мякоти напоминает сливочное масло с легким оттенком орехового или тыквенного привкуса. Употреблять в пищу фрукты лучше сразу после очистки. В противном случае они очень быстро потемнеют, окислившись на свету.

How to eat avocado raw? This is done very simply. The flesh can be kneaded with a fork, turning into a puree. Having added salt, black pepper and a few drops of lemon juice to enhance the taste, you can spread the mixture on toasts. This is the easiest way. As additives, you can use chopped garlic, herbs, mayonnaise, seafood and more.

There are a lot of different recipes that suggest not only how to eat avocados, but what dishes from it can be prepared. About this - below.

How to maintain the presentation

One of the culinary deficiencies of a peeled avocado fruit is its ability to oxidize rapidly. And, as a result, loss of appearance. After lying down a little on the table without the peel, the alligator pear looks like a spoiled banana - just as grayish and unattractive in appearance.

To avoid unpleasant phenomena, you can save the situation in two ways. In the first case, the avocado pulp should be plentifully sprinkled with lemon or lime juice. Thanks to this, the dish will look decent on the table for a long time.

The second option is suitable for those cases where the avocado is only cut in half, but not yet cleared. The removed bone is enough to put back inside and fold the lobules into place. So, the fruit of avocado can be stored in the refrigerator without much damage to its type.

Cooking right

The most famous and popular avocado dish is guacamole sauce (Mexican snack). There is no single recipe for cooking spicy dishes, in different areas it is cooked in different ways. It is well known that Mexican cuisine is very spicy, therefore, in relation to the domestic recipe, the amount of pepper is usually underestimated.

There are a great many varieties of modern recipes for guacamole, differing in proportions and composition of additives. One is the basis: avocado, lime, salt. As additional ingredients can be considered tomatoes, garlic, Bulgarian pepper, onions, and more.

In addition to the traditional spicy sauce, avocado can be prepared a lot of various tasty and healthy dishes: snacks, salads, cocktails. Exotic fruit is used as a component in chicken, fish, seafood dishes. Light, oily avocado gives culinary products a peculiar delicate taste.

When using tropical fruits in hot dishes do not expose them to heat treatment. This will give unpleasant bitterness and may cause an allergic reaction of the body. It is better to add raw fruits in food, past the main stages of cooking.

Useful and harmful qualities of avocado

Due to the rich chemical composition of tropical fruits have great advantages and are widely used in dietary nutrition. The oily taste of the fruit due to the presence in it of a large amount of vegetable fat. Thanks to them, the energy value of avocados is much higher than animal meat and eggs.

The rich composition of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, natural hormones and many other priceless elements provide the avocado fruits with unique qualities and beneficial properties. Especially important is the use of tropical fruits for the full activity of the cardiovascular organs.

To unhealthy qualities of avocado can be attributed only to individual intolerance. Fruits that grow in the tropics, can cause in some sensitive people allergy is akin to citrus. Those who try avocados for the first time are advised to first eat quite a bit of fruit in order to check the body's reaction.

Lose weight with avocado diet

How many avocados are there without harm to yourself? The answer is simple - any number, if there are no contraindications. The high energy value and fast digestibility of fatty acids allow you to eat fruit in any quantity.

Do not think about how to eat avocados for weight loss to those who have decided to lose their weight. Due to the high nutritional value of fruit, overeating does not threaten you. Diets recommending avocado dishes for weight loss are good because saturation comes very quickly, so you will never feel hungry. Avocado diet is one of the easiest and most effective.

The only obstacle may seem the high cost of tropical fruits. But if you calculate the costs of all high-calorie foods that you used before, and then compare with the cost of an avocado diet, the difference will obviously be in favor of the latter.