General information

HELAVIT In the instructions for use


Feed mineral supplement. Contains trace elements in chelate, bioavailable form, contributing to their effective absorption by the body. The drug eliminates micronutrient deficiencies, stimulates erythropoiesis, normalizes the metabolism, increases the nonspecific resistance of the organism as a whole, prevents the white muscle disease, and prevents the hair from becoming clogged in fur-bearing animals. The use of the drug enhances the reproductive ability, stimulates the growth and development of farm animals.

Chelavit is used to prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia in various agricultural and domestic animals and fur animals, as well as to enhance growth and eliminate micronutrient deficiencies.

Chelavit contains in its composition of biologically active trace elements iron, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt and selenium in a balanced, soluble form, contributing to their effective absorption by the body. Chelavit is an aqueous solution of a dark brown color, odorless.

Release form

Packed in 40 and 70 ml in polymeric bottles. Each package is labeled with: the name of the organization of the manufacturer, its address and trademark, the name and purpose of the additive, guaranteed indicators, the amount of additive in consumer packaging, batch number and date of manufacture (month, year), shelf life (month, year), storage conditions, designations STO and provide instructions for use.

Pharmacological (biological) properties and effects

Feed mineral supplement. Contains trace elements in chelate, bioavailable form, contributing to their effective absorption by the body.

Chelavit B eliminates micronutrient deficiencies, stimulates erythropoiesis, increases the nonspecific resistance of the body of birds.

The use of supplements normalizes metabolism, increases the safety of livestock, increases egg production in poultry.

Composition, release form, packaging

This drug is water based. Has no peculiar smell, has a dark brown color. The basis of "Helavit" contains a derivative of succinic acid and lysine. In addition to these components, the drug is rich in various micro-and macro-elements. Among them: manganese, cobalt, ferum, cuprum, iodine, selenium, zinc.

On the pharmacological veterinary market, this drug is found in three options: packing in polymer containers of 70 ml, packing in plastic containers of 10 000 ml and 20 000 ml, packing in plastic drums of 30 thousand ml and 40 thousand ml. Each of the packages is labeled according to GOST. On the tanks and barrels with "Helavit-B" you can see information about the manufacturer, the composition of the drug, its properties, terms and conditions of storage.

Biological properties

Chelavit-B for birds contains chelated macro and trace elements. This state of minerals is better absorbed by the body of birds and shows a higher efficiency and bioavailability.

The drug purposefully fights mineral deficiency, activates blood formation in the bone marrow, normalizes metabolic processes, contributes to increased resistance of animals to various parasites, infections and poisons.

In addition, the mineral supplement is able to prevent the development of white muscle disease, stimulate the growth and development of livestock, and improve the processes of egg production.

For whom is suitable

"Helavit-B" is used for the following types of poultry:

This drug is available in various combinations (relative to minerals). "Helavit-B" is intended especially for meat breeds of birds, while "Helavit-C" is applicable even for dogs and cats. This mineral supplement is also available for cattle, pigs, horses, rabbits.

Indications for use

The mineral remedy "Helavit" is used to improve egg production and stabilize the overall health of the birds.

The main indications for use are:

  • Long-term feeding of animals with the same food, which contains the minimum amount of vitamin and mineral compounds.
  • Bird productivity is gradually deteriorating.
  • Impaired absorption and protein synthesis, deterioration of amino acid metabolism.

“Helavit-V” will help in a short time to grow a certain amount of poultry. This drug is used for the purpose of regularly producing eggs for industrial purposes (if an agricultural company needs a high daily return of eggs for the purpose of their further sale). In addition, the mineral complex "Helavit" improves the taste of meat and egg products.

Dosage and administration

“Chelavit” should be given to birds only after mixing with water, since mineral substances are poorly soluble in dry food. The dosage for different types of agricultural birds is different:

  • Chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, pheasants - for 1 kg of feed 1.0 ml of the drug.
  • Broilers - for 1 kg of feed 1.5 ml of the drug.
  • Pigeons, quails - 0.7-0.8 ml of the drug per 1 kg of feed.

After calculating the dosage, the feed is mixed with water. The amount of water should be 3-5 times more than the drug itself. An aqueous solution of "Helavita-B" is added to the feed and thoroughly mixed.

Precautions and special instructions

Due to its biocompatibility and effective composition, Helavit can be added to feed along with other dietary supplements. It is also suitable for simultaneous use with any drugs. Meat products and eggs can be used without industrial precautions for industrial purposes, even if Helavit-B was added to feed throughout the life cycle of animals. When working with this mineral supplement, it is necessary to observe all established safety measures and personal hygiene. In case of contact with the mucous membrane or eyes, immediately rinse the affected area with plenty of water. When working with “Helavit” it is forbidden to eat, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The drug in a sealed state can be stored for 36 months. The mineral additive is stored in a dry place, protected from solar heat. This place must be protected from children and animals. Unsealed "Helavit-B" can be stored no more than 30 days, after which it must be disposed of according to all established rules. This article fully discloses all the characteristics and properties of Helavit. Relying on the above information, you can easily calculate the dosage "Helavita-B" for any type of bird. We hope our article was useful for you.

The composition of the drug

"Chelavit C" for dogs, the instruction for which will be presented below, includes the following trace elements:

These substances are dissolved in a special liquid, which contributes to their effective and rapid absorption.

The drug is available in the form of an odorless, dark-brown aqueous solution, which is packaged in 40 or 70 ml polymer bottles. Then the bottles are individually packaged in cardboard packaging, which indicates the date of manufacture and shelf life.

Pharmacological properties

“Chelavit C” for dogs (the instruction to this directly indicates) is intended to eliminate micronutrient deficiencies, stimulate erythropoiesis, normalize metabolism, enhance immunity, prevent fur section in animals, regulate metabolic processes in general.

This effect is provided by microelements of chelates with low toxicity and high activity, which regulate metabolic processes. In addition to the above, the drug also enhances resistance to stress and increased stress, increases the viability of the offspring, enhances the growth and development of the pet.

Give the animals mixing with food "Helavit." Instructions for use for dogs contains instructions regarding dosages (see table).

Under stress and improper feeding

During the recovery period

"Chelavit" can be combined with other medicinal substances and food additives.

"Helavit" for injection

Also, the drug is available in the form of a solution for injection green-brown. In addition to the above components, the composition also includes water for injection and benzyl alcohol.

It also has another form of release, "Helavit" (injection, the instructions for use recommend it in especially severe cases, see indications below) - solution for injections. A glass bottle (10 or 100 ml), closed with a rubber stopper and an aluminum cap, is placed in cardboard boxes. If the volume of the vial is 10 ml, then 12 vials are placed in one package.

Suited to the drug in a closed form for 3 years. After opening, "Helavit" must be used for 30 days, then the expiration date will expire.

"Chelavit C" for dogs: instructions for use of the solution for injection

"Chelavit" is appointed by the veterinarian for the treatment and prevention of disorders in animal metabolism, along with drugs symptomatic therapy for such diseases:

  • various types of anemia,
  • microelementosis,
  • hypothyroidism
  • blood loss,
  • stresses
  • parasitic and infectious diseases
  • allergic reactions
  • liver disease,
  • various skin diseases
  • demodicosis

In addition, the drug is prescribed during preparations for operations and during the recovery period after them. And also in cases of exhaustion or heavy physical exertion.

The course of treatment with dogs "Helavit C" is prescribed for 7-15 days. The instruction also contains instructions regarding dosage. So, the medicine is administered to dogs at the rate of 0.05 to 0.1 ml (depending on the recommendations of the veterinarian) per kilogram of pet's weight. For prophylactic purposes, the drug is administered for 2 weeks 2-3 times a week.

No side effects have been found in Helavit. As for overdose, its chance is extremely small due to the low toxicity of the drug, it can occur only if you exceed the dose 50 times. Symptoms of overdose - depression, rejection of food and water.

It is prohibited to use "Helavit" together with preparations containing iron and other trace elements.

Personal precautions

Using the drug, you must follow simple hygienic rules, and do not forget about safety. Wash hands thoroughly before and after the injection. Carefully handle the syringe needle and glass bottle.

If you are using a feed additive, keep it away from other foods. And also do not forget to wash your hands after use.

If the substance comes into contact with the mucous membrane or skin, immediately rinse it with running water. The use of antidotes and additional protection is not required.

"Helavit C" gathered a lot of positive feedback from dog owners and not only. The drug really works. After application, there is an improvement in mood, an increase in activity, the coat becomes shiny, silky and the animal sheds less. There is a positive effect during the recovery of pets after serious diseases. Among the advantages emphasize the fact that the drug can be given to dogs of small breeds, as well as puppies. Pleasantly pleased and low price of the drug.

Among the minuses there is an inconvenient dispenser, small packaging (for large dogs it is not enough for a long time). Not all pets agree to eat food seasoned with an additive. As for the efficacy of the drug, in this regard, claims from pet owners do not arise.

Thus, we comprehensively reviewed the drug "Helavit C" for dogs. Instructions, reviews of pet owners and a description of the drug provide comprehensive information about the drug.

Description of the drug Helavit C

Chelavit C is a veterinary drug used as a feed additive to improve metabolism and increase animal immunity. The developer of the formula of the drug is the Russian organization LLC Delta, existing since 2004. The company is positioning itself as a developer of chelated micronutrients.

Helavit C is a modification of the drug for cats, and there are also Helavit B (for birds) and Helavit A (for farm animals)

Chelated compounds (chele - with other Greek. "Claw") are called micro and macro elements in the form of chelates. This form of elements is easier absorbed by the body and has practically no ballast mass. For example, magnesium chelate is a compound of the metal Mg, in which magnesium ions are attached to the central ion. This is how the chelate complex of the microelement is formed. The most well-known chelating compound is human hemoglobin (iron compound).

Composition Helawita C

In 1 liter of the drug contains compounds of the following trace elements:

  • iron (13 g),
  • manganese (2.6 g),
  • copper (1.3 g),
  • zinc (7.3 g),
  • cobalt (0.26 g),
  • selenium (0.13 g),
  • iodine (0.4 g).

All these trace elements are combined with lysine and carboxylic acid. These proportions may be slightly disturbed (error - no more than 10%).

Chelavit C contains complexes of iron, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, selenium and iodine

How to store feed additive

The manufacturer recommends storing the drug in the following conditions:

  • in manufacturer packaging
  • in a dry, dark place, protected from direct sunlight
  • separate from food and feed,
  • out of the reach of children
  • at a temperature of -20 ° C to + 30 ° C (shelf life - 3 years).

When shown Helavit C

Feed supplement for cats is used in the following cases:

  • to speed up the metabolism
  • to improve the safety of livestock,
  • to improve the state of wool with unbalanced nutrition, stress,
  • during the recovery period after suffering the disease,
  • before and after surgery.

The mechanism of action of the drug

Chelavit C saturates the body with deficient trace elements that can improve blood formation. After using Helavita C, the metabolism is normalized and the body’s resistance to various diseases increases. In addition, the use of supplements allows you to save offspring and contributes to the normal development of kittens. The appearance of cats after use of the additive is improved, and the wool gets a healthy shine.

Helavit C is most often used to maintain immunity in recovering and giving birth cats

Supplement regimen

The manufacturer recommends the use of Helavit C for a month. Some cat owners drink supplement only during the recovery / recovery period. However, to get a good effect from the application, it is recommended to follow the instructions. If you doubt the need for such a period of application, then consult with your veterinarian.

Donut (my sister's cat) previously suffered from urolithiasis. He was treated for a long time (including antibiotics), and this led to a weakened immune system. Once a strong cat with a shiny black fur coat and glowing eyes turned into a skinny animal with dull shedding hair. It was decided to improve immunity at the expense of vitamins and dietary supplements. A four-week course was appointed by Helavit C. However, after 1 week of admission, the cat became more active and mobile, its appearance began to return to normal. On the twentieth day, my sister decided to stop using. However, after 2 months the cat weakened a little, so the veterinarian recommended repeating the regimen.

If you have any doubts, you can contact the veterinarian (he can correct the scheme of use of the feed additive and find a more accurate dosage)

Helavit for injection

The manufacturer of the feed additive also produces another form of Helavit - injection solution (Helavitum solution pro injectionibus). It should be used in the case when you need a more powerful effect:

  • with demodicosis, large blood loss and liver diseases,
  • in diseases of the thyroid gland or skin, as well as in parasitic diseases,
  • after surgery,
  • for the prevention and treatment of stress during pregnancy, after vaccination, etc.

The composition of the solution for injection

The composition of the solution Chelavit includes the same components as in the feed additive, but in other proportions. 1 ml of the solution contains the following trace elements:

  • iron - 3.0 mg,
  • manganese - 0.6 mg,
  • copper - 0.3 mg,
  • zinc - 1.68 mg,
  • cobalt - 0.06 mg,
  • selenium - 0.03 mg,
  • iodine - 0.09 mg.

Store the solution in the same conditions as Helavit C.

Features of the solution in cats

Injections can be given in the form of chelavit subcutaneously or intramuscularly. It is important to remember about the duration of the course of application and the dosage of the drug. A single dose of the drug is calculated based on the body weight of the cat (0.1 ml per 1 kg). The course of treatment should be 1-2 weeks, prophylactic use consists of 4-9 injections (between the injections you need to observe an interval of 2-3 days).

Subcutaneous injections are quite simple. The injection site is usually chosen withers (the area of ​​the skin between the back of the head and shoulder blades). With such an injection the cat becomes immobilized, therefore it cannot escape. In addition, subcutaneous injections are painless. It is convenient to administer the drug using an insulin syringe (its scale is convenient for dosing, and its needle is thinner and shorter). If you do not have much experience in the production of injections cats, use the following recommendations:

  • when at the withers fold, do not squeeze the skin too much (if the cat is hurt or scared, it will start to resist)
  • enter the needle smoothly and to a depth of no more than 1 cm,
  • препарат вводите медленно, шприц не раскачивайте (срез иглы сделан под углом, любое её движение может вызвать болевые ощущения),
  • после введения раствора иглу вынимайте резко (пока кошка не начала шевелиться),
  • место укола лучше не растирать (можно просто погладить питомца, чтобы он успокоился).

Even an inexperienced owner can make a subcutaneous injection to a cat.

Possible side effects and contraindications

When using Helavit C in accordance with the instructions side effects are not installed. The drug is safe, has no contraindications. An overdose can occur only at a 50–100-fold increase in the recommended dose (for example, instead of 1 drop, the cat was given 100 drops). It will be possible to recognize this condition by the depressed mood of the cat, weakness, loss of appetite. In such cases, the use of the supplement is discontinued, and Unithiol and Deferoxamine may be prescribed to the cat.

Helavit C has no contraindications and does not cause side effects

Drug reviews

I have a cat of breed Angora. She is completely white, her eyes are blue - she is albino. She often has allergies and liver problems. When she has a lack of vitamins, it is immediately visible - the cat becomes sluggish, constantly sleeping, her eyes festering, her hair is crawling. We tried different means, but we liked it (we advised it in the pharmacy) - Mineral feed supplement for cats and kittens from the company Helavit S. I decided to keep it in place - 1–2 drops were written all the time. We have been using this remedy for about 2 weeks. My kitty's state of health has improved - she has become more cheerful, her eyes have gone, her hair does not climb in such quantity, she goes to the toilet better.

Tharry, forum user

I constantly buy vitamins, in addition to the daily feed. Chelavit C just add to wet food. Bounce has never happened, everything is eaten. Now Lynx has a smart fur coat, bright eyes, long mustaches. Unearthly beauty!

IrinaVP, forum user

For me, Aunt Cherry is a member of the family, and of course I take care of her health. She is a semi-long-haired bobtail, there have never been koltuns, but since we are a beautiful brunette, we can immediately see the flaws on the plain color. After applying Helavita C, our wool stopped climbing! Anyone who has encountered this problem will understand me. Molting itself, but sometimes you have to grab the vacuum cleaner in the morning and evening. The result was noticeable literally 5 days after the start of the reception. Shreds of black wool left the apartment. Six dull at Cherry has never been, but still slightly improved.

Beibaaa, forum user

Chelavit C is a mineral feed supplement that contains amino acids and trace elements. Chelavit C is indicated for increasing body resistance and normalizing metabolism. The manufacturer claims that this drug is effective and safe. The feed additive is presented in the form of a solution for watering or ingestion along with the feed. Chelavit C has no contraindications and does not lead to side effects.