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Description and photos of ornamental shrubs with white flowers for your garden


Ornamental shrubs become an integral part of any garden plot. Bright and fascinating they attract the views of guests. With the help of shrubs create impressive natural barriers, zoning of the garden occurs.

Some varieties are a tool for the realization of the curious ideas of gardeners, while others choose for the background, exhibiting flower beds in a spectacular style. Such an element of gardening gives the garden a magnificent decoration, turns it into a picturesque park.

Plant height

The choice of an ornamental shrub for the garden should be made taking into account the existing landscape arrangement of the site. On a smaller area, it is necessary to focus on miniature cultures, or species with an oval crown or crown in the form of a column.

As a hedge, traditionally the choice falls on fast-growing varieties. Be sure to imagine what your garden will be like in winter, and not just in summer.

Features of growing

The best choice for beginners in the field of gardening will be unpretentious plants, for the growth of which does not require effort and create an ideal climate. The advantage of some plants may be their love for the shade, while the light-loving variety such conditions are destructive.

It is impossible to plant moisture-loving shrubs in soils prone to drought. In the selection is always important to take into account the natural characteristics of the culture, so that your efforts and costs were not in vain.

Stunning spectacular shrubs

Rose - a world-famous beauty. Among the ornamental flowering shrubs, park varieties of roses, a hybrid of a wild representative of a wild rose, are gaining popularity; they are suitable for breeding even for beginners.

The attractiveness of roses in a majestic appearance: large bright flowers of the most charming shades. Their lack only in the short period of flowering. The variety "Abraham Derby" has a very strong aroma and large flowers, "Alexander Mackenzie" - bright red terry petals.

Legendary jasmine is increasingly becoming the choice of shrubs to create a hedge. Unparalleled white flowers exude a delicate aroma, giving the site a truly royal look. The plant is shade tolerant, but give jasmina enough sun, and it will give you its indescribable beauty. Attractive look varieties «Virginal» and «Pyramidal».

Good for hedges. This shrub reaches 2 meters in height and will be an excellent material for those who adore haircuts. Two shades of leaves (classic green and elegant burgundy) make it possible to invent fancy chess fences.

Bubblepipe is distinguished by unusual white inflorescences, from the abundance of which the branches sometimes tend to the ground. Sort «Summer Wine» surprise change in the shade of foliage from the wine (spring) to green (summer). "Red Baron" - the owner of pink flowers, turning into rich red berries.

A smooth lawn will gracefully decorate rhododendron plantations. These plants of medium height are preferably planted in groups. Japanese Rhododendron is a strongly branchy shrub with large orange or red flowers and leaves of the same shade. The hybrid variety "Blue Peter" strikes with soft blue flowers with red spots in the middle.

The popularity of the Deren shrub remains unchanged. He reveals himself magnificently as a single shrub or as a group planting. The shade of the leaves varies from burgundy to greenish with white framing.

The flowers often have 4 wide white or pink petals, giving the impression of a very light, but at the same time juicy palette of colors. The most decorative are the varieties “Gold Star” (yellow patterned leaves), “Rubra” - (spectacular autumn outfit).

Decorative leafy crops

Such shrubs are attractive extraordinary form of leaves, dazzling variety of their shades. A gardener with any experience can look after barberries, and ruby-red and purple palettes will impress the most sophisticated viewer.

Hollow plain will easily shade, although she prefers the light. Golden, white with variegation, purple - hollow stand out against the bright green plants of your site.

Among the evergreen representatives of ornamental shrubs to give an ornament of the territory will be boxwood, holly, as well as Mahonia.

Composing landscape compositions from different plant species, it is important to remember about the right combination of evergreen and deciduous forms. So that the garden bewitched not only in spring and summer in the period of flowering, but also in winter it stood out with rigor and elegance.


Foutergill is an exotic plant grown in the southeastern regions of North America.

The undersized shrub grows up to 3 m in height and has wide ovate leaves. The flowers are fragrant and collected in the ear.

Many gardeners have probably never heard of such a plant. This is a rare shrub with light cream inflorescences. Flowering begins in early spring and lasts 3 weeks.

Thanks to our list of the most popular shrubs with white flowers, you can choose for yourself the option of a plant and grow it in your own area.