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Homemade black and red currant wines


Creating homemade alcoholic beverages is possible not only from grape juice. In Russia, black currant wine has gained great popularity, which is characterized by simple conditions of production and the use of currant juice for the body. The resulting alcohol compares favorably with other homemade table wines with a fragrant aroma.

Useful properties of wine with black currant

Homemade currant wine is a useful drink, a source of vitamins C, P, E, K, group B. The wine is rich in zinc, copper, potassium. The high content of tannins, esters helps the body to fight against infectious diseases, to remain healthy and active for a long time. Blackcurrant drinks and other products have the ability to remove toxins from the body. Also noted is the positive effect of black currant dessert wines on the human immune system.

How to make currant wine

A variety of recipes leads to the question: how to make blackcurrant wine? Manufacturing methods differ more in the products used, but not in the order of operations. Most fruit wines are prepared with the addition of sugar, natural yeast. To maintain and control the fermentation at the neck of the bottle, where the drink will be infused, hydraulic locks (special or homemade from medical gloves) are put on. Tara is stored in a dark cool place in the cellar.

What berries to choose

The fruits that will be used to make wine from black, white currant, do not have to be fresh. The use of last year's crop of currants, jam, frozen berries, currant juice is allowed. To improve the taste in some recipes recommend adding raspberry, cherry, grape leaves. It is believed that homemade currant alcoholic drink from fresh sour berries turns out the most delicious.

Ingredient preparation

Preparation of berries for flavored drinks begins with their careful selection. Fruits should be sorted, removing all the spoiled, rotten berries. If according to the manufacturing technology, the addition of wine yeast is not provided, the fruits should not be washed - as certified by the home winemakers, the natural bacteria themselves initiate the fermentation process without outside help. Sugar before adding to the fruit mass must be dissolved in warm water to a state of syrup.

Homemade currant wine - cooking technology

To get a tasty drink, you must clearly follow the step-by-step instructions for making black currant alcohol. One of the main conditions for obtaining high-quality fortified wines is the use of clean containers. The stages of preparation are simple, but deviating from them threatens to get less or more degrees, or a drink that will do more harm than good. The selection of fresh fruits of good varieties, the choice of high-quality live or dry yeast, compliance with the conditions and storage temperature - all affect the taste of alcohol.

Wine Sourdough

Making sourdough and using it in a recipe will provide a general improvement in the taste range of alcohol. The lovers of high-strength beverages who do not want to dilute them with vodka will appreciate the starter’s value. The leaven is made using the following technology:

  1. Currant fruits are sorted out, we throw out rotten, spoiled. The remaining berries are distributed in clean bottles at the rate of 7 kg of berries per 2 kilograms of sugar.
  2. In the capacity, add boiled warm water by volume in 2 times more fruits.
  3. Add sugar to jars, mix thoroughly until it is completely dissolved. Cover the container with gauze folded in 3-5 layers.
  4. Keep the leaven in a cool dark room for 3-4 days. Do not wait until the fermentation process is over. The term can be extended to achieve a more astringent taste. Stir wort is not recommended.

Getting the pulp

You can make black currant wine with the use of pulp. This mixture is characterized by a high concentration of natural yeast crops that inhabit the surface of fresh fruit. The pulp is made according to the following technology:

  1. Selected high-quality berries knead your hands or wooden crush in a non-metallic container. It is impossible to wash them before kneading - this will remove all the yeast from their surface.
  2. The resulting mass is carefully poured into clean glass bottles, sealed with a tight stopper, a lid with holes, 3-4 layers of gauze. To make the future drink sweeter, you can add 1/3 of the sugar, stirring well.
  3. For 3-4 days the mass should wander in a cool room.
  4. After you need to strain the pulp. Drain juice through cheesecloth, colander.


To make the drink more saturated, the prepared pulp can be further squeezed out, resulting in fermented sweet juice. Adding alcohol at the stage of active fermentation will enhance the taste of the wine drink, add strength. For 5 liters of wort, you can take 1 liter of juice obtained by pressing:

  1. Cooked pulp, from which the juice is drained, is wrapped in 5-6 layers of gauze.
  2. Gradually increasing the pressure, the remaining liquid must be carefully drained into a prepared clean container.
  3. The remaining mass is placed under a special or homemade press. Squeeze out the remaining liquid from the mass. Repeat the process until the pulp is completely dry to the touch.
  4. The resulting liquid is poured to the rest of the fermented juice. The bottles with it are closed with a stopper, left to stand for 5-6 hours.
  5. After the juice is poured, decanting sediment through 3-4 layers of gauze.

Active fermentation stage

The time has come for the most important stage of making alcohol. The active fermentation phase will make the blackcurrant wine strong, almost ready for use:

  1. The wort is poured into large bottles, filling them up to 2/3, tightly closed with hydraulic plugs. You can make them yourself, buy them, use a simple medical glove.
  2. You need to store bottles indoors, where there can be no sudden changes in temperature. It should always be no higher than 20 degrees. Fermentation lasts 30-45 days.
  3. When the juice has ceased to bubble, the active fermentation phase can be considered complete. If the liquid stopped bubbling before the thirtieth day, the process can be restarted by adding 7-10 unwashed grapes per 10 liters of wort.

Wine clarification

After the fermentation stage, the black currant wine remains thick, contains a lot of sediment, pieces of tartar, and wort. You can get rid of them in several ways:

  1. Egg white. Per 100 liters of drink take 2-3 proteins, separated from the yolks. Knead to a thick foam, add to the inside of the container. The result will be achieved in 20-25 days.
  2. White clay. For 10 liters of liquid, take 30 grams of dry bentonite. Soak it with water 1:10 for 12 hours, then slowly pour it into the bottles.
  3. The heating. Close the bottle tightly with a stopper so that the alcohol does not evaporate. Heat in a water bath to 50 degrees 2-3 times.

Beverage filtration

The process of filtering home alcohol passes almost independently during the clarification. In total, methods of carrying out this operation make numerous precipitations fall to the bottom of the bottles. After they can be filtered, gently spill the liquid through 5-6 layers of clean gauze on new containers, where it will be stored, awaiting consumption. At the end of all stages of the drink should get transparent or barely cloudy.. It is allowed to have a small layer of sediment (1-2 mm) at the bottom of the bottle.

Black Currant Wine Recipe

Over hundreds of years of winemaking, recipes for making homemade low alcohol beverages have undergone significant changes. This gave rise to a huge variety of technological processes for creating good blackcurrant wine. Try making your perfect blackcurrant wine at home. Use fresh fruits, jam, cook pulp, experiment with the filtering process.

A simple recipe without yeast

  • Time: 40-50 days.
  • Servings: 30 persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 130 kcal per 100 g.
  • Purpose: table alcoholic drink.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: medium.

The easiest recipe for blackcurrant alcoholic beverage, which will be to the liking of all. Wine turns sour, tart, not too strong. It is very easy to drink, does not cause severe intoxication, retains many useful trace elements, vitamins. Delight your guests with excellent alcohol by serving it at a festive table for a birthday, anniversary, another family celebration.

Red Currant Wine Recipe

Preparing exactly the same as the previous one. Only proportions, fermentation time and aging are different. In order not to repeat, I will give a schematic recipe, if something needs clarification, see the previous technology.

  • water - 5 liters,
  • sugar - 2 kg,
  • red currant berries - 5 kg.

1. Go through the red currants, removing leaves, scallops, damaged and unripe fruits. Berries do not wash.

2. Mash currants (with your hands, a rolling pin or in a mixer).

3. Prepare a syrup by mixing warm (25-29 ° C) water and sugar (1 kg).

4. Pour the berry mass into a container with a wide neck, add sugar syrup and mix.

5. Tie neck with gauze, put for 3-4 days in a dark place with room temperature. 1-2 times a day to mix, drowning the popped pulp in the juice.

6. After the start of fermentation, filter the juice through cheesecloth, squeeze the pulp, pour into the fermentation tank (fill up to a maximum of 75% of the volume). Install a water seal or glove. Leave to ferment at 18-28 ° C for 20-45 days.

After 5 and 10 days add 500 grams of sugar according to the technology described in paragraph 10 of the previous recipe.

7. When the fermentation is over, drain the young wine from the sediment through a straw, add sugar to taste (optional) or fix with vodka (alcohol), install a water seal. Transfer the container (preferably filled to the neck) for at least 50-60 days to the basement for ripening.

8. Remove the wine from the sediment once 25-30 days (until it appears), pour the drink into bottles and tightly close with corks.

Red currant wine after 3 months

Shelf life homemade red currant wine - 1-2 years. Fortress -11-12%.

Option 1: The classic recipe for homemade black currant wine

Who has ever tried homemade wine is likely to become its true connoisseur. In our selection of recipes, we consider the recipes for making black currant wine at home. Berry grows in almost every household plot. We will tell you how to keep the right proportions, stand and insist the wine as it should be. The end result will surely please you.


  • ten kg black currant,
  • fifteen liters of water
  • five kg of granulated sugar.

Step-by-step recipe for homemade blackcurrant wine

Take and black currants from litter, do not wash, otherwise you will wash away the bacteria necessary for fermentation.

We take a rolling pin, tolkushku and crush the berries. This can be done by hand - as you prefer. The result is a slurry, in which there are no whole berries.

Now you need a special water thermometer. Heat the water to 25-30 C, pour two and a half pounds of sugar and dissolve it, mixing.

In a large pot add the resulting pulp of juice and pulp. Pour in sweet sugar syrup and mix.

Very important: do not fill the pan more than two-thirds. During fermentation, the wine material may spill out. You can use several containers at once.

Cover the pan with gauze folded twice and place in a dark place. The temperature in the room should not exceed 19-25 C. We withstand the wine material for four days, stir the wort several times a day so that it does not sour.

When you marked the first signs of fermentation, pour the liquid into a glass container. Pulp black currant squeeze. Pour another half kilogram of sugar. Stir.

Important: fill the glass container only 75%.

Install the water lock. You can also use an ordinary rubber glove. Pierce a finger and pull on the neck of the container.

Leave everything for a month and a half.

Five days from the start of the infusion, pour a kilogram of granulated sugar and mix. After five days we repeat the steps again.

As soon as you see that the glove is swollen, then the fermentation is over. Also, its end can be determined by the sediment at the bottom and clarification of the wort.

Drain the wine, getting rid of sediment. Try the taste. Now the wine must mature. Fill the glass container to the very edges, close with stoppers or lids.

Leave in a cool basement for a month.

Once every few weeks, drain the wine from the cage through a straw. Perform actions when the sediment reaches 3-5 cm.

By the end of ripening, there will be almost no sediment When it is not at all - homemade black currant wine is ready. Bottled for long term storage. Keep the drink no more than three years. Approximate strength will make 10-12%.

To the note: if you want to make a better wine, add more granulated sugar. For a stronger wine, add water or alcohol, about 5-8% of the total volume of the prepared wine. We enter after the end of fermentation. This applies to additional sugar and alcohol.

Option 2: A quick recipe for homemade blackcurrant wine

This recipe is simple in preparing everything necessary for a delicious homemade wine. Of course, the process of fermentation and insistence has not been canceled. But the simplicity of the option is suitable for those who are preparing black currant wine for the first time.


  • five kg of black currant,
  • seven liters of water
  • three kg of sugar.

How to quickly make a homemade blackcurrant wine

Heat a little water and dissolve half of the prepared sugar in it. Berries sort out and mash tolkushkoy in porridge.

Mix berry porridge and sweet syrup. Choose a container with a wide neck of a sufficiently large volume, which during fermentation did not spill anything. We do not take plastic or metal containers - wine, wort and berry juice absorb smells that cannot be disposed of.

Cover the container with a marlechka and leave it for 3-4 days in a dark and warm place. If you have a thermometer, check. To it was about + 20-23 C.

Once every two days, mix right by hand or with a wooden spatula.

As soon as the fermentation odor and gas bubbles appear, drain the wort from the sludge through a tube.

What remains of the berries, wring out. In the juice, stir the second half of the sugar and then pour everything into a glass bottle.

Put on the medical glove on the neck of the container, pierce your finger. Leave the container in a dark and warm place for one month.

Stir once a week. If the liquid turns out to be too acidic, add another 250-300 grams of sugar.

At the very end, the wine is decanted from the sediment and left for another two months in a cool place. When the glove is not pressed, the wine becomes lighter, and sediment forms at the bottom.

Again, decant from the sediment, pour into smaller bottles and cork tightly. Now homemade black currant wine is sent for long-term storage in the cellar.

Option 3: Semi-sweet homemade black currant wine

A very simple and clear version of sweet homemade wine. Add some more raisins to add flavor. We can do without yeast, there are bacteria on freshly picked berries.


  • five kg of black currant,
  • three kilograms of sugar,
  • seven liters of water
  • One hundred grams of raisins.

Step-by-step recipe

Sort currants, but do not wash. It is necessary to grind to a state of gruel with a pulp or hands.

Dissolve in three and a half liters of water and a half kilogram of sugar. Pour raisins, black currants and stir.

Reserve for fermentation for three days. Just cover the container with gauze so that nothing gets into the liquid.

Squeeze the pulp, pour the juice itself into a glass container for fermentation. Pour the pulp again with sweet sugar syrup - leave for three days, then combine both liquids into one.

After five days, pour a faceted glass of wort through a straw. In it, dissolve the remaining sugar and pour it back into the glass container.

When the fermentation process is completed, gas will cease to form, sediment will appear, insist the wine in a cool place. Tara tightly shut.

When the wine becomes lighter, filter it from sediment and pour it into glass bottles for long storage.

Option 4: Dessert homemade black currant wine

This dessert wine is obtained approximately 12-14% of the fortress. The recipe is also quite simple, the main thing is to prepare in advance the container for fermentation, storage, tubules and rubber gloves - a standard set for making homemade wine.


  • five kg of black currant,
  • two kg of sugar
  • two liters of water
  • one hundred and fifty ml of wine sourdough.

How to cook

Since we use ready-made wine sourdough, black currants are not only sorted out, but also washed. Spread the berries on a clean cloth and let them dry.

Fold the berries into a large container and crush to a slurry. Pour in the leaven and mix.

Cook the sweet syrup from water and sugar. Cool to 30 ° C, measure the temperature with a special thermometer.

Fill the container with black currants and leaven, leave in a warm place. Cover the container with gauze folded twice.

For two days, insist, periodically mixing the mass. Затем пропустите через винтовой пресс. Нам нужно хорошенько отжать мезгу, а сок использовать.

Переливаем в большую стеклянную емкость для брожения. Wear a rubber glove with a punctured finger or install a water seal.

When the fermentation process is over, and the wine becomes lighter - drain the juice from the sediment. Double filter and bottle. Tightly closed with stoppers or lids, remove for storage.

Option 5: Homemade black currant and raspberry wine

An interesting option for a delicious homemade table wine. This time we use not only blackcurrant, but also raspberries.


  • two kg of raspberry,
  • two kg of black currant,
  • four kg of sugar
  • water - how much will leave.

Step-by-step recipe

To preserve natural yeast on raspberries and currants, do not wash the berries. Browse and sort.

First pour the raspberries into a sterile glass bottle. Pour on top of one kilogram of sugar and put in a warm place so that the sun's rays fall on the bottle. We sustain a raspberry sourdough for five days.

After a specified time, pour the black currant in the same bottle. Pre-mash it into a mush in the way that suits you best.

Pour another kilogram of sugar. Fill with water so that it reaches the shoulders of the bottle.

The remaining space will fill up in the fermentation process.

To prepare the wort, mix the contents of the bottle and put on a glove or water seal. We put in an accessible place for the sun for two weeks.

After a specified time, remove the glove or the shutter, pour two kilograms of sugar and mix.

Cover again and leave to roam.

When fermentation is complete, proceed to filtering. We merge all through the folded gauze twice, again pour into a large bottle. We put on a sunny place for another two or three days.

In this case, do not wear a glove or bolt.

After three at the bottom of the bottle you will see a precipitate. Freeing wine from it through a straw.

Repeat the action every three days, until you get rid of the sediment completely.

Twice we filter home-made blackcurrant wine, spill it into clean bottles, remove to a cool place for three months for full maturity.

Option 6: Homemade blackcurrant wine with yeast

This time we will prepare homemade wine using wine yeast. The recipe is quite simple, the main thing is to follow all the proportions and the specified actions.


  • seven kg black currant,
  • nine kg of sugar
  • up to 25 liters of water for wort,
  • wine yeast packaging
  • top dressing for yeast according to the instruction.

How to cook

Carefully select black currant from litter. Rinse well and transfer to a container. Make mashed berries with a crush, mixer or hands.

Dissolve half the sugar in hot water. Then cool to 21-24 C and pour in the berry puree.

We enter wine yeast, top dressing, as indicated on the package of yeast. Stir and cover with warm gauze for seven days.

Every day, mix the pulp with a spatula.

Strain the wort, squeeze the pulp. The resulting liquid is poured into a glass bottle, pour the second half of the sugar.

Stir and put on a glove or water seal.

Fermentation lasts about two to three weeks. When the glove is deflated, and at the bottom of the bottle you will see a sediment - pour, filtering, the wine into another clean container. Again we put a water seal and put in a cool place.

Insist two or three months, once a month, drain the sediment. At the end of the process, bottled, cork tightly and store. Somewhere in a year the taste will be simply amazing, and in 3-4 years it will be even better.

Option 7: Homemade black currant wine in a pressure cooker

If you use a pressure cooker to make homemade wine, you will quickly get berry juice. But the drink itself will be a little different, somewhat reminiscent of port wine. It turns out sweet and dense wine.


  • two kg of black currant,
  • one kg of black raisins,
  • two and a half kg bananas,
  • two and a half kg of sugar,
  • three hours of pectin enzyme,
  • three hours l citric acid
  • three tablets of Campden,
  • 11 liters of water
  • six hours of feeding for yeast,
  • wine yeast - according to the instructions.

Step-by-step recipe

Boil three liters of water. Peel bananas and cut into slices one centimeter wide.

Fold the black currants, raisins and banana slices into the pressure cooker. Pour in boiling water, close the lid and bring the pressure to 0.98 atm or 1.03 bar.

Tomim three minutes, then remove from heat and completely cooled.

Pour the prepared juice with sediment into the bottle. Add sugar and mix.

Pour in the remaining water and move it again.

Add citric acid, and crushed Campden tablets. Enter half of the yeast food and stir.

After twelve hours, we introduce a pectin enzyme, stir and wait another half day. Pour the yeast, stir and put in a warm place, covered with gauze.

Three days, mix the wort twice a day. Then we filter into a new glass bottle. Pour half of the remaining sugar and feeding for yeast.

Stir and set the water seal. Leave the container in a cool place. After thirty days, remove the sediment. Again, leave the same time. When the precipitate ceases to appear, put in the refrigerator for five days.

You can even sweeten, mix and put the water trap again. We withstand from six months in a cool place. Then bottled. You can already try or store. This wine can be stored up to six years.

A bit of history.

The first mentions of black currant, as a medicinal plant, were recorded as early as the 15th - 16th century in Europe. Only a hundred years later, dessert qualities were recognized in it, they began to produce drinks, jams and wine.

In our time, berry has a particular popularity in Belarus. Prized for its unpretentiousness, the first good harvest brings already in the second year of disembarkation. During the whole, rather long life, about 20 years, the plant gives good yields. Easily tolerates frosts, easily takes root in different soils. It contains a good vitamin arsenal and a good microelement base. It has a sour - sweet taste with a light, astringent tongue, astringency.

But the main part of this tart berry goes to the wine, which is very tasty, and in small quantities, even healthy. It can be made at home, which many do. There are several ways of cooking, it all depends on the number of berries and patience. Consider the easiest and most affordable way to indulge yourself with this drink.

Currant wine at home - video recipe!

A mass of wort, water and sugar is filled in the glass bottle so that ¼ of the tank remains free, and a water seal is organized, which is necessary to prevent air from contacting the wine mass in order to avoid the formation of vinegar, as well as to release the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation.

Fermentation begins, as a rule, on 2–3 days, reaching a peak on 10–15 days. The intensity of the process is estimated by the rate at which gas bubbles leave the tube, immersed in a tank filled with water, which is part of the gate system: 1 bubble per 17–20 minutes.

The average duration of the fermentation stage is 20-30 days. To obtain a more carbonated beverage, one should complete fermentation ahead of time and proceed to the next stage; for a beverage without gas, one should wait until the process is naturally complete.

Stage V - clarification

The clarification process takes, as a rule, up to 3 weeks.

Upon its completion, the resulting black currant wine is gently separated from the sediment, pumping through a rubber fermentation tube into a clean, dry container, the water seal is again fixed and placed in a cool room (not exceeding 10 ° C) for final cessation of fermentation and sedimentation. The remaining grounds are again settled and after 48–72 h they carry out the filtration procedure.

Drink with the addition of red currant

Sparkling wine - red champagne is made from a mixture of red and black currants.

  1. peeled ripe berries are kneaded to form a juice, which is filtered and boiled on the fire until thick, then poured into bottles and closed.

  • just before preparing the effervescent wine, fill the bottle with ½ with ready-made high-quality wine, pour in 1 tbsp. spoonful of boiled currant juice and thoroughly shaken.
  • sparkling wine is ready.

Sparkling wine from the leaves of black currant with the recipe number 1

  • 15 liters of boiled water (30 ° C) are poured into a large bottle and 50 g of young shrub foliage (∼ 100 leaves) or 30 g dry, zest with pulp 3-4 lemons and 1 kg of sand are placed in a warm place under direct sunlight.
  • After the start of fermentation (3-4 days), yeast (50 g) is added and placed in a cool place upon reaching the fermentation peak.
  • After 7 days poured, filtered, packaged in bottles that are stored in a horizontal position.

Prescription number 2

  1. In a barrel filled with young foliage, put 10 peeled and seedless lemons, sugar (1 kg / 10 l),
  2. Pour boiled water, cooled to room temperature, stirring the contents for a day,
  3. Enriched with yeast (100 g) and kept for 12-14 days in a cold room (not lower than 0 ° С).
  4. The resulting champagne is poured, sealed and placed in storage, locking horizontally.

Step-by-step instruction for making red and black currant wine without yeast

Currant wine is one of the most revered among the adherents of wine products. The high popularity of the ruby ​​drink is explained not only by its amazing taste and aromatic qualities, but also by the availability of horticultural culture in everyday life, its rich vitamin and mineral composition.

The fruits of red and black currants, in combination with sprigs, leaves and buds, are actively used in cosmetology, pharmacology and cooking. Simple homemade currant wine without yeast has a slightly intoxicating and at the same time tonic effect.

Its fragrant aroma is permeated with hints of wild berries, and the tart sweet-sour taste is full of sugary shades of walnut and fruit pulp. A ruby ​​drink is brought at room temperature.

The main significant components for the manufacture of black currant wine are berries, sugar and clean filtered water. The most frequently used proportion is 3 kg of crop per barrel with a capacity of 20 liters.

Production technology in the home includes several important steps, the number and variations of which may vary depending on the selected recipe.

In any case, before use, the berries are carefully picked, they remove small litter, they throw away all unripe or spoiled specimens and leave the crop unwashed! In order not to deprive the currant natural yeast bacteria necessary for the fermentation of wine drink.

Red currant wine at home - a simple recipe with photos

Red wine is repeatedly depicted by artists and sung by poets. That it inspired many writers and philosophers to new thoughts and previously unknown discoveries. It is not surprising, because such a drink does not accept any haste - neither in terms of manufacturing, nor during use.

Creating your first currant wine, you need to train in yourself patience. For a truly valuable drink will have to work more than one month. But even such remarkable efforts of the wine maker will certainly be rewarded with interest.

Homemade red currant wine is simply divine.

Step-by-step instruction on the recipe for red currant wine at home

  1. Red currant with twigs twist in a meat grinder.
  2. Pour the mass into a large glass jar. Add the same amount of sugar and filtered water in the amount indicated in the recipe.
  3. Stir the liquid in the jar. Leave the currant mixture for 2 weeks in a dark cool place. For the first 7 days, mix gently with a wooden spatula.

Follow - do not touch at all.

  • After the specified time has elapsed, a dense cap of berry particles is formed in the can with the wort. Carefully catch it with a spatula and squeeze using a kitchen strainer. Just filter the rest.
  • Cake from the wort throw in the trash, squeezed out the liquid poured into the old container. Leave the currant juice under the lid with the water seal for another 2 weeks.
  • When whitish dust begins to separate at the bottom, “remove the future wine from the sediment”. Pour the drink in such a way that all the excess is left on the bottom.
  • Leave the liquid in the water trap for another 2 weeks. During this period, a new precipitate forms at the bottom. Repeat the filtering process. Subsequent "removal from the sediment" produce with an interval of several days.
  • Remove from the currant wine sample. If it is not sweet enough, dip a cotton bag with a tablespoon of sugar into the liquid. Leave the drink in this position for another 7-10 days under the hydraulics.
  • A week later, open the red currant wine and take out an empty cloth bag. Pour the beverage into a glass bottle and close with a tightly rolled cotton stopper.

At first, a young wine can still “play out”.

Delicious homemade blackcurrant wine without yeast

Fragrant currant wine, created with his own hands with love, can be proud of anyone who decided on such a feat. But do not forget that even the most high-class home-made drink can not be stored longer than 12-16 months.

In contrast to the collection of grape wines produced in specialized conditions, currant billet over time loses all its useful properties.

And there are many useful things in wines: they improve blood formation, destroy harmful microorganisms, strengthen the cardiovascular system, saturate the body with carotene, etc.

How to make a delicious homemade blackcurrant wine without yeast, look further in the step-by-step recipe!

Simple black currant wine without yeast - video recipe

In order to prepare a tasty and healthy drink from ripe berries, you will have to familiarize yourself with classic recipes and a few fundamentally important secrets.

Literally everything, from the preparation of raw materials to the correct filtration, should be done gradually, measuredly, carefully, according to all the rules. Only after this will be able to get a refined currant wine.

Details on how to prepare a simple black currant wine without yeast, see the video recipe.

Homemade currant wine - an amazing drink. By adjusting the amount of sugar in the recipe, you can make a dry, semi-sweet or dessert drink. Simple recipes for wine made from red or black currant can even be a beginner winemaker. Only fresh ingredients and patience are needed!

Cooking recipes from fresh or frozen black currant berries at home

Creating homemade alcoholic beverages is possible not only from grape juice. In Russia, black currant wine has gained great popularity, which is characterized by simple conditions of production and the use of currant juice for the body. The resulting alcohol compares favorably with other homemade table wines with a fragrant aroma.

Frozen Currant Wine

  • Time: 40-50 days.
  • Servings: 30 persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 144 kcal per 100 g.
  • Purpose: table alcoholic drink.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: medium.

Often there is no opportunity to get fresh products for making wine. Frozen berries are also great.

You can not put them under hot water, otherwise they will cook, losing all the taste. In addition, the problem of fermentation remains: natural yeast, living on the surface of the fruit, does not tolerate cold. To start the process, add a handful of unwashed fresh grapes. It is famous for the highest content of natural yeast on its surface.

Alcohol will turn out excellent, with a slight taste of raisins.


  • frozen black currant berries - 2 kg,
  • grapes - 100 g,
  • filtered water - 2 l,
  • sugar - 550 g

Cooking method:

  1. To thaw fruits, having placed under a stream of cool water. Skip them through a meat grinder with grapes.
  2. Put the mixture in a jar, add water, add sugar, mix well. Leave for a week, stirring occasionally with a clean wooden spoon.
  3. Place the cake that has emerged on the surface and put it under the press, carefully pour the liquid back to the wort.
  4. Leave the wort under the water seal for 2 weeks. Pour the future wine into a new container by removing the sediment, leave for another 2 weeks.

Black and red currants

  • Time: 40-50 days.
  • Servings: 30 persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 120 kcal per 100 g.
  • Purpose: table alcoholic drink.
  • Cuisine: Georgian.
  • Difficulty: medium.

To give the wine a tart taste, add extra acidity, try replacing half of fresh black currant with red. These fruits have a similar taste, but they also have differences. Alcohol will turn out incredibly fragrant, saturated red color.

He will surely surprise your guests at any celebration where it will be decided to uncork a bottle of this excellent homemade drink.


  • black currant - 900 g,
  • red currant - 600 g,
  • filtered water - 2 l,
  • sugar - 500 g

Cooking method:

  1. It is good to sort berries, to pass in a meat grinder or the blender, to knead carefully hands.
  2. Spread the mixture into containers, add water, add sugar, mix until it is completely dissolved.
  3. Leave under the trap until complete fermentation.
  4. Strain, clarify with egg whites.

Black Currant Jam Wine

  • In Time: 3 months.
  • Servings: 30 persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 170 kcal per 100 g
  • Purpose: table alcoholic drink.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Сложность: легкая.

У любой хозяюшки может получиться так, что варенье, которое было заготовлено на зиму, прокисло. Даже такому продукту можно найти достойное применение: сделать вкуснейший сладкий черносмородиновый алкоголь.

An unusual taste will appeal to lovers of tart fortified drinks, as well as connoisseurs of light wines, who almost do not get drunk.


  • black currant jam - 1.5 kg,
  • filtered water - 2 l,
  • sugar - 100 g

Cooking method:

  1. Mix the jam with warm boiled water, mix thoroughly, leave to ferment.
  2. Select all the pulp that has risen, drain the juice from it. Strain the resulting wort, add sugar, put in maturing for 3 months.
  3. Bottled, tightly close the lids.

Blackcurrant Wine Yeast

  • Time: 20-30 days.
  • Servings: 20 persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 230 kcal per 100 g.
  • Purpose: table alcoholic drink.
  • Cuisine: Russian.
  • Difficulty: medium.

The recipe will appeal to connoisseurs of fortified homemade alcohol.. The strength of the wine is 12-14%, it has a rich rich fruit and berry aroma, pleasant sour taste and will be a good choice in case of a holiday held in nature.

Long-lasting summer blend and increased strength will give guests a pleasant mood.


  • blackcurrant fruits - 1 kg,
  • raisins - 50 g,
  • water - 1 l,
  • sugar - 0.5 kg,
  • wine yeast - ¼ pack.

Cooking method:

  1. Mash the berries to the state of gruel. Raisin pour boiling water (200 ml) for 30 minutes, cool. Drain the liquid in the bottle. Add pulp, yeast, sugar.
  2. Put under the trap for 7 days. Remove half the mash.
  3. Leave for another 14 days. Filter through cheesecloth, pour into bottles, close tightly with a stopper.