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Sorrel for the winter - 7 best recipes blanks at home


As a child, I loved green borscht so much and looked forward to May. At this time, the grandmother always pleased us with a fragrant sorrel soup. And now there is no need to wait so long. Harvesting sorrel for the winter in the banks - a great way out in this situation. And today I will tell you how to prepare sorrel in cans for the winter without sterilization. Prepared the best recipes, choose any.

Some tips for preparation:

  1. Harvesting sorrel begins with the collection of leaves. May or June sorrel is best suited - then he is young, fresh and juicy.
  2. Leaves first fill with cool water for half an hour. During this time, all garbage will move away.
  3. Then gently wash the sorrel and dry it on a paper towel.

Sorrel in banks for the winter without salt

I will share with you first the best recipes for making sorrel without salt for the winter. If you follow the health, it is harmful to you a lot of salty, then this way is for you! In the future, you can already salt the finished dish to your liking.

Ingredients for 0.5 liter jar:

  • A large bunch of sorrel,
  • Cold water (better - spring or bottled).

  1. The moved sorrel is washed, dried.
  2. Carefully wash the jars of soda, sterilize them over the steam. Cover with boiling water for 5 min.
  3. Leaves finely cut, pre-cut their tails.
  4. Put the leaves in clean jars, lightly ramming. Gradually fill them with cold water so that it covers the greens.

Lid rolls. Due to the high acid content, sorrel without salt is well preserved, stays fresh and tasty for a long time. Store in the fridge or pantry apartment.

How to prepare sorrel for the winter soup

The first recipe is also suitable, without sterilization. But there is another option for seaming soup.

  • 5 large bundles of sorrel,
  • Water - about 2 cups.

  1. Wash leaves, dry, chop.
  2. Banks and covers are sterilized.
  3. Pour water into a saucepan, heat to boil. Put the leaves in portions, boil a couple of minutes before the color changes. We take out skimmer.

Fold in cans, ram the spoon tightly, twist the lids. Done!

Marinated sorrel with citric acid

I will share another recipe, how to pickle sorrel. Suitable for cooking soups, pastries, baking, as an additive in side dishes.

  • 500 g sorrel leaves,
  • 5 g of citric acid (1 teaspoon).

  1. Sterilize dishes for preservation.
  2. Washed and dried sorrel skip through a meat grinder.
  3. Put the green puree in a large saucepan, heat and simmer, stirring for 10 minutes. At the end add citric acid, mix.

Put mashed potatoes in banks, roll up. We turn and envelop. When the banks cool, transfer them to storage.

Sorrel in its own juice

When we look for the best preparations of sorrel for the winter, the method of canning in its own juice attracts attention. I'll tell you how to prepare sorrel for the winter in banks without sterilization, using only a minimum of components.

  1. The washed sorrel is dried and cut in an arbitrary way.
  2. Sterilize jars and lids.
  3. Put the chopped leaves into the pan without oil. Heat, stirring, until the leaves do not let the juice and darken.
  4. Immediately shift hot sorrel with the juice in the jar. Heat the next batch.

When all the jars are filled, close them and leave to infuse under the coverlet.

How to prepare sorrel for pies for the winter

The sorrel recipe for pies is very simple. The previous options are also suitable, but I still like the following one. It already contains salt, so you will not need to add the finished filling.

  • 500 g of sorrel,
  • 25 g of salt (1 tbsp. With a top),
  • 25-30 ml of vegetable oil.

  1. Enumerated leaves of sorrel, washed, give dry.
  2. Wash with soda and sterilize jars, lids.
  3. We cut the leaves into strips, fold in a bowl. Pour salt, knead hands. Sorrel will make juice.

We shift the chopped leaves into jars. Add the juice remaining in the bowl. Pour some vegetable oil on top. In this case, canned sorrel for pies will not become moldy. Close the lids (can be plastic). Keep in a cool place.

Sorrel in the banks for the winter with salt

If we are talking about salt, I propose another simple way how to pickle sorrel for the winter, also without sterilization.

Ingredients for 0.5 liter jar:

  • 1-2 large bundles of sorrel,
  • 1 teaspoon salt,
  • Pure water (boiled and cooled).

  1. Enumerated and washed leaves dry on a towel.
  2. Sterilize the container for preservation (jars, lids).
  3. Cut the leaves into strips, fold them into jars. We pour salt on top and pour water over the neck.

Lidding and that’s it! Transferred to storage in the cellar.

Check out another video on how to harvest sorrel in banks.