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How to keep fresh cucumbers a little longer at home: description of methods


Juicy and fragrant cucumbers, collected from their own garden beds or purchased in the summer season, are considered the most delicious and healthy. Every housewife literally wants to keep them fresh, because in the winter, not so tasty specimens, which even when fresh, do not have the taste and aroma of summer cucumbers, go on sale.

The average shelf life of fresh cucumbers is about a week in the refrigerator. After that, the moisture of them begins to evaporate more actively, the skin is wrinkled, and the core becomes soft and tasteless. Moreover, in such vegetables the chemical composition almost completely changes, the nutritional value decreases and the appearance deteriorates. However, there are several interesting ways to keep cucumbers fresh and crispy before the New Year, like from a bed!

How to choose cucumbers for long-term storage

To store cucumbers almost all winter without loss of vitamins and taste, it is important to choose the right variety of these vegetables. So, salad varieties spoil very quickly even in ideal storage conditions. That is why it is worth taking pickling cucumbers that are kept fresh longer. The following varieties and hybrids are ideal for this:

  • Murom,
  • Nezhinsky,
  • Vyaznikovsky,
  • Debut,
  • Pickling,
  • Parisian gherkin,
  • Green wave
  • Competitor,
  • Goosebump

Outwardly, these cucumbers look attractive, as they have a small size (up to 8 cm in length), a smooth surface and even color. Even without reliably knowing the variety of cucumbers, it can be determined that they are pickling. As a rule, such vegetables have the following characteristics:

  • dense flesh with small seed chambers
  • the skin is shiny, covered with numerous large tubercles,
  • spikes on pickle cucumbers are always black or dark, but not white.

The weighty dignity of pickling cucumbers is resistance to damage. Even in the refrigerator, they retain their elasticity and taste longer than the universal or salad.

How to keep cucumbers fresh until spring: the best ways

It is possible to extend the shelf life of fresh cucumbers until mid-winter or even until spring even at home, without using special means. Some methods were known in Russia, and some came up with our contemporaries. In any case, each of them has the right to life and is popular with housewives.

Method number 1: in banks

To keep cucumbers fresh, you need to put them in a full vacuum. Despite the apparent complexity, to do it at home is quite simple.

  • The first and most important condition is to choose strong small cucumbers without any signs of damage.
  • Fruits are thoroughly washed in cool water. It is important not to keep them in it for too long!
  • Rubbing cucumbers is not recommended: it can damage their skin.
  • Fruits are laid out on a well-absorbing tissue and left for about an hour.
  • Next, cucumbers are placed in large jars. It is necessary to leave free space in the tank about a quarter of its height. Tightly lay the fruit is not necessary, so as not to cause damage.
  • A short paraffin candle is inserted into the middle of the container between the cucumbers (small decorative candles can be used in a metal base without aroma!) And light it for 8-10 minutes. At this time, prepare a sterile metal cover for sealing, which must be dry.
  • After the specified time, the oxygen in the bank will burn out. At this time, you need to carefully not to extinguish the candle, roll the lid. Continuing to burn, the candle will consume all the oxygen in the tank with cucumbers, and then goes out.

This method allows you to keep cucumbers fresh until the spring in room conditions. It is only important not to let the light fall on the jars with the fruits.

Method number 2: in a barrel (original old recipe)

This method allows you to prepare fresh cucumbers in fresh form without adding spices and pickles. It was practiced by our ancestors, and sometimes still occurs in villages. To preserve fresh cucumbers in this way, you will need a pre-scalded and dried wooden tub. Leaves of horseradish are placed on its bottom (they interfere with fermentation processes).

What fruits are suitable for storage

Is it possible to store cucumbers for a long time? They can stay fresh. from 1 week to 3 months and longer but this result is not always achieved. In order for the vegetables to lie down longer, you need to create special conditions. But above all, the fruit must be chosen correctly.

To keep cucumbers taken from the bush for a long time, they must be fresh. If you have your own suburban area, then it will not be difficult to reduce the time from the moment of collection to the bookmark for savings. But the fruits that have lain for several days in an apartment at room temperature are no longer suitable for long-term storage. If you buy cucumbers on the market, appreciate the freshness not only of individual copies, but also of the whole lot. Vegetables should not be lethargic, otherwise they quickly deteriorate.

Be sure to take for storage dry and clean fruit. It is not recommended to wash cucumbers before laying. Untreated fruit has a natural protection against decay and rotting, which disappears on contact with water. Also, carefully inspect the skin of cucumbers for damage (they may appear on the way to the storage location). Even the slightest scratches and cracks significantly reduce the shelf life of the crop, so after purchase, be sure to sort out the vegetables.

For long-term storage, choose cucumbers with dense green skin.

Before you buy, do not forget to find out variety of vegetables. The best preserved fruits of special varieties, for example, "Nezhinsky", "Kharkov", "Sadko", "Competitor", etc.

It is not necessary to use for storage for a long term fruit with a watery structure and thin skin, as well as overgrown specimens. They quickly deteriorate and lose all their useful qualities. Also not suitable for saving greenhouse varieties with an accelerated period of ripening.

At room temperature

A popular storage method that is suitable for those who want to preserve fruits in large quantities, for example, before salting, is in a specially selected container. It may be wooden box, cardboard box or plastic container. Cucumbers must be neatly folded in containers and left in a room where the air temperature does not exceed +15 and the humidity is at least 90%. If the temperature is reduced to +6, then the vegetables will remain fresh for 8-10 days.

To keep the fruits fresh for about a week, you can put them wet cloth. Wet a piece of natural fabric and wrap the crop in it. Store fruits in a cool place (at a temperature of + 6 ... 7 ℃), constantly moistening the material.

With any method of storage, do not forget to inspect cucumbers every 2-3 days and remove the spoiled vegetables.

In a refrigerator

Much longer can store cucumbers in a refrigerator. The simplest method that does not require advance preparation is to put them in vegetable compartment. There, the harvest may lie unchanged for about 3-5 days. Extend the savings to 1-2 weeks will help plastic bag. Fold the cucumbers in cellophane, top cover them with gauze dipped in water. In this form, place the vegetables in the refrigerator, without closing the top.

Fresh fruits are stored in the refrigerator, wrapped in paper. To do this, each copy must be wrapped in a paper towel, napkin or paper for baking, then put all the cucumbers in a plastic bag. Vegetables packed in this way can stay fresh for up to 3 weeks.

Unusual for many storage method - in egg white. Cucumbers must be carefully washed and blotted with a towel to dryness. Then lightly beat the right amount of protein and coat with each fruit. The effectiveness of the method lies in the fact that the protein forms a protective film on the peel, which slows down the evaporation of moisture and fading. Processed fruits are stored in a refrigerator in a container for vegetables.

To extend the shelf life of cucumbers in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 weeks will allow the usual water. Take a shallow bowl or tray, fill the container 1-2 cm with water and immerse the cucumbers with their tails down to the bottom. Fill the container completely, put it in the vegetable compartment. Water needs to be changed at least once a day. The essence of this method is that as the moisture is lost, cucumbers will be able to fill it up and stay fresh longer. For storage in water, it is best to choose fruits with dense dark green skin.

It is not recommended to store cucumbers together with other ripe fruits (tomatoes, apples, pears, etc.). At what temperature can not save the fruit? If it turns out to be below 0 зелен, green stuff will quickly soften and become covered with mucus, so you should not place them in the refrigerator close to the freezer.

Non-standard storage methods

If you do not like any of the above methods, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with unusual methods of storing cucumbers in a country house. We do not promise that it will be possible to keep cucumbers fresh from autumn to the new year, but we will definitely prolong the shelf life of vegetables. These methods were used long before the appearance of refrigerators.

For rural areas suitable storage of cucumbers in the well. Fold the fresh fruit into a dry bucket, cover it with a natural cloth on top and lower the bucket into the well so that it touches the water surface. In such a cool and humid environment, you can store vegetables for a long time.

A method similar to the previous one is storage in the pond. If there is at least a small pond in your plot in which water does not freeze at minus temperatures, cucumbers can be placed directly in the water. Fold the vegetables into a plastic bag, connect the load to it and lower it into the pond. Do not forget to secure the contents.

Many housewives have heard about the storage of different types of vegetables (for example, carrots) in sand. In the presence of conditions in the same way can save and cucumbers. Take the clay container and evenly put the fruit in it, pouring each layer of clean dry river sand. Cover the container with a lid and place it in a cool place, for example, in a cellar or basement. If there is an earthen floor in the room, you can bury the container of cucumbers directly in the ground, which will further increase the shelf life of vegetables.

Storage method in cabbage most suitable for summer residents. Sow cucumbers between rows of late cabbage. When the first ovary appears, carefully place the small fruits together with the stem between the cabbage leaves, as close as possible to the head of cabbage. Then cucumbers will grow with cabbage. When harvest time comes, lower the cabbage heads with the cucumbers inside into the cellar. According to the reviews of experienced housewives, keeping cucumbers fresh for the winter until the very spring can be done this way.

Our article contains both standard modern methods and original storage methods tested by time. How and where it is better to store the fruit, you decide. We hope our recommendations will help to find a suitable option in all respects.

How else can you keep cucumbers fresh before frost? We offer to watch the following video: